Werewolf VIII: Team Plasma's Plot-Endgame, Team Plasma (Wolves) Win!

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    Deep in a forest in the depths of Unova...

    “Litwick! Where are you???” screamed a frantic mother Chandelure. Litwick, no more than a few months old, hadn’t been seen in over six hours.
    “Jigglypuff!!! Dinner’s ready!” came the voice of a Wigglyuff from a forest home much the same as Chandelure’s.
    No answer was heard from the forest.
    “Jiggly???” the cry was repeated, but this time, with much less pleasure, and a lot more worry.
    Around the entire Unova Region, 22 more situations very similar to these played out all at once. Within the few hours after the Pokemon vanished, the families began to dread that the worst had come true-Their children had been kidnapped.
    “Welcome everyone, why don’t you please make yourselves at home? You’re going to have to get used to this place, and you mines well like it.” uttered a deep voice from the blackness. The Pokemon found themselves in a dark room, with 24 bunks, a few necessary amenities, and not much else.
    “Little Pokemon, you have been brought here as part of our-Team Plasma’s-plot to overtake Unova. Clearly we have to start by eliminating some of the more promising young Pokemon. Among you are some who are working for us. They are the facilitators of our plan. Should you be able to defeat them in an orderly manner, we will allow you to go free. Should the innocent Pokemon fail, and be killed off by my minions, that works too. Good luck. You’ll need it”

    Welcome to 6P WWVIII: Team Plasma’s Plot. Below are the rules. The ones that are especially important for everyone to read (IE are new for this game) will be bolded.

    Game Cycle

    Each day will last 7 real days. During the day, players will post on the thread and decide who to lynch. Once a player has been lynched, they are removed from the game and the Night begins. Night will last 2 real days. During the Night, roles with choices will send me their choices of role via the same conversation they used to receive their roles. This PM MUST be the one where their original role was found. At the end of the Night, any players killed are removed from the game, and another Day begins. The Game is over only when I say it is over. This is caused by any faction completing a win condition.

    At any time, in any post, you may vote. Whenever you vote in your post, like so, with the two “^” symbols preceding the word “Vote”
    ^^Vote: KPiplup
    You may unvote at any time, but you must specifically unvote the player you previously voted for before voting for a new one. You MUST unvote a specific player. You must unvote using the same format as shown above (^^Unvote: KPiplup)

    Communication Between Players

    If your role allows you to talk with other players, you have been provided a conversation within the
    forum system to do so. Do not use any other form of communication for game related matters. If your role does not permit any sort of talking, speaking with any other player living or dead will result in an immediate modkill, and a possible ban from the next werewolf game, depending upon severity. This includes forms of communication in a group setting that messages can be deleted from at will (Skype). I lurk the Skype group pretty frequently, if I see strings of deleted messages between game players, or even a one sided conversation multiples times, I’m not going to hesitate to modkill you.

    Votes Required to Lynch

    A majority of the votes must be cast in order for a lynch to be made. Half is not majority. (Ex. With 22 players, 13 votes would be required to lynch.) On Day 1, “No Lynch” is an acceptable outcome (whether it be by lack of majority or by majority reaching such a conclusion), but after that, a failure to lynch will result in a random lynch between the parties that have votes on them. (As determined by random.org at the time of lynch) Of note, I reserve the right to nix the majority requirement at any time for any given period of time for inactivity or any other reason.

    Modkills (As a penalty)

    Should a modkill be required, the following procedure will be followed:

    If a wolf draws modkill, the day will continue unless there is <24 hours remaining in the day, as the point of the penalty will be to disadvantage the offender’s faction.

    If a townie draws modkill, the day will end for the same reasons.

    Modkills that happen at Night will not affect the Day/Night cycle in any way.

    Replacement Policy

    If a player is inactive in topic for the entirety of a Day Phase, and they have not PM’d me by the end of the night, they will be Replaced, or, in the event there are no replacements, modkilled. Prods will be issued on a regular basis.

    Temporary Information
    You may not post anything game related in a way that makes it temporary. This includes using the thanks button, putting game info in your sig or character portrait, and editing your post. These are all grounds for a modkill. Doing so will also give the same penalty as if you had replaced out, making you unable to sign up for a slot for the next game without being a replacement.

    Posting during “Twilight”
    Should a majority lynch be reached and I am not available to immediately freeze the topic, I expect that silence will commence. First occurrence will be a warning, second will result in modkill, within reason. (Being first to state you believe hammer is reached/ninjas are fine)

    Account Farming
    If you are found to be using more than one account while playing, you will be banned permanently from WW. If you and another player will be using the same computer/internet connection, please alert me before the game begins.


    When you sign up to play in this game, you are certifying that you are willing to play and intend to do so for the duration of the game. However, conditions may arise where you must leave the game. If such is the case, please notify me via your role PM. Do not post so publically upon the thread-Replacement requests posted simply on thread with be ignored. Please note that if you replace out of a game, you may only join the next game as a replacement. This is to ensure replacements are only done for serious matters, and not just on a whim.

    Quoting the Mod

    You may not under any circumstances quote your role PM or any other form of communication I gave you outside of what is posted directly onto the thread itself. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a modkill. Doing so will also give the same penalty as if you had replaced out, making you unable to sign up for a slot for the next game without being a replacement.

    Players that will start as a replacement should they wish to join:

    Player List
    1. cabd Killed Night 4
    2. Kirbyswag Lynched Day 8
    3. lufan131 Modkilled Night 3 - WINNER
    4. David, Killed Night 1
    5. Kazambolt Killed Night 8
    6. daGlaceon - WINNER (Survived)
    7. Googleplex Lynched Day 4
    8. Mares789 Killed Night 9
    9. SMP Lynched Day 9
    10. Camoclone, Lynched Day 1 - WINNER
    11. Vablakes Lynched Day 10
    12. coolestman22 Modkilled Day 6
    13. TTSky Killed During the Final Hours
    14. Pokemonplayer101 Lynched Day 7
    15. Prohawk Killed Night 3
    16. Desufnoc, Killed Night 1
    17. Darkwings Wunderbar Lynched Day 5 - WINNER
    18. PaidPyro, Killed Night 1
    19. Armaldo1, Modkilled Night 2
    20. Soldiersspirit Lynched Day 6- WINNER
    21. Cruel_Lizard Modkilled Night 3
    22. Galladeava Lynched Day 3 - WINNER
    23.Kitsunefireferret Ziggmiceter Killed Night 6
    24.BoSS_89, Lynched Day 2
    Dead Town
    Dead Wolf
    Dead ???

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    In as replacement
  3. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    aaaand of course, i'm /in
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    First person in. In for the win.

    EDIT: Zig/Cabd ninjahs.
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    I want in! sounds fun.
  6. David

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    Sign me up please!
  7. kazambolt

    kazambolt Meh.

    im in.

    17char bullcrap.
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    For the record, thiago is listed in the OP at 24 because he applied for co mod. Should others apply with less game experience, I'm saving him a spot.
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    Same deal as cabd's game, I'm going to be PM'ing roles as we go through signups.

    You guys can expect yours as soon as randomizing is done.
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    I'm so in. Sign me up please!
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    Lemme try again.

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    So does this mean we will get our role before the player roster is complete?
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    Yes. You'll be getting roles as you sign up. Just like I did last game.
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    In please, love this game so much
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    Thiago has comod.

    Note that role sending has halted for the moment. Also, please confirm your role via PM.
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    I'm /in. looking forward to this game!
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    In this one too 1717
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    You didn't add camoclone.
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    That's right. Nice catch KirbySwag. Thanks!
  20. In. Can't wait to play. :D