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  1. thiagopepper

    thiagopepper Whaaaaat?

    Great game people, i really enjoyed this one (even though Cabd destroyed the mafia since day one and i wasn't able to change my alignment and still win the game - lol)!

    Big question that's been haunting me since day two, if i had used Akane's role on her during the first night, she would be safe, right? (big mess up on my part)

    Btw, i'd like to learn the tricks of modding ww, anyone can suggest places that i could learn this? Maybe i can mod a game on the future…
  2. Innocent_Shine

    Innocent_Shine still aka Lynx

    Yeah. You could've used it on her when you used Pokeballs (I think that's what happened), but you used it on...Cabd or Vyse probably, I forget. I know a lot of people protected them early on.

    I learned effectively through lurking, just a general learn to forum tactic. Mafiascum probably has something, but I'm not sure if there's something more concrete.
  3. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

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  4. Innocent_Shine

    Innocent_Shine still aka Lynx

    I think Akane's snagged modding the next game. She needs to confirm it before anyone takes this seriously though. We'll sticky it when something goes up.
  5. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Akane has elected to run Game 3. Thiago, would you like game #4 (If Vyse passes on it as well)?

    Game 5 and on are TBD; for now, let's focus on the current game.

    If you played in THIS game and were TOWN aligned and ALIVE at the end, please post here saying you want your TCGO code. No codes for people who totally ignored this.
  6. thiagopepper

    thiagopepper Whaaaaat?

    Code please? :p

    So, i have no idea on themes, rolecards, etc yet, but i would love to mod game 4 (or 5, if Vyse doesn't pass again), thanks for inviting!
  7. Innocent_Shine

    Innocent_Shine still aka Lynx

    I was alive at the end, where's my code? =p
  8. lucarioAdventure1

    lucarioAdventure1 i swear on me mum

    Just want to say this quickly: love how I am so awesome I get 2 role card reveals instead of one :p and yes I would not mind a TCGO code cabd
  9. Innocent_Shine

    Innocent_Shine still aka Lynx

  10. Akane

    Akane Resident Lilligant fangirl

    Great game, guys. I'm really confused as to why the wolves killed me Day 1, though; I played horribly!

    In any case, WEREWOLF III: Team Rocket's Strike is now live! Go sign up, please!

  11. Vysekun

    Vysekun The Ninetales and the Grapes

    Cbf doing an analysis right this moment. Busy with other things.

    Strong Reads built from nothing early game and really good/lucky investigations helped too.

    Personally I think it was a little bit stacked in our favour, even with the mechanisms in place to make players receive false info etc.

    A 3 way mason is so powerful. It cleared so much wifom when revealed.

    I don't need the code. Cheers anyhow.
  12. Teridax

    Teridax Mask of Strength

    Good game everyone, and great job hosting, Innocent Shine.

    May I please have a code as well?
  13. i don't want a code and i did offer too give a random person a tcgo code so please say if you don't want it
  14. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    We were pretty screwed from day 1 when Cabd pretty much guessed three of us wolves :/ Didn't help that most of the wolves pretty much refused to post but well played :) That fire role was pretty funny, good that there was somebody called burn or be burned in the game to help you there ;)

    Pretending to be independent was pretty much my only chance of scraping though I think, was definitely going to be investigated anywho.

    Akane: As for why I decided to lynch you night 1, I basically assumed that you had a strong role because I_S did mention something about giving more active players power roles, but you hadn't posted much day 1 so there was a strong chance I could night kill someone powerful who hasn't drawn that much attention to themselves so wouldn't have a protective role on them. Sorry, nothing personal!

    Thanks a lot I_S :) sorry to the town for not putting too much of a fight
  15. Innocent_Shine

    Innocent_Shine still aka Lynx

    Cabd gets all the credit for that idea. It's theoretically a good idea, give people with a track record more power. But then he went and said it publicly at the end of his game and I figured if I told him anything about it, it'd be more obvious "look to last game and guess who's important." But now the new game's got signups running, yay. Watching you guys made me want to play =p