Werewolf X (version 2): The Fontecchio Mafia Family - TOWN AND CABD WINS

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    Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to the second try of the tenth main game of werewolf here on 6P. This game will be modded by me, thiagopepper, and co-modded by our friend PokemonPlayer101. Standard rules apply, but let's review them anyway:

    Signing Up
    Post on the thread during signups, and you'll be given your role when one of us sees your message. To become an alternate if the game has already started, PM either of us.

    Game Cycle
    The game begins at Day. Each Day will last seven real days. During the Day, players will post on the thread and decide who to lynch. Once a player has been lynched, they are removed from the game and the Night begins. Night will last three real days. During the Night, players with useable roles will send us their choices of role via the same conversation they used to receive their roles. Any other form of communication to us will be ignored. At the end of the Night, any players killed are removed from the game, and another Day begins. The game is over only when I say it is over. This is caused by any faction completing a win condition.

    Communication Between Players
    If your role allows you to talk with other players, you have been provided a conversation within the forum system to do so. Do not use any other form of communication for game-related matters. If your role does not permit any sort of talking, speaking with any other player living or dead will result in an immediate modkill, and a possible ban from the next Werewolf game, depending upon severity.

    Siblings/Significant Others
    If you and another player within this game will be sharing computers or the same Wi-Fi network, please notify us of this when confirming your role. Player IP addresses may be randomly audited to prevent "account farming" to obtain an unfair advantage.

    Replacements/Temporarily Offline
    When you sign up to play in this game, you are certifying that you are willing to play and intend to do so for the duration of the game. However, conditions may arise where you must leave the game. If such is the case, please notify us via your role PM. Do not post so publicly upon the thread. Please note that if you replace out of a game, you may only join the next game as a replacement. This is to ensure replacements are only done for serious matters, and not just on a whim.

    If you have to leave for a temporary amount of time and will be staying offline for a few days, give warning. If you are inactive for too long, we may decide to replace you to keep the game moving and allow other interested users to play.

    Quoting the Mods
    You may not under any circumstances quote your role PM or any other form of communication we gave you outside of what is posted directly onto the thread itself. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a modkill. Doing so will also give the same penalty as if you had replaced out, making you unable to sign up for a slot for the next game without being a replacement and a possible ban from the next Werewolf game, depending upon severity.

    Vannila Town rolecard example
    During this game, it is forbidden to use any means to expose your rolecard (eg. typos, word and letter count that might be present on your rolecard).

    At any time, in any post, you may vote. Whenever you vote in your post, vote in all caps, bolded.
    You may unvote at any time, but you must specifically unvote the player you previously voted for before voting for a new one.
    If you are on a mobile device that cannot use the bold button, use the tags [b*]VOTE: CABD[/*b] without the asterisks. None of that, “Can you count this because I’m on my phone?”.
    I will be VERY strict with votes and unvotes, so please, remember to properly unvote.

    Temporary Information
    You may not post anything game related in a way that makes it temporary. This includes using the thanks button, putting game info in your sig or character portrait, editing your post and changing your avatar. These are all grounds for a modkill. Doing so will also give the same penalty as if you had replaced out, making you unable to sign up for a slot for the next game without being a replacement.

    Double Posting
    The forum software on the Mafia sub-forum has been changed to not merge posts so you may double post freely.
    However, please avoid making unnecessary posts or splitting up your posts into lots of smaller ones.
    Apparently not, while we work this out, double-posting is forbidden.
    The merging post software doesn't edit you post logs, so you may double-post. However, please avoid making unnecessary posts or splitting up your posts into lots of smaller ones.

    Given both the growth of the player base and the high demand for werewolf slots, activity in this game will be highly mandated. Players must make at least one post every 72 IRL hours. Failure to do so results in a public warning. A second instance, or failing to post within 24 hours of your warning, is grounds for instant replacement. V/LA is allowed if we are given advance notice for up to 5 IRL days. After those 5 days, your 72 hour windows starts. If you are going to be gone for more than a week, please contact us so we can arrange either a temporary replacement or a permanent one depending upon conditions. In all cases, our word is Law, and there is no arguing once we have reached a decision.

    Tagging Users
    Just a friendly reminder that we have users with unusual/similar usernames on 6P, so please be careful when tagging. Also, please, avoid tagging someone multiple times in a row.

