Werewolf XI: Super Mario Version -- Abandoned

Discussion in 'Mafia' started by PP101, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    As mentioned in the first post here:
  2. HighShroomish

    HighShroomish Wreck-It Ralts

    @cabd I did what I set out to do though.
  3. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    I liked it :p
  4. Mares789

    Mares789 To war!

    Heh, missed that.
  5. Kirbyswag

    Kirbyswag Pie

    @cabd - That's one sick gambit. Just sayin'
  6. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Like I said, it's about knowing when risks are acceptable and when they are not.[DOUBLEPOST=1383860516][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I mean if we go a step farther, If I listed all my gambits out, I could probably spend an entire day telling stories of them.
  7. desufnoc

    desufnoc Ditto used Transform!

    Go on :)
  8. Kirbyswag

    Kirbyswag Pie

    I'm all ears.
  9. Vaxkiller

    Vaxkiller Member

    I wasn't active?
  10. waynegg

    waynegg Oceanian and good Party member!

    I didn't
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  11. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

  12. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See

    Intentional. I must be allowed some fun.

    I thought a DK indie survivor (or lyncher, but I figured everyone would freak) claim would have been much more interesting, but the Skaros insisted.
  13. ProHawk

    ProHawk Active Member

    I pity the fool on the other end of falling for Cabd's gambits :)
  14. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    You were, I just completely skipped over you somehow. Sorry bout that. :p
  15. SMP

    SMP Is bad at Werewolf

    It's why he's always lynched or nked day 1 :p
  16. Kirbyswag

    Kirbyswag Pie

    I feel like no matter what faction @KPiplup on, he always thinks I am scum every game. Just my observation.
  17. Vaxkiller

    Vaxkiller Member

    Its ok, im new here.
  18. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    Eh this game I wasn't scumreading you as much as I was licking my chops at the stuff I could make look bad enough to get the mob to agree.
  19. Kirbyswag

    Kirbyswag Pie

    ^Makes sense. When you have someone as persistent as Waynegg butting heads with someone as resilient as me, your job can get quite easy rather quickly.
  20. waynegg

    waynegg Oceanian and good Party member!

    Yeah, but he had to figure out had to do it without the door swinging the other way. I betcha he was picking up how my opinion was swaying on him!