What to expect at Battle Roads

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  1. Chemical

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    This is the thread to post what you expect at Battle roads, yes that includes Autumn and Spring Battle Roads).So with all of your thoughts please posts what you would expect to see at Battle Roads worldwide.

    I'll start off with the Autumn one for the 2011 season.
    I think that Battle roads would mostly be Sp variants.The reason of this is because SP has great draw engines and techs and everything.The second thing I expect to see is gengar mainly because with spiritomb it can slow down any deck now since we don't have Claydol anymore.The third and final thing I expect is Rouge decks to start off and test out the season.I am sure people will be playing new decks with the new cards from undaunted.Such decks would be Scizor Prime, Viplume variants(mostly tagged with Tomb and Bellosom), and decks with the Eeveelution variants.

    Thats basically all i can think of for right now so post away!
  2. Thegame8228

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    Well, I agree with you that we are going to see a lot of SP Variants. Which, is why I invested myself with Machamp stuff. I highly doubt any SP deck can beat it unless they get very lucky and I get very unlucky from the start. The only thing that can survive for a little would be Toxicroak G ( Non Promo) and that wouldn't last very long and is bad against other decks. Medicham, which is used as a Mewtwo counter would work for one maybe two KO's but I doubt that would be enough.

    I'm sure we will see a lot of variants with Kingdra Prime and Gengar SF. All of the cards that were good and aren't rotating are still going to be played. Legends are more playable now with the Legend Box and new Legends coming out so it should be fun to see those new decks. There will be some new rogue decks with cards from Undaunted but I doubt any will be too good. One card that I'm sure will be used will be Vileplume UD. If used correctly without a lot of trainers it could be devastating to the other player. Maybe use Spritiomb PA to get it setup and then use Gengar from SF to Poltergeist for the win. Dialgachomp will see a lot of play I believe which would hurt this setup until level down would occur...so yeah, I don't know yet. I haven't looked into the new set too much but I know the 8 decks I'll be playing!
  3. bittyboy72

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    It is quiet hard to determine what will be played next season, especially since we just got out new set. As for Battle Roads Autumn you should really wait to ask that, they are so far off an don't that important.

    I expect to see a lot of rouge decks considering it is the start of a new meta; although, a lot of these decks will fail. You can definably expect Luxchomp and Champ there going at each other. You can also expect to see something with Gengar and Vileplume that will be a popular combo because it can Trainer lock the entire game shutting down both Champ and Luxchomp, for the most part anyway. You I would also expect to see something with Scizor prime as well.

    If you ask me my opinion BLG is the play. The Blazikin gives you a huge edge on the meta. Looka t everything with a weakness to fire Scizor Prime, Vileplume, Steelix Prime, Dialga G X, Ect. You can "Bright Look" Vileplume and OHKO it with Blazikin X. You can easily take out and Stellix Primes that may still be used and will make Scizor a lot easier. Dialgschomp *SHOULDN'T be as much of a threat anymore with the loss of Claydol; Although, the deck can run without it it can't run as well. If you were to ask Pooka he would tell you that the deck *CAN'T be run without at least a 1-1 Claydol. I would be more worried about a Dialga tech witch you will see a lot of people *TRYING to play, but will not work.
  4. peetza

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    There's probably gonna be some Charizard. I've heard people saying they'll be running Deoxys/Rayquaza, too.
  5. Chemical

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    To me that sounds wierd running Deoxys/Rayquaza.
  6. peetza

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    I played against a DRL deck at league the other day and it was pretty good.
  7. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    Was it combined with typhlosion and Ninetails? Thats the only way I can see it working, but that quite interesting.