    A shout here to Innocent_Shine, since i copied shamelessly her rules from her post and altered only a few details. ;)


    1. galladeava replaced by darkwings on D2 (death at the end of day 8)
    2. Gaia replaced by HighShroomish on D2 (death on night 7)
    3. cabd (tree stump slot)
    4. Mares789 (death at the end of day 5)
    5. Vablakes (death on night 1)
    6. KPiplup replaced by fenster on N2 (modkilled on N5)
    7. desufnoc (death at the end of day 3)
    8. Kirbyswag (death on night 2)
    9. TTSky replaced by pikajew1213 on D1 (death on night 8)
    10. coolestman22 (death at the end of day 1)
    11. Falco413 (modkilled on night 3)
    12. waynegg (modkilled on night 4)
    13. daGlaceon (death at the end of day 2)
    14. camoclone (death on night 1)
    15. ProHawk (death on night 5)
    16. Innocent_Shine replaced by PaidPyro on D2
    17. Akane replaced by Ziggmiceter on D1 (death at the end of day 7)
    18. Napoleon replaced by GuyInFreezer on D2
    19. camohunter19
    20. SMP (death at the end of day 4)



    DAY ONE:
    Vote count 1; Vote count 2; Vote count 3; Vote count 4; Vote count 5; Vote count 6; Vote count 7; Lynch

    DAY TWO:
    Start; Vote count 1; Vote count 2; Vote count 3; Vote count 4; Lynch

    Start; Vote count 1; End

    Start; Announcement; Lynch

    Start; Lynch

    DAY SIX:
    Start; Vote count 1;

    Theme disclosure:
    Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

    The small town of Parva Fattoria was ruled by the Fontecchio mafia family for decades now. All citizens of that little town located on northern Italy were abused and ruled by Don Vittore Fontecchio and his thugs. But after an accident that claimed their lives, the Fontecchio mafia family was unstable and missing a leader, since all of their most known members were now dead. Keen to regain its former power, some of the unknown lower-level members took the power and tried to submit town once again. But this time, all of the good folks living there, sensing that the Fontecchio family was weak, decided that Parva Fattoria would be mafia-free from now on, and they wouldn't accept their attempt to regain power. Their only issue? They didn't know who were the new Fontecchio family leaders.[DOUBLEPOST=1371474913][/DOUBLEPOST]DAY ONE STARTS NOW. ENDS ON Jun. 23rd at 11:59PM (GMT -3)
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  2. Napoleon

    Napoleon Has never played Werewolf before.

    Vote: Gaia

    SK until proven innocent.
  3. Mares789

    Mares789 To war!

    Akane, I'm very interested in how you'd like to start the game, with an alternative to RVS.
  4. galladeava

    galladeava Disapproving Clown


    Always scum :p
  5. waynegg

    waynegg Oceanian and good Party member!



  6. SMP

    SMP Is bad at Werewolf

    I thought double post was turned off here
  7. waynegg

    waynegg Oceanian and good Party member!

    Obviously not. I feel victimized!
  8. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    It's not off here, I'm just magic. Silly people.


    Why is Gaia SK instead of scum?
  9. thiagopepper

    thiagopepper Whaaaaat?

    I thought so too, but my posts got merged. I suggest that everyone do not double post from now on. And by suggest, i mean…
  10. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    cabd fix it so I can use my magic powers legally :(
  11. camohunter19

    camohunter19 Feeling English Teacher-y

    For being the other camo.
  12. Mares789

    Mares789 To war!

    Less than half of the players here have posted and we already have someone forming a bandwagon w/ RVS reasons. VOTE: CAMOHUNTER19
  13. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    How significantly weighted is that vote, Mares?
  14. camohunter19

    camohunter19 Feeling English Teacher-y

    Early QFT.
  15. Mares789

    Mares789 To war!

    It's more than an RVS vote, and the 'early QTF' which strikes me as soft buddying (we all like to be QTF'd, no?), solidifies my vote.
  16. waynegg

    waynegg Oceanian and good Party member!

    Piss on RVS. It's dumb. Skip to conversation instead of wasting posts trying to start conversation...

    Question for everybody to answer

    Picture your role and tell me what you clothes look like please.
  17. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    I'm with you on the QFT issue, not sure about the vote yet.
  18. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    I'm a soft fuzzy puppy... hah. Interesting way to screw with RVS. Business casual.

    Also, as others said, why "X is a SK?" instead of "X is scum?"

    A SK is still scum.
  19. TTSky

    TTSky Jingle, Jingle

    That QFT by camohunter seems more like a disguised OMGUS at Mares based on the context.

    waynegg: I like that question. I'd say mine has:
    • a green unbuttoned plaid shirt with sleeves that go down to mid-forearm over a blank brown t-shirt
    • red shorts with a pen in the pocket and a keychain hanging off a belt loop
    • black converse shoes
    • a spacious, yet mostly empty black messenger bag
    • dark brown hair with even sides and longer bangs
    I hope that answered your question well enough. Probably not the character Thiago envisioned but that's what I'm sticking with :p
  20. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    I imagine some sort of Italian looking suit, carrying a briefcase of some sort.