What Did You Pull?

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    I'm not sure to be honest. This is our first really competitive year and they've been assigned account #'s but I haven't called Pokemon yet and attached their names to them. I don't know how many CP points each spot is worth but my oldest has placed 3rd twice and 4th once and my youngest has placed 2nd twice and 3rd once this cities.
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    If I remember correctly, you can simply register your kids on Pokemon's website and link their accounts with their assigned POP numbers.

    Major props to them, though. What age division are they? Juniors?
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    ^^^ Thank you, I'll do it tomorrow morning then :)

    They are in the Juniors division. My oldest is running Garchomp/Landorus EX and my youngest is running Blastoise/Keldeo EX.
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    Bought another blister pack and in one of the boosters I got a Celebi EX FA, Keldeo RH and a Whimsicott. from the other two boosters I got a Keldeo EX. I mentioned the whimsicott because I've never gotten at least 3 rares in one pack. Is it me or are the Blister packs pull rate much better than booster sold separately or even boxes?
  5. SoldiersSpirit

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    I don't get it :(
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    you don't get three rares in a pack. you get one every time, and the reverse is sometimes a rare
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    or you baught a fake blister pack
  8. actually i bought blister packs from walmart and in one booster i pulled a computer search a RH victini and a shaymin xD i think they messed up on some packs. also the pull rate is really good in blisters you are almost guaranteed a ultra rare 1 out of every 2 blisters
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    ^^^You guys are just not lucky enough it seems...as buddered_bizkit happened to buy a blister from walmart as well and pulled the same thing. Don't question my intelligence on buying fake packs either, I've been collecting a long time.

    Yea I figured the pull rate has to be better...I also think going to different Wal-marts or Targets increases or decreases your chances as well but it might just be a superstitious thing.
  10. actually, i went to the walmart by my house bought 6 blisters, pulled 2 computer search, a landorus ex, a full art celebi and 2 regular celebi, then i went to another walmart same night and bought 9 more blisters and didnt pull much of anything good besides ditto, vileplume, a blastoise, 4 crystal walls and 2 crystal edges
  11. SoldiersSpirit

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    Might just be superstitious and as I said before might either increase or decrease your chances at good pulls lol.
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    There's definitely a lot of potential for great discussion on the subject, but let's keep this thread strictly to pulls only. Feel free to PM eachother or start a new thread if you'd like.

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    There is no real reason to believe that blisters give better results than packs.

    Think about it . . . That means that when the packs are printed and sealed at the factory, someone then has to pick out more of the good ones somehow and put them in blister packs . . . why would they even go to the trouble and expense of doing this? It makes no sense whatsoever. There's nothing in it for TPCI.

    Just to keep this on topic, my brother got 4 packs of Boundaries Crossed at the weekend. 1 Celebi EX FA, 1 Computer Search.

    Jammy is the word.
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    Just opened an envelope. Got 2 Aquapolis Energy Switch :D.
  15. charivile

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    Boundaries Crossed, full art Skyla and Meloetta. :)
  16. sonicboom

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    just got a random boundaries crossed pack

    pulled a keldeo ex regular
  17. Bleak

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    18 packs:

    One of the bad Ace-Specs
    Cresselia EX
    FA Celebi EX
    Landorus EX
    3 Skyla

    Better pulls than I got out of my box, haha.
  18. Shibumi

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    I got four packs for top-fouring a cities yesterday.

    -Computer Search
    -Shiny Golurk
    -Cresselia EX
  19. Like a boss, Shibumi. Like a boss.

    Anyhow, got 5 packs of BCR.

    Pack one: Crystal Edge
    Packs 2, 3, 4 and 5:
    Absolutely nothing.
  20. RisingDawn

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    3 Blister packs (so 9 packs....)
    FA Landorus EX
    Keldeo EX
    Celebi EX
    Landorus EX
    White Kyurem EX
    Gold Potion
    RH Flygon
    Crystal Edge

    I looooovvveeee Boundaries crossed ^_^