What Won Cities? 2010-2011 Season

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    Please list your results in the following manner:

    Location - Date

    1st - Name - Deck
    2nd - Name - Deck
    3rd - Name - Deck
    4th - Name - Deck

    1st - Name - Deck
    2nd - Name - Deck
    3rd - Name - Deck
    4th - Name - Deck

    1st - Name - Deck
    2nd - Name - Deck
    3rd - Name - Deck
    4th - Name - Deck

    Just report as much as you know.

    Dragonlordrebord will keep this first post updated as everyone submits results.


    OK people here is a place to say what won cities!

    i didnt stay for top cut but

    i know a Gdos won and it play mesprits in it and let loose tina
  2. hgssprime

    hgssprime New Member

    Re: What won cities?

    Well yesterday at mine an Absol prime/blaziken FB/Miasma Valley deck won. I however went Undefeated 5-0 losing in top 4 and placed 3rd with Donphan/Machamp.
  3. DialgaChomper

    DialgaChomper Member

    Re: What won cities?

    Goin to cities next week, might stay for top cut. I'm pretty confident!
  4. Liam_Williams

    Liam_Williams New Member

    Re: What won cities?

    In WA, Gyara took Seniors and Masters today. +18 packs and medal to me.
  5. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    Pittsburgh PA - 11/27/10
    Seniors No Top Cut
    1st Henry P. - Luxchomp
    2nd Adler P. - Luxchomp
    3rd Andrew D. - Dialgachomp
    4th ?
  6. people please dont post that your going to one. just post what won there.
  7. Project696

    Project696 Member

    Top 4 masters at Columbus were...


    What the order was, Idk.
  8. pokefan12

    pokefan12 Member

    in Wisconsin LuxChomp won Masters Flychamp Won Seinors and Arceus Won Juiniors
  9. bittyboy72

    bittyboy72 Front Page Contributor

    Here are all the winning decks from each division from Hanover:

    Masters: Gyarados with Mesprit and Giratine (Like Dragonlord said)
    Seniors: Machamp
    Juniors: Gyarados
  10. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Bitty how are you doing in Masters?
  11. bittyboy72

    bittyboy72 Front Page Contributor

    I don't wanna talk about it... lol! Let's just say I could be doing better! I was doing great at Battle Roads but I went to 1 City's so far and it was a huge fail. :( I am hoping to regain some of my ranking at York and New Holland though. BTW Adam you should come to those to so I can beat you! :p
  12. idk about that brandon! remember adam was a master with gdos!!! i would like to play him at new hollend(there is a very slight chance i may go!)

    and now i think we should get back on topid =P
  13. Tonu

    Tonu Member

    Turku, Finland, 11/28/2010
    Masters (38):
    1st Miska S. - Luxchomp 8-1
    2nd Tia T. - Magnezone 7-2
    3rd Tri Q. - Regigigas 6-2
    4th Matti K. - Luxchomp 6-2
    5th Tuomas K. - Gyarados 4-3
    6th Milla R. - Luxchomp 4-3
    7th Juha-Pekka R. - Gallade 4 4-3
    8th Rasmus M. - Gengar SF/Kingdra P 4-3

    Stockholm, Sweden, 11/29/2010
    Masters (~34):
    1st Esa J. - Luxchomp 9-0
    2nd Joni K. - Luxchomp
    3rd Ville V. - Magnezone
    4th Hampus E. - Gyarados
    5th-8th Miska S. - Luxchomp
    5th-8th Janina K. - Gyarados
    5th-8th Juha-Pekka R. - Gallade 4
    5th-8th Terhi K. - Gyarados
  14. bhernandez

    bhernandez Member

    My nephew last weekend placed first in the juniors with a lucario/machamp Deck
  15. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    12/4/10 Toledo OH
    1st Justin P. - Regigigas (Went Undefeated)
    2nd Chase N. - Luxchomp
    3rd Richie K. - Machamp
    4th Joe H. - Chenlock

    1st Adler P - Luxchomp
    2nd Ty W. - Gyarados

    1st Beckett P. - Charizard
    2nd Daniel F. - Random crap

    All I know is every division was won by a person who lives in Columbus regardless of the masters outcome
    Thanks to TO Ryan P. :)
    Edited 12-12-10
  16. DialgaChomper

    DialgaChomper Member

    La habra, 12/4/10

    1. Gyarados
    2. gyarados
    3. gyarados
    4. Gyarados/Vilegar/Glistomb, don't know for sure.
  17. Versilaryan

    Versilaryan Front Page Contributor

    Des Plaines

    1. VileGar
    2. Sablelock
    3. BLG
    4. VileGar
  18. Hot Springs Arkansas:
    1st: Me with King-Gar (Undefeated through swiss and top cut)
    2nd: Yanmega Prime
  19. Tonu

    Tonu Member

    Seinäjoki, Finland, 12/5/2010
    Masters (20):
    1st Esa J. - Luxray GL/Garchomp C 7-0
    2nd Jani-Matti M. - Gengar SF/Vileplume UD/Machamp SF 5-2
    3rd Tony P. - Machamp/Donphan 4-2
    4th Anni P. - Jumpluff 4-2
  20. Ada City Championships (Oklahoma)
    1st - Austin Baggs - G-Dos
    2nd - Michael Masacre - KingGar
    3rd - ??? - G-Dos
    4th - Jole (Joