Werewolf VI: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - TOWN WINS

Discussion in 'Mafia' started by thiagopepper, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. thiagopepper

    thiagopepper Whaaaaat?

    Well, it was a really fun game to mod, shame that i didn't got to see Innocent_Shine's role in action, i was really looking for that!
  2. coolestman22

    coolestman22 Now Has Techron

    Well, cabd it's your turn.

    I wonder how an anon game will go if cabd gets drunk enough (again).
  3. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    I actually thought galladeava was the last wolf.

    Good call, darkwing34. (he's been prodding to me via night chat that desufnoc was a wolf. to be honest, I thought he was wrong. :/)
  4. galladeava

    galladeava Disapproving Clown

    Yabbbbaaa dabbbbaaa dooooooooooooo. Finally getting this game.

    I thought it was poor role claims from the two wolves, it was the only logical thing. Interesting to see that des wasn't lying about being a Seer though.

    Now can we please get through the next 4 games super fast so I can host!
  5. desufnoc

    desufnoc Ditto used Transform!

    Well Alane claimed Phoebe also. I didn't notice till too late. Thought it would work in my fair when we found out she was lying
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  6. coolestman22

    coolestman22 Now Has Techron

    Not my fault. Lanturn's fault.