WEREWOLF III: Team Rocket's Strike GAME OVER

Discussion in 'Mafia' started by Akane, Feb 22, 2012.

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    That sounds like a good idea. One of them could be some random but dangerous Indie like cabd was, after all.
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    Wahey, finally managed to log in


    Vote: Baby Mario
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    Vote: Baby Mario
  4. Unvote: darkwing34

    Vote: baby_mario

    I guess I'll target flyguy.
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    I believe we auto-lynched baby_mario.

    @MOD, vote count please?
  6. So... what's the hold up now? Akane still busy/sick?
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    Still figuring out the new forum system maybe…
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    She's writing it. Updating thread title for her, too.
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    "Hey there, you haven't talked a lot today. You're useless to us townspeople as is, so why not speak up?"
    "Oh. Sorry, I was just spacing ou-"
    "Don't believe him! He's a Team Rocket member! I saw him plotting something last night!"
    "What? No, I'm a Gym Leader! I'm your all-"

    He didn't get any farther than that. A Fire Blast interrupted him mid-sentence, and he died instantly.
    "What did you do, you idiot? He said he was a Gym Leader!"
    "Look at his body. I don't think we have any need to worry anymore."
    The man's jacket had burned away, revealing a red plastic badge on his fireproof undershirt. It was in the shape of an R. They had killed Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. They were finally free to go.

    Or were they?

    They had killed Team Rocket's leader, but the barrier surrounding Saffron still didn't disappear. After discussing for a while, the town came to the conclusion that there was one Rocket member left amongst the townspeople. This was the final stand; only one more person had to die before they could get out of here.

    baby mario was:

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    Convenient bump for the update, when needed.
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    This wasn’t going their way. He was the only one left. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Nothing could save them now. But he had to do his duty. One brutal death every night. If a miracle happened, maybe he would get out alive. This night, however, wasn’t the night for a miracle.
    A transparent barrier surrounded him, preventing him from moving more than about ten feet in any direction. His plans for tonight were thwarted. But at least he was safe for the night.

    DAY 4 ENDS WEDNESDAY 5/23 11:59:59 PM EST (GMT-6)
  12. thiagopepper

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    Ok, let's end this game. I roleblocked darkwing34 this night, so he couldn't make a night kill. So…

    VOTE: darkwing34
  13. desufnoc

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    VOTE: darkwing34
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    VOTE: darkwing34

    So, any luck with the other investigations? We may have a day 5 if there are more indies out there...

    When we have some answers from our cops, maybe we should start a guess game before the game ends haha
  15. Vote: darkwing34

    My role was blocked again for some reason :/
  16. galladeava

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    Right, just before the game is ended I want to do some explaining. For the good of the town (and saving my own arse) I lied about finding out that b_m was a Wolf. What actually happened was that I asked to find out Tamoo's alignment but was roleblocked (by thio was it?).

    As Blaine I was kind of in the firing line after Mewtwo's death and thought that I had to make a huge guess that I did find out who Giovanni was. This I think would have ensured my safety and the game would have continued to close. If I was wrong I knew I was a sitting duck.

    I plumped for b_m because other people had suspicions over him and thought wynaut go for him. And then when I explained that I found out his alignment, I was fortunate enough for people to believe me and think there was a double doctor/rolecop/blocker thing. And more than anything else, b_m didn't speak up for himself after the reveal. (Also did you guys read that if someone asked for his alignment it would say TOWN!?)

    So yes I'm Blaine, yes I'm town and I found out over the last night that FlyGuy is also town. Overall I think I made the right choice, and townies I apologise for lying about my night results, but if I didn't we never would've got him.

    Vote darkwing34
  17. Matt91_

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    Was kinda expecting something like that, most of your posts seemed shady... I did ask you some questions on #402 but I had no reason to question you more than that, since b_m was a reasonable target anyway (reasons: #388). I did find your sudden reveal a tad strange, you'd be my first vote for a hypothetical day 5.

    The whole roleblock thing is strange, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a one-shot that blocks most roles or something.
  18. darkwings

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    since i'm going to die soon anyways, what were my mistakes, if any?
  19. galladeava

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    Not sure you made too many, we just found out you were a wolf early doors. If anyone has a better memory than me they may be able to enlighten you though.
  20. thiagopepper

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    One more vote to go, any of the other living players care to hammer the last nail on darkwing34's coffin?