Werewolf VII-Open: Vault 11's Fate TOWN WIN

Discussion in 'Mafia' started by cabd, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Innocent_Shine

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    Ah, then I hope there were some clear rules for suicide vs modkill laid out (this accusation is aimed towards Cabd). In that case, it could've helped, but consider Lufan suicide and your modkill together = bad news. David's reads gave enough away that I'm glad he wasn't killed sooner though, to be fair. (Although I looked at it was Kirby who told him to say that. Not sure who to fault there.)

    In TDGI I was told David was never told to suicide. So there's that.

    lufan131, thing you should learn as a Wolf. You need to work together, and it's group effort. If Wolves win and you're dead, you still win. I'd personally never advocate pushing a player to kill themselves like that if they don't want to, but being on a lynch wagon is something you do have to accept. If you have a point to argue about why the other Wolves should save you, you have to tell them and not just disappear. Everybody gets mad at each other then. You went after Glaceon Day 5, not sure if that was planned in the chat or not either, but it looked like you were arguing with each other with them vs you.
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  2. cabd

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    There were rules laid out regarding the two, keep reading the wolf thread
  3. PaidPyro

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    I_S. thank you for joining in the game! Your play was stellar. I think you deserve Town MVP.

    Prohawk deserves a Honorable mention for his PRO town-slip catch at the beginning of day 2.

    I will post some thoughts on the players a bit later.
  4. Innocent_Shine

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    Not sure why Wolves thought JP was Seer? He and Revan weren't playing Seer-ish.

    That wasn't the logic, I'll try to explain a little more. First thing, my very first post was, "I'm busy with school, my snake is possibly dying, I'm reading the thread during breaks in class." When my real post came, I said I was reading through the thread for the first time. Nobody caught this, but I'd already come up with a few reads. Going into this, I knew David was a Wolf, I was sure Zigg and lufan were Wolves. This led me to Glaceon and Kirby. The Night Kills showed a pattern towards those two.

    This is why NK targets are solid WIFOM. If you target the people who directly point at Wolves, it leaves a trail, but it could just be framing, but that's rare and unlikely so maybe it is legit.... But the pattern was only evidence stacked on, not what led to it.\

    There's no direct accusations here, but I do want to clear something up. If anybody's worried about the integrity of the game state due to mine and Cabd's relationship, it's not the first time I've been in a game with someone I knew personally, and it's not the first of Cabd's game I've been in.

    My first posts found everybody without my asking questions because other people already asked questions for me. At that late in the game there were very few players, almost an even number of Townies and Wolves, and it was more a logic puzzle than hunting for myself. When I looked back at the thread, there was lots of dead players, so I could get more honest reads between dead Townies and David.

    Makin' me blush =) Glad you were able to make some headway in getting some of them talking before I joined in.
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    The NK "pattern" was killing PRs and good players. That's pretty much it.
  6. armaldo1

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    What threw me over was when Galladeava said he would eat his hat if he was wrong. He couldn't have possibly lied with that bold statement.
  7. PaidPyro

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    Ok, I will only comment on the players who were alive while I played:

    I'll start with daGlaceon Nice work! The claim was good. However, I think you made a HUGE mistake coming into the next day after my kill. The night ended way to fast. If you ever had a role blocker role as town and heading into night, especially late game it can be agonizing. You should've taken the whole night. Really thought things through (I mean sit around and twiddled your thumbs). However, I enjoyed your play.

    Sorry I can't get to more right now but I had some things come up elsewhere and I've been "full tilting". It's late and my comment will have to wait for tomorrow. Sorry I couldn't do more.
  8. Kirbyswag

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    My early game was a struggle because I was sick so much.
  9. Kirbyswag

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    Oh and props to I_S and Paidpyro. Outstanding game you guys. I can really tell I_S was avoiding a full on battle with me, but her efforts still earned her a NK. I wish I could have actually argued against the people trying to lynch me (aka Vablakes and Galladeava), but someone hammered. :(
  10. cabd

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    Actually, no. SHe wasn't sure if you were really the last wolf or not, and so she was pressing you to react and your actions told her what she needed to know.
  11. Kirbyswag

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    Oh well :/ When she says Kirbyswag is one of the last wolves I kinda panicked.
  12. So, overall, would you guys say my play is improving?
  13. Ziggmiceter

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    Definitely. I didn't expect the long posts and general scum-hunting plays from you.
  14. cabd

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    Vablakes, if you played all the time like you did the last two days that'd be perfect
  15. Noted. I will try to post like that more often. I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this! :D
  16. All right, here is the big one. What can I do to improve my play?
  17. Mares789

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    Stay active, analyse other's posts, don't just soak up the info, but imagine what their motives could be for posting such a thing.
    Imagine each other complexly.
  18. coolestman22

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    Don't skim through posts, mostly.

    Even though my play as a hider was sub-optimal, I'd say my posts are getting better too.
  19. Thanks, Mares! Will do!

    I actually read every word of every post each player makes, CM22. I never skim. :D
  20. Kirbyswag

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    You have to do what I have to do. Improve your early game. The claim early was just more motive to attack you.