Werewolf IX: Legend of Korra - SCUM WIN

Discussion in 'Mafia' started by Innocent_Shine, Mar 28, 2013.

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    Our 2 minute conversation immediately following my lynch...
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    Will the dead thread be posted soon?
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    You could at least let me think I was right... you did apologize and got off my back ;)
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    I guess you fighting back did help a little. ;)
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    I'm at the grocery store. Ill add people when I get home as noted in the threads title
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  6. PaidPyro

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    Hey guys/gals, very fun game. I'm pretty busy IRL so I'm not going to go in depth here. Congrats to scum team.

    That cabd and IS for the game, very fun and creative.
  7. cabd

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    These next few posts will cover each cycle and my major thoughts upon them

    Day one:

    RVS ended quickly thanks to Vablakes “sitting it out”

    Sheninja’s failure to claim in the first post is pretty much the main reason glace got lynched

    Falco’s non RVS “educated vote” was actually spot on. #51 was very town

    KP comes off very “trying to take the torch” and is playing like KP-scum early, had I been in game he’d be getting voted for

    Post 63 I laughed because the crumb was so dang obvious and nobody got it

    Falco starts bandwagoning whenever anyone makes a good case here, it read newbtown so hard it made a crater when it impacted.


    Re: Sheninja v Hawk NEVER EVER EVER complain that you won’t do serious work till day two. It’s so bad.

    Re: gaia/Nap interactions. This was town v wolf but it smelled so bad. Ugh. I know this is you two’s personal meta, but yeeessh.

    Post 149. The only meta we are in is the 6p metagame. Other site metagame strategies mean jack sheet here.

    Legit laughed my butt off for post 181

    Ziggy had the correct idea in 186, but his flip flopping after was BAD

    The total chainsaw massacre that was the wolf day one play sure did set up an interesting mid game and late game.

    About the camo coaching thing. He wasn’t coached and I will personally PL anyone stupid enough to use coaching as a reason to drive a wagon on a player who is making gradual improvements to their game play.

    329. NEVER EVER EVER try to outguess the mod. Ever.

    379 was a good post and when glace flipped town should have been looked at

    412 is so townie it makes my eyes bleed, okay?

    413 reads scummy to me

    Gaia’s 420 is trying to make a meta case on a site she does not have meta for

    Glace nailed 2 scums in 424, good job

    Ziggy, revealing prior to L-1 is bad and you should feel bad

    Post 452 correctly nailed nap and gaia totally wasn’t wolf yet but ended up being

    Night one went perfectly for the scum team. They avoided both doctors, AND the tracker, AND their godfather got seered as town.
  8. Kirbyswag

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    cabd - I followed your guide and went for null reads and weird reads. If you think about it, I seered 3 wolves in the first 3 nights, so in essence I don't like going for scum reads because most of mine were off.
  9. Ziggmiceter

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    Wait, I thought I was at L-1 when I revealed.
  10. cabd

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    I don't think you were but if you were, I take it back.
  11. Ziggmiceter

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    Oops, I claimed at L-4. Kirbyswag This was never clear to me, why did you seer KP over me N1 when you were so convinced I was scum?
  12. Kirbyswag

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    Did you not read my post about 3 or 4 posts up?
  13. ProHawk

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  14. Ziggmiceter

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    This one? I'm wondering why you waited so long to seer me when I was playing so badly.
  15. cabd

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    Probably because crappy town != wolf
  16. Kirbyswag

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    Ziggimiceter - You have to understand that when people's play gets too bad they don't need seering it's so obvious they are wolf. For me that was the case day 1, then your role claim was believable, so I decided to step away. I thought you were town ever since.
  17. cabd

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    Oh and while I'm at it.

    There is a MAJOR got your attention now don't I issue facing this community that needs to be corrected immediately.

    You guys fail to use the ability to read prior pages. Seriously. When people flip town, you need to go back and look at what they were saying. Especially if the only reason you didn't listen to their cases was because you suspected their alignment was scum.
  18. camoclone

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    This is true however you also have to go back and look at scum's posts. Both looking at scum's and town's prior posts can help you, especially scum's IMO.
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    Whatever you say :rolleyes:
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    I laughed so hard at these quotes.