Tier 3 Weavile PLF, Exeggcute PLF

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  1. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    This thread is for Weavile/Exeggcute. The strategy is to get Exeggcute in the discard pile and start attacking with Weavile.

    [spoiler=Click here for Decklist] Pokemon: 15
    3 Weavile (PLF)
    3 Sneasel (NXD)
    4 Exeggcute
    3 Deoxys EX
    2 Tornadus EX (PLF)

    Items: 23
    4 Level Ball
    3 Hypnotoxic Laser
    4 Pokemon Catcher
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Colress Machine
    3 Dark Claw
    1 Computer Search

    Supporters: 12
    3 N
    4 P. Juniper
    1 Ghetsis
    2 Skyla

    Energy: 10
    4 Plasma Energy
    3 Blend G/D/F/P
    3 Dark Energy [/spoiler]
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  2. 911donkey

    911donkey Donktor of Psychology

    Has anyone tested this running a 1-of Town Map? It seems like a decent inclusion for getting your precious Exeggcutes unprized as quickly as possible.
  3. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    911donkey I have tested with it and I liked it, but cut it due to tight space in my list.
  4. SamSoldier

    SamSoldier Don't know what to put here D:

    I feel that a NXD Weavile is needed in this deck to counter Silver Mirror, for one energy it can deal a solid 90, which one hit-ko Zebstrika, for example
  5. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    SamSoldier That might actually be a good idea... unfortunately I don't have my Weavile/Eggy deck anymore so I can't test it out. :(
  6. 911donkey

    911donkey Donktor of Psychology

    Correct. After a Disconnect, there's nothing your normal Weavile can do about a Silver Mirror. While I don't think the lone Weavile NXD is enough to actually win any matches versus a deck that is built with Mirrors in mind, it still gives you some semblance of a chance.
  7. supersmarty1234

    supersmarty1234 rotations, designed to make bulk even more useless

    Why harm your consistency when you can just run tool scrapper
  8. JAM

    JAM Consistency > Techs

    I like this super aggro build myself. It focuses on milling through your deck at hyper speed to get all 4 eggs in the discard by turn 2-3. Once that is accomplished its not to difficult to find the two extra pokes you need each turn to OHKO an EX, even without Deoxys or Dark Claw. This deck has very few cards that get clogged in your hand so the use of Bicycle + Magnetic Draw allows you to move through the deck and get setup very quickly. Magnetic Draw also makes you very resilient to late game Ns. Sableye is you ideal starter to increase setup speed an consistency with Junk Hunt.

    Pokemon – 20

    4 Sneasel PLF
    4 Weavile PLF
    4 Exeggcute PLF
    3 Sableye DEX
    2 Electrode PLF
    2 Voltorb PLF
    1 Mr. Mime PLF

    Trainers – 31

    4 Juniper
    4 N
    4 Bicycle

    4 Dark Patch
    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Level Ball
    3 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Super Rod
    1 Tool Scrapper
    1 Dowsing Machine

    Energy – 9

    9 Darkness[DOUBLEPOST=1377651379][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I would like to test this, but I would think another tool scrapper would be better.
  9. blazechomp1

    blazechomp1 Active Member

    one thing you have to think about though is the fact that tool scrapper will be blocked from being played by disconnect, so I think that if you want to make the zebstrika matchup better the NXD weavile would be the better choice. Not only will the weavile not be blocked by disconnect, or really any form of trainer lock, but can also by pass any silver mirror's in all other matchups
  10. JAM

    JAM Consistency > Techs

    That may be true, but how often are you gonna run into Zebstrika? I would rather take a loss against some rouge deck then try and prepare for everything and make my deck less consistent against the more prevalent archetypes.
  11. RJCarrot

    RJCarrot Poke Breeder Extrodinare.

    They are talking about the Zebstrika matchup. In which case you cant play a scrapper. Though as I have said in the Zebstrika thread... The deck seems like a one trick Zebra and it demolishes plasma decks but is vulnerable to everything else.

    And yeah I am that guy so I am going to say it.

    What happens when this deck plays vs Landorus EX / Garbodor?
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  12. JAM

    JAM Consistency > Techs

    Yeah, anyone who is building there deck based on the "Zebstrika" match-up either has a very weird local meta, or is over thinking things. Worry about the stuff you are going to see 90% of the time and let the other 10% go.
  13. Kronk

    Kronk Ultimate All-Star

    I like the idea of Electrode. What about using a couple Lileep or other fossil Pokemon? You can just discard them to attack and place them back in your deck afterwards.
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  14. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    Fossil cards like Lileep would require seperate Trainers like Root Fossil Lileep. Not enough space, in my opinion.
  15. jeffrey3421

    jeffrey3421 Swarm Wannabe

    You don't need to play the fossil cards. The newest fossil pokemon allow you to place them on the bottom of your deck if they are in your discard. You can therefore recycle them to be discarded again.
  16. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    But don't you need Root Fossil Lileep to get it out?
  17. blazechomp1

    blazechomp1 Active Member

    I was simply talking about just the Zebstrika matchup when I talked about the Weavile. The conversation seemed to be focusing on that, so I thought I should respond to it xD
  18. supersmarty1234

    supersmarty1234 rotations, designed to make bulk even more useless

    You should be able to play it, it's not like it's invincible.

    It got 90 no and is one shorted by every big thing in the game. Even excadrill from DEX knocks it out, and that's no where as near as weavile[/quote]
  19. SeaLegend

    SeaLegend Active Member

    I think a 1 of Lileep/whatever fossil of your choosing certainly has a place in this deck. It allows you to have an additional Pokemon to discard for free (maybe not every turn, but can still be an immense help). You can't start with it, and it will let you hit 180 with a Bangle, one-shotting EXes.
  20. jeffrey3421

    jeffrey3421 Swarm Wannabe

    You don't ever need to 'get it out'. The whole point is just to use it as recyclable discard fodder.