Werewolf X (version 2): The Fontecchio Mafia Family - TOWN AND CABD WINS

Discussion in 'Mafia' started by thiagopepper, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. PaidPyro

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    Thaigopepper and PP101, thanks for running the game.

    So, here's the question I would LOVE to know? Why in the world did scum help with the mares lynch. I think we were in mylo at this point and we needed all of the town to be on and Zigg was helping. You basically had the game cuz fenster wasn't going to vote. (I may be wrong about my numbers but you were really close at that point). Also why in the world did you all self hammer. Again most nights we were roughly in mylo and you only helped. Especially when I felt like we were struggling to pull in the lynch.

    Camohunter19, I was on this morning before you self hammered. I hadn't received my night info yet so I didn't vote. In LYLO I still wold have questioned out GiF just to make sure he wasn't running a PGO/doc/scum super gambit. I was fairly certain he was a doc but my town paranoia would have made me at least pause. Long story short dont self hammer in LYLO, try (you had nothing to lose)

    HS, very well played. I hope you enjoyed this game, you played very well. Sorry for not doing a proper scumputer or VCA. I've been living abroad and doing one from my iPad just doesn't work. Next time once back in front of my computer I'll do one up. Hopefully you play again.

    Hawk and GiF. Well done boys!
  2. KPiplup

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    Miller would've gotten you PL'd around here, right daGlaceon?
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  3. daGlaceon

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    After my last game where I claimed Miller and got away with it, most certainly!
  4. GuyInFreezer

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    KPiplup: ppl PL millerclaim here? O.O[DOUBLEPOST=1377194412][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh I see.[DOUBLEPOST=1377194521][/DOUBLEPOST]Also I was less active in here than I planned to be because

    1. I have around 10 games ongoing in the other site
    2. I didn't bother to announce V/LAs since I read that I only get prod after 5 days of inactivity.
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    There's a bit of a miller issue here. You see, two games before this one was hosted by myself and Thiago, and daGlaceon survived through stupidly hard circumstances by a miller claim (they let him get to LYLO), and the next game he truly was miller and was PL'd D1. Ever since he survived there's been some misplaced apathy toward the role.
  6. Ziggmiceter

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    The sad part is that they were going to lynch but then sadly/suddenly TTSky (confo-town) lynched Vablakes over Glaceon because of a post like
    "VOTE: DAGLACEON TTSky, thoughts?" Sky thought it was a good idea to speedhammer there
  7. HighShroomish

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    Thanks! I'm defnitly playin again!
  8. darkwings

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    That was a really fun game. tbh, I really have no clue how to play wolves at all, let alone alpha.
  9. SMP

    SMP Is bad at Werewolf

    Truthfully, start with telling your teammates who you chose to kill and who you used to make the kill.
  10. cabd

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    Poor communication kills. So do mod errors...
  11. GuyInFreezer

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    Never trust the miller claim post-first_post! :D
  12. PaidPyro

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  13. KPiplup

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    Alas, most anyone that would've realized that was dead, not playing, or modding.

    I assure you, we were freaking out on the sidelines.
  14. Kirbyswag

    Kirbyswag Pie

    Yeah I guess cabd should've made a "guide to realizing Daglaceon is not a miller" beforehand.
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  15. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    Just putting on the final touches for my Werewolf game, and it will be up soon. :)
  16. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Okay, realtalk.

    What GiF did with his doctor role? Effective but dangerous.

    So let's talk about when it is acceptable to fakeclaim as town.

    As town, an effective fakeclaim needs to meet the following criteria:

    Useful to town
    ~Claiming PGO as Doctor? Good
    ~Claiming PGO as VT? Bad, makes scum more likely to shoot a PR

    ~Classic example here is claiming miller, when really innocent child
    ~PGO claim as doctor, should you die, verifies it was fake
    ~Claiming survivor at 3P lylo with the others cross voting, verifyably fake

    Harmless if not triggered
    ~Claim PGO as doc, good
    ~Claim Cop and PGO to draw NK? Bad, you just got the doc killed for targeting you.
    ~Claiming ANY PR as vanilla? GOod job getting the real role to counterclaim, idiot.
  17. GuyInFreezer

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    ~Don't fakeclaim as something anti-town if you can't handle it. If you're doc and on pressure, claiming something anti-town will get you even MORE pressure, quickening your time to claim truthfully.
  18. GG all, I didn't get to do much this game since I died N1, but it was still fun to observe. :D
  19. ProHawk

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    Never. You will be a lot more liked.
  20. waynegg

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    You guys played a good game.

    One question though. I thought tree stumps aren't counted as living players for any purpose.