Want To Buy ALL your old Primes/Legends/Lvl X's!

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by PallyPander, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    Hi All! My Name's Alex Snape, I live in Washington DC and would like to do what the title says! I am only willing to buy in the US, unless of course you are willing to pay for your own shipping and tracking, in which case, feel free to message me! Also, all cards must be a little below NM or better! Here is how selling to me will work!

    1. Post on my thread, telling me that you have things you want to sell to me!
    2. PM me what you have to sell to me!
    Ampharos Prime x1
    Palkia/Dialga TOP x2
    Luxray Gl Lvl X x1
    3. I'll reply with my price as a whole for all of the cards I'm buying. ( I'm buying 90%)
    4. I will give you my shipping adress!

    If you have better references than me, I will pay you first, but if I have better references, I will wait until I receive cards to pay you. You are responsible for your cards getting here or not, if you are concerned about being cheated out of your money for your cards, please put Tracking on your order. I will buy around 95% percent of the cards you offer me, list just about all you got, I can't get enough!

  2. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See

    Want bulk EXs? How much for?
  3. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    Old ex's or new? Depends which, PM what you have
  4. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See

    nono, BULK EXs.

  5. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    aha oh boy, how many is that? Your gonna still have to tell me which ones you have!
  6. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra Squirtle Squad!

    these are I what I have to sell. let me know what you are interested in and what your paying for each. thanks

    1x Articuno EX PLS 25
    1x Kyurem EX LTR 44
    1x Shaymin EX NXD 5
    2x Giratina EX DRX 92
    1x Mew EX DRX 46
    1x Crobat Prime UL 84
    1x Mew Prime TM 97
    1x Gengar Prime TM 94
    1x Celebi Prime TM 92
    1x Shaymin Lv X PL 126 (Crease against the middle)
    1x Shaymin LV X DP 39
    1x Blissey Prime HGSS 106
  7. PellOfTheTundra

    PellOfTheTundra Do you even LT-87

    Slowking Prime
    Machamp Prime
    Meganium Prime
    Absol G Lv.X
    Electivire FB Lv.X

    Lmk if you want.
  8. Reshiphlosion

    Reshiphlosion The Swarm

    Are you still looking for old cards? If so here's what I have in no particular order:

    Arceus Lv. X (95/99)
    Magnezone prime
    Typhlosion Prime
    Celebi Prime
    Kingdra Prime
    Electrode Prime
    Espeon Prime
    Lanturn Prime
    Uxie Lv. X
    Luxray GL Lv. X
    Azelf Lv. X
    Celebi Gold Star
    Darkrai & Cresselia Legend Top Half
    Ursaring Prime
    Shining Magikarp
    Alakazam 4 Lv. X
    Ampharos Prime
    Gardevoir ex
    Dusclops ex
    Blissey Prime
    Slowking Prime
    Crobat Prime
    Mewtwo Lv. X

    I have a bunch more but this list has already gone on a bit long. Most of them are in Near Mint-Mint condition, if you're interested in any of the cards then please let me know! Also here's a link to my rep count on the beach: