Werewolf X: Team Rocket's Trap CANCELED

Discussion in 'Mafia' started by thiagopepper, May 30, 2013.

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  1. waynegg

    waynegg Oceanian and good Party member!

    And calling it~ KPscum
  2. Falco413

    Falco413 Can see the ending.

    I got my role, thanks for taking the time to restart this whole thing to maintain the fairness of the game.
  3. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    Thinks I'm scum, doesn't vote?

    Scum IMO.
  4. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Don't worry waynegg. You'll drawn scum some day. Like maybe today.

    We'll see.
  5. Innocent_Shine

    Innocent_Shine still aka Lynx

    We're confirming here, it sounds like. /confirm
  6. waynegg

    waynegg Oceanian and good Party member!

    Where's Waldo?
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  7. coolestman22

    coolestman22 Now Has Techron

    Some researchers believe Waldo may have fled the book.
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  8. Mares789

    Mares789 To war!

    Confirming and ready to play. Note: exams are still a thing, until Friday.
  9. Akane

    Akane Resident Lilligant fangirl

    confirmed, ready to go and such things!
  10. Gaia

    Gaia Nom.


    Inb4 Nap pulls SK
  11. Napoleon

    Napoleon Has never played Werewolf before.


    Gaia's SK KP Scum ggla
  12. galladeava

    galladeava Disapproving Clown

    Got my role laaaaaaa
  13. thiagopepper

    thiagopepper Whaaaaat?

    According to my accounts, we're missing only ProHawk, camoclone and daGlaceon role confirmations. The new thread is done, locked and stickied (hope i did it right, cabd). As soon as they confirm here, new thread may be unlocked (just in case i'm not around here when that happens) and game can start.
  14. ProHawk

    ProHawk Active Member

    I have my role...
  15. thiagopepper

    thiagopepper Whaaaaat?

    Just realized that camoclone will be V/LA this week. Game may start without his confirmation.
  16. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See


  17. thiagopepper

    thiagopepper Whaaaaat?

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