What will happen to our beloved beach!

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    I'm contemplating running Fairy Garden, replacing some of my basic water energy with Rainbow, and then giving Keldeo the boot. (Maybe leave one as a tech just in case of Block or some other shenanigans.)
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    Champions Festival.
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    Anything that unlikely to benefit your opponent that has either no effect on your own deck or a small benefit.

    Magnetic Storm is probably the best bet; Resistance is pretty trivial and most decks don't have it at all, meaning it will either be completely neutral (and thus safe to use as a Counter Stadium) or occasionally beneficial. Twist Mountain... how many decks run Restored Pokémon, let alone "good" decks? You'll get no benefit out of it, but neither will almost any serious opponent. Not sure about Champions Festival, but its probably a good pick as well unless we are dealing with a deck/build that actually wants to use spread. Plasma Frigate might be relatively "safe" as well, again though I am suggesting it only as a counter stadium e.g. to discard an opponent's Stadium. Most decks won't have Plasma Energy, and the decks worried about a counter stadium (at least that are popping into my head right now) aren't hitting for Weakness against decks that run Plasma Energy. I guess an Inferno Fandango deck that runs a Fire-Type attacker, when facing a Genesect EX, will have an issue with it.

    Shadow Circle won't matter too much; again the decks that really need a counter Stadium aren't usually using Fighting-Type or Lightning-Type attackers. Fairy Garden seems a bad idea because many decks will be able to take advantage of it: Rainbow Energy is likely to be quite popular, and Retreating doesn't care about Pokémon Type, unlike attacking. Frozen City is too hard of an effect for most decks to ignore and alongside Virbank City Gym is the main reason for running a counter Stadium, so obviously its out. Aspartia City Gym is also too prone to backfiring.

    The important thing is to remember, you're running the Stadium to discard other Stadiums and if the effect actually benefits you, that's just a bonus.