Werewolf IX: Legend of Korra - SCUM WIN

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  1. Innocent_Shine

    Innocent_Shine still aka Lynx

    Signing Up
    Post on the thread during signups, and you'll be given your role when one of us sees your message. To become an alternate if the game has already started, PM either of us.

    Game Cycle
    The game begins at Day. Each Day will last seven real days. During the Day, players will post on the thread and decide who to lynch. Once a player has been lynched, they are removed from the game and the Night begins. Night will last three real days. During the Night, players with useable roles will send Cabd and me their choices of role via the same conversation they used to receive their roles. Any other form of PM to us will be ignored. At the end of the Night, any players killed are removed from the game, and another Day begins. The game is over only when I say it is over. This is caused by any faction completing a win condition.

    Communication Between Players
    If your role allows you to talk with other players, you have been provided a conversation within the forum system to do so. Do not use any other form of communication for game-related matters. If your role does not permit any sort of talking, speaking with any other player living or dead will result in an immediate modkill, and a possible ban from the next Werewolf game, depending upon severity.

    Siblings/Significant Others
    If you and another player within the game will be sharing computers or occupy the same house, please notify me of this when confirming your role. Player IP addresses may be randomly audited to prevent "account farming" to obtain an unfair advantage.

    Replacements/Temporarily Offline
    When you sign up to play in this game, you are certifying that you are willing to play and intend to do so for the duration of the game. However, conditions may arise where you must leave the game. If such is the case, please notify us via your role PM. Do not post so publicly upon the thread. Please note that if you replace out of a game, you may only join the next game as a replacement. This is to ensure replacements are only done for serious matters, and not just on a whim.

    If you have to leave for a temporary amount of time and will be staying offline for a few days, give warning. If you are inactive for too long, we may decide to replace you to keep the game moving.

    Quoting the Mods
    You may not under any circumstances quote your role PM or any other form of communication we gave you outside of what is posted directly onto the thread itself. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a modkill. Doing so will also give the same penalty as if you had replaced out, making you unable to sign up for a slot for the next game without being a replacement.

    At any time, in any post, you may vote. Whenever you vote in your post, vote in all caps, bolded.
    You may unvote at any time, but you must specifically unvote the player you previously voted for before voting for a new one.
    If you are on a mobile device that cannot use the bold button, use the tags [b*]VOTE: CABD[/*b] without the asterisks. None of that, “Can you count this because I’m on my phone?”

    Temporary Information
    You may not post anything game related in a way that makes it temporary. This includes using the thanks button, putting game info in your sig or character portrait, and editing your post. These are all grounds for a modkill. Doing so will also give the same penalty as if you had replaced out, making you unable to sign up for a slot for the next game without being a replacement.

    Double Posting
    The forum software has been changed to not merge posts so you may double post freely. However, please avoid making unnecessary posts or splitting up your posts into lots of smaller ones.

    Given both the growth of the player base and the high demand for werewolf slots, activity in this game will be highly mandated. Players must make at least one post every 72 IRL hours. Failure to do so results in a public warning. A second instance, or failing to post within 24 hours of your warning, is grounds for instant replacement. V/LA is allowed if we are given advance notice for up to 5 IRL days. After those 5 days, your 72 hour windows starts. If you are going to be gone for more than a week, please contact us so we can arrange either a temporary replacement or a permanent one depending upon conditions. In all cases, our word is Law, and there is no arguing once we have reached a decision.



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  2. Innocent_Shine

    Innocent_Shine still aka Lynx

    When I was a boy, my father, Avatar Aang, told me the story of how he and his friends heroically ended the Hundred Year War. Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko transformed the Fire Nation colonies into the United Republic of Nations, a society where benders and non-benders from all over the world could live and thrive together in peace and harmony. They named the capital of this great land Republic City. Avatar Aang accomplished many remarkable things in his life, but sadly, his time in this world came to an end. And like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar began anew.

    Earth. Fire. Air. Water. Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.

    Republic City was supposed to be fun. It was big, and loud, and it was a real city even. Nothing like the raging silence of the Southern Water Tribe. And the Avatar had to make an appearance somewhere other than a desolate corner of the world. A city celebrating the unity of the four nations, featuring the human embodiment of the four elements.

    It was the most perfect target imaginable for the anti-bender group, calling themselves the Equalists. Not all humans were born benders, unfair if the Avatar herself were to call it “the coolest thing in the world.” Their masked leader had been given the gift of removing a person’s bending permanently, a skill unique to the Avatar.

    When Avatar Korra had made her appearance, they attacked. Republic City was put on lockdown due to the Equalist threat. Benders had reported being unable to do anything, fighting a losing battle when the ability to sling fire or crush somebody with boulders was lost.

    It was decided. They needed to kill methodically to figure out who was behind it. When those siding with the benders stopped dying, when benders stopped losing their abilities, they were safe. Justice? Perhaps not, but sometimes, dead was better.

    Role cards have been sent out and we’re only waiting on confirmations to open the thread now.
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  3. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

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    Alright! New game.

  5. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.


    You seem pretty suspicious already. Being a clone and all.
  6. Kirbyswag

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    In Greek mythology, you are evil.
  7. David

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    Writing the Napoleonic code, very scummy IMO...
  8. waynegg

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    I would like to sign up as a replacement
  9. ProHawk

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    VOTE: FALCO413

    Welcome to WW!
  10. PP101

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    Because I thought I posted before school, but I didn't.


    because you haven't confirmed your role yet.
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    Hey PP101, why DDW and not David?
  12. Falco413

    Falco413 Can see the ending.

    :D Thanks for the warm welcome XD


    Survival multiplayer is for noobs.

    (did I use the bold thing right? Lol)
  13. cabd

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    Added per request. Replacements are reminded to at least loosely follow the game to make replacing in a more smooth action.
  14. Mares789

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    Loosely, ok...
    *eyes glued to screen*
    Good luck all!
  15. PP101

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    Because DDW is new to 6p.
  16. ProHawk

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    Last question. Was your vote for reals?
  17. camoclone

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    Vote: Mares789 you got me lynched in the 4 by 4 game

    Because you are camoclone. (that was a joke vote, just in case you guys didn't guess.)

    The main purpose of this post is to inform you that I have decided to sit out of RVS, juat to test out the theory that no RVS is better than RVS.
  19. camoclone

    camoclone Tomorrow we strike...

    Awww I'm always lynched D1 already 2 votes on me. ;) All joking aside I agree with Vablakes that RVS'ing is pretty useless. However I just have no idea how else to get D1 started. Any suggestions?
  20. Maybe someone could create a questionarre?