WEREWOLF III: Team Rocket's Strike GAME OVER

Discussion in 'Mafia' started by Akane, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    Hmmmmmmm lets get onto a nice new game i guess

    Sneaky bugger galladeava

    Vote: Darkwing34
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    i'll be modding the next game. deathnote (manga) themed. anyone want to co-mod in case i don't know something?
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    It probably started at #164, where you did a direct accusation out of not much. Then you gave me some valid info at #173, which doesn't mean much, but it showed you had the knowledge. On #188 you started explaining too much for why you didn't answer. On #198 you made another non subtle comment (and towards a wolf). On #202 you accused another wolf. On #230 you started explaining yourself too much again. On #281 you accused LA1 directly on day 1, although you ended not voting for him. On #332 you contradicted yourself by defending GP when you almost accused him on #198. Then you voted for him on #362. Then you just got cop'd and hit the last nail on your coffin with #411...

    Overall, I think your comments are always too straight, it gives room for doubt - probably that's why you got cop'd. And you sold your partners too easily in my opinion. Everybody did mistakes, but your straight-forwardness makes you look more wolfy.
  4. Have you talked to Cabd/whomever about this?
  5. darkwings

    darkwings Never give the monkey a gun

    yeah. he hasn't said anything on the matter. turns out i WILL be needing a co-mod because of a summer vacation.
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    thiagopepper Whaaaaat?

    uhm… Can Akane confirm if this game is over? :p
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    Very limited internet access right now, update going up in just a few hours.
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    Checking to see if I'll need a bump with this new forum system...

    If my posts get merged, please bump for me.
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    Nope. Go ahead and post it.
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    "Well, there's no use hiding my identity anymore."
    Darkwing34 cast off his cloak and released his Arbok, which immediately began shooting Sludge Bombs at the temporarily stunned crowd.
    "So you are Koga, just as we thought!" cried someone while attempting to dodge the incoming barrage of poisonous missiles.
    "I may not have my allies by my side, but you weaklings should be easy to finish off!" Upon saying this, Koga threw three more Poké Balls up in the air. His Muk, Weezing and Tentacruel appeared next to Arbok and quadrupled the power of the assault.

    The remaining townspeople could hear their friends and colleagues fall to the ground, screaming in pain. But they could not lose focus. This was war. They would defeat Koga. They were sure of it. But how?
    They had no time to think about strategy. Koga’s Pokémon kept shooting their poisonous blasts, and the townspeople were getting tired. They wouldn’t be able to defend against the gigantic attack for much longer. They had to act now.

    A young boy’s determined voice could be heard from the crowd. “Red! Yellow! Up!”
    EliGagerNorris and thiagopepper reacted instantly, releasing Aero and Kitty respectively and flying up to meet Tamoo above the rest of the town. At least until Koga noticed them, they’d be safe from harm.
    “You know what we have to do. Let’s go!”
    They were obviously used to Blue’s short commands, as they immediately released their very strongest Pokémon, preparing to go all-out offensive. It was their only chance of surviving.

    Down at the ground, the remaining Gym Leaders noticed Blue calling out to them from above.
    “Brock, Misty, Erika, Blaine! Get his attention, then charge!”
    They knew what they had to do. It was time to end this, once and for all.
    Blaine charged in towards Koga and the neverending assault, his Rapidash and Arcanine blocking most of the Poison attacks and allowing the rest of the Gym Leaders ample time to prepare their Pokémon.

    By the time Koga got the gist of their strategy, it was too late. He had been caught off-guard, defenseless. He thought he was invincible behind his army of poison. But he hadn’t planned for attacks from the sky.
    Galladeava’s fiery Ninetales and Matt91_’s Vileplume were taking his Muk down easily, while Teridax had sent out her Starmie and Gyarados to keep Weezing occupied. FlYgUy13’s Steelix was blocking Tentacruel’s Poison Stings without even flinching. And meanwhile, the flying Pokédex holders were charging their Pokémon’s strongest attacks.
    Surely enough, the blast would come. Koga, noticing the preparation for a massive nuke from above, reacted the only way he could.
    “Arbok, Gunk Shot towards the sk-”
    He never got to finish his sentence. Staring down at him was a veritable army of Pokémon, all trained to their max and all fully charged for their strongest attacks.
    Scyther, Machamp, Charizard, Pidgeot.
    Ratty, Kitty, Omny, Dody.
    Pika, Aero, Poli, Saur.

    Koga didn’t even stand a chance.
    There was a massive crater where the blast had landed. They had obliterated Koga, his Pokémon, and Team Rocket. The Barrier, recognizing that Team Rocket had been defeated, rose slowly.

    They were free.

  11. Akane

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    Remaining roles:

  12. Akane

    Akane Resident Lilligant fangirl

    Post-game notes coming tomorrow. I'll be on for a short while longer if you have any special questions to ask. Well played, everyone!

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    so there weren't any indies this time?
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  15. *Facepalm*

    God I'm an idiot.
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    I can finally stop putting random ellipsises at my posts now... Oops.
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  18. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    For the record. Until I was dead, I had no idea of Blaine was even in the game. I'm do good I guessed ahead of the mod!
  19. darkwings

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    if you guys like this game, feel free to join Werewolf IV: L's Attack!
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    I never got to use my role successfully :(