Werewolf IX: Legend of Korra - SCUM WIN

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  1. PaidPyro

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    Ummm, why did no one choose to do a VCA? A way to look at votes and voting patterns. a very powerful way to PoE the field.

    Also, Kirby after Gaia was removed why didn't you go right back after Prohawk? I think this would have been more ideal to verify his redirect role.
  2. Kirbyswag

    Kirbyswag Pie

    Well he was more clear town than those I hadn't cleared yet, so I saved him for last.
  3. Gaia

    Gaia Nom.

    And we're back.

    First off Nap never fails to prove to me that after such a long time of playing scum he completely sucks at it and should probably sub out on policy. Especially because we did actually get fakeclaims and he completely missed them :)
    Second of all, wow. In one of the few games in a very, very, very long time where I get three Day 1 leads, I get converted. Eck. Bastard roles all Day all Night, and to think I'm actually playing Jester in an EpicMafia game as we speak.
    cabd So much hate because I play how I do. Recall that I was still Vanilla Town on Day 1. In 149, did I have PH pegged as scum? Yes. Did I have Nap pegged as scum? Very nearly. It doesn't matter how much you may criticize me, it's evidently working rather well if I can independently pick Nap, PH and camo on Day 1. Credit to Nap for being ridiculously distracted this game, but each fell in their own way. And how are 149 and 420 meta plays? Theory=/=meta and meta doesn't mean much when there are barely 10 games completed. So much hate, so much hate :/
    And in regards to the whole coaching thing, whether he was or wasn't coached, camoclone went belly-up fast enough for me.
    Basically what I'm saying is, it doesn't matter how you prove someone scum as long as the end result is the same every time.

    Oh, and I did mention the whole miller theory thing, but nobody seemed to listen to me~ :p

    Well played Hawkie and KP for picking up where I inadvertently screwed up everything by being a nuisance on Day 1. La~
  4. cabd

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    It's not hate gaia. It's the truth. Your play in the first game you played here rubbed people the wrong way, and people don't like to follow your lead because of it. It's kind of like what I said to Waynegg. The theory behind it was sound, but the way you presented it didn't do you or your cases any favors.

    Fact of the matter is, trying to have a theory discussion during the game always ends up with it getting ignored or overlooked. Between games (like right now) is the best time for those kinds of talks. In fact, I encourage you and nap to talk about cop v cop and miller theory now. Maybe people will listen now that they aren't worried about your alignment.

    Also, being super inactive didn't help your case much either, you got lynched without even posting.
  5. KPiplup

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    Gaia, your line about physics in whatever post that was pretty much summed up the situation, unfortunately.
  6. camoclone

    camoclone Tomorrow we strike...

    Wait what? Explain your case on me again. All I understood was belly-up.
  7. Gaia

    Gaia Nom.

    Sure, I get what you mean.

    There's not much to Cop v Cop theory that isn't commonsense.

    C/P'd from my 2009 notes:
    • When two (2) players claim the role of Cop, they are lynch immune for at least one (1) Day unless a claim is clearly falsified, and No Vote (Vote: Nobody) should be made that Day.
    • When more than two (2) players claim the role of Cop, lynch any one of them immediately. You are more likely to lynch scum than town. Then, play out the previous dot point. If you lynch the Cop, the other two (2) are scum.
    • When more than two (2) players claim the role of Cop, and then players retract their claims, players who retracted are null reads.
    • When multiple results give a Guilty result, the named player is considered Guilty beyond all doubt.
    • When multiple results give a Clear result, the named player is Clear beyond all doubt and should be considered so for the rest of the game except:
    • When a Godfather may exist, Clear results must be considered null or tentative.
    • When two (2) Cops claim Roleblocked at any time, a Roleblocker is said to exist.
    Further down:
    • When a Cop claims to be Roleblocked it should be treated as a 'No Result' or 'Self Investigate' rather than a Roleblock to avoid prejudice.
    • Hence, the Roleblocker should be assumed.
    C/p'd from my 2008 notes:
    • When a player claims the role of Miller on Day One (1) that player is considered Clear beyond all doubt and should be considered so for the rest of the game.
    • When a player claims the role of Miller after Day One (1) that player is considered Guilty beyond all doubt.
    • When a player who has claimed the role of Miller is investigated, the player or players who investigated them are considered Guilty beyond all doubt.
    • When a player Counter-claims the role of Miller after Day One (1), or claims the role of Miller in response to an investigation, that player is considered Guilty beyond all doubt.
    And a bit further down once again:
    • No roles should ever be applied onto a Miller (e.g. Doctor, Cop)
    • Vigilantes should always eliminate the Miller if no clear kill is available.
    • When there is no clear lynch, the Miller should be lynched except in circumstances where No Vote (Vote: Nobody) should be made.
    • There should be no Miller present at least one (1) full Day before predicted MyLo (Mislynch and Lose) or LyLo (Lynch or Lose) occurs.
    camoclone, TBH there never really was a case. You play differently when put under pressure and the whole coaching idea made you nervous it seems. I put enough pressure on you because I wanted as many Day 1 reads as possible (Town, Scum, Indy, whatever) and you were an easy enough player to get a read from. There wasn't ever a case, I just gambled that you'd pretty much give up if you were indeed scum, and if you were Town you'd be pretty obviously confused at what I was going on about. Works pretty well in general.
  8. ProHawk

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    Note to self. As scum in a game with Gaia, claim Miller D1. ;)

    Also problem I see with letting two cops live with results: You give yourself a greater potential to mis-lynch the claimed guilty result while allowing for an extra night-kill (the no-lynch day).
  9. Gaia

    Gaia Nom.

    Haha, I used to write notes in an axiom-clarification style, as you go further down things get more specific. Ie, as scum in a game with me, if you claim Miller, you're going to get popped on the shaky lynch Day no questions asked, so fake claiming doesn't work :p Besides, real Miller ccs you straight up and you just crosslynch to prove who is real, forcing scum to shoot the Miller and wasting a night kill :)

    The point of leaving the cops alive is that someone gets killed and the cops get more results. So when you do eventually flip one, more results are available, more analysis can be done etc. Plus it can force the mafia to confirm a Townie. And it means that one mafia vote is basically forced to vote with Town which can help and also be analysed. There are more setup-specific reasons why it's best to keep Cops alive for a while and in particular in closed setups, Cops should always be alive. Closed setups give an advantage to scum and cops are the only way to break the setup per se. I could go on, but basically counter-Cop is usually a pretty straightforward game.
  10. ProHawk

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    Wait, when do you lynch the cops then? At MYLO/LYLO?
  11. Gaia

    Gaia Nom.

    No, what, that's daft. 2-3 Days after the claim. It's insanely hard to perfectly counter a Cop claim, there will be slips, you have to learn to pick them up.
  12. Falco413

    Falco413 Can see the ending.

    Jeez, I'm re-reading day one...someone slap me in the face...

    "seems too eager to start scumhunting"

    I fail so hard ._.
  13. cabd

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    It's okay falco. Everyone starts somewhere. Just make sure to kick arse in your next game.

    let me take that back. Make sure to GROW in the next game. It's a learning curve that everyone takes at a different speed, but in the end if you stick with it; it's super rewarding.
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