    Anyways here is another question for everyone, what do you expect you will play at BR's?
  8. Project696

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    Right now the top decks I think we'll be seeing are DialgaChomp, LuxChomp and Nightmare. I'm sure we'll see some players attempt eeveelutions, jumpluff (i'm positive this deck is dead with the loss of claydol), flychamp, and other decks. Tyrannichamp may make an interesting mark on these tournaments as well.
  9. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    Just out of question what is Nightmare, and you should really introduce yourself in our thread here to introduce yourself.
  10. Project696

    Project696 Member

    Nightmare is the name that has been to Vileplume/Spiritomb/SF Gengar. All the top players I know have been using that name for that deck.
  11. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    Interesting, thats the first time ever I heard of it being called that.Anyways Donphan seems like he is going to take over everyone.
  12. Auto

    Auto Guest

    well the most recent counter for mewtwo/machamp is drifblim 3 colorless and put them both back in the deck id test against that cuz if they have that and toxi G non promo it can get hectic :p also its not called nightmare till someone does good with it and names it heck someone can call it poop in a purple/green bag and everybody will hate the name but if he does good with it and thats the first name for it its gonna be called that right now vileplume gengar is called vileplume gengar. also odish gloom and vileplume in this UD set are weak to PSYCHIC NOT FIRE!!
  13. Project696

    Project696 Member

    As far as I'm concerned, It is known as Nightmare. Thats what I've heard from top players, the ones that are usually in the top 20 of the nation and what not. Plus most of them have it built already and I even had a a chance to playtest against one, and it is a nightmare. That trainer lock is so killer. And the psychic weakness is why we'll see Drifblim FB become a more common tech.
  14. poly550

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    I think there will be lots of gengplume and SP varients
  15. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    Yeah, SP variants for sure, even I have switched to the mighty DialgaChomp and just when I think it's over I get right back up playing 2 turns ahead.
  16. Thegame8228

    Thegame8228 Member

    i have several good decks but im not sure what to play...too many counters to luxchomp and machamp is good only cuz sp will be popular
  17. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    Choose what calls to you.

    Also YES! My battle roads are September 18th, 1st week of Battle Roads.
  18. chrataxe

    chrataxe Member

    Looks like my BR is going to be the 19th...not for sure though. But, I'll probably hit the road for BR and travel to Dallas for a weekend to catch 2 more.

    I think it is impossible to tell what is going to happen at BR. New format and a new set...we'll see. I think Eeveelutions don't stand a chance. I know a guy at my league plays it, but his is a bit different and he is VERY good. Its not an Eeveelution deck as much as a Leafeon deck. I think, across the board, Vileplume will see a LOT of play...and everyone will see that it sucks and not play it anymore. I'm not saying Vileplume is viable, but if you are going to sit there and tell me that the format is going to revolve around (or even be HEAVILY impacted by) a stage 2 TECH, I'm not buying it. I'm glad that the REALLY good players at your league beat you with it easily...maybe that says more about your abilities than it does there deck. I'll gladly eat my own words if I'm wrong, but I'm saying it now: a stage 2 tech will NOT have that big of an impact. Yes, there will be a few really good players that will play it and do very well. There will also be a few Gengar heavy metagames where it will do well. But, at large tournaments with jumbled metas, the deck as a whole doesn't stand a chance. Maybe I say that easily because my deck destroys Vileplume so easily...we'll see. The big problem with Vileplume is that no DECK can work by locking its own trainers all game. Yeah, it will see a lot of play and it will win a lot but at the end of the day, good players that travel and play different metas and study the matchups afterwards will see that it is pointless especially since Luxchomp with a Dialga tech just won worlds.

    As for what will do good: SP, obviouisly. I think we will see a few Scizor Prime decks pop up, a few win, but may be its only real appearance...scizor is a good tech, not a deck. I think we will see a bunch of weird cards dominate BR, like Drifblim UD. Just because they are so easy and so cheesy, the will wreck havoc the first tournament of the new season.
  19. zcbivens

    zcbivens Member

    I'm expecting lots of SP, maybe more people will play Machamp or something to help counter.
  20. naten2006

    naten2006 Guest

    Eevee won't see much play outside of Leafeon and Espeon Prime, and the only way this will work is if UmbreEspe MD get played in those decks.