E-on Walrein/Milotic

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    This deck was invented by Martin Moreno and popularized when Kyle Sucevich piloted it to a Second Place finish at Nationals 2004. The deck saw some play at Worlds and Kyle took the deck to Top Sixteen. Here is his Worlds 2004 list.

    ---Pokémon (18)---
    3 Dunsparce (SS 60)
    4 Spheal (HL 74)
    3 Sealeo (HL 47)
    4 Walrein (HL 15)
    2 Feebas (HL 61)
    2 Milotic (HL 12)

    ---Trainer (26)---
    4 Oracle
    3 Copycat
    3 TV Reporter
    3 Steven's Advice
    1 Mr. Briney's Compassion
    1 Town Volunteers

    3 Rare Candy
    2 Crystal Shard
    1 Warp Point
    1 Ancient Technical Machine [Rock]
    1 Fast Ball

    3 Desert Ruins

    ---Energy (16)---
    14 Water Energy
    2 Double Rainbow Energy

    This deck is fairly straightforward. The primary attack is Sheer Cold, which doesn't have a stellar damage output (even for the time, it mostly got two-hit KOs without Weakness), but is fantastically disruptive, forcing the opponent to flip before they can attack. Over the course of a game, Sheer Cold flips can really accumulate, and each tails flip begins to really count. Walrein also has the Crush Draw Poké-Power, which allows you to reveal the top card of your deck and, if you reveal a basic Energy card, you can attach it to any of your Pokémon. With a couple of Walrein in play, you could potentially get an extra Energy attachment each turn, and with Oracle, you can stack Water Energy on top of your deck to guarantee those extra attachments. This makes it very easy to get an attacker going out of nowhere and gives the deck a lot of stability.

    A great feature of this deck is its favorable matchup over Blaziken, easily the dominant deck at the time. Let's look at what Walrein has going for it in that matchup:
    • Sheer Cold can one-shot Blaziken and two-shot Blaziken ex.
    • With Crystal Shard, Sheer Cold can also one-shot Rayquaza ex.
    • Milotic's Distorted Wave can OHKO Blaziken, Blaziken ex, and Rayquaza ex (with a Shard).
    • Walrein can survive a Volcanic Ash (and Milotic can heal off that damage!), and can survive a hit from a Rayquaza ex with fewer than six Fire Energy attached.
    Moreover, atop Walrein's sturdy 120 HP, it has a very uncommon Weakness in Metal. Given the number of healing cards this deck runs (two Milotic and one Briney), even a single Walrein can often stick around a while. Overall, Walrein is just a durable, consistent deck, and the success it saw at the end of the 2004 season is no surprise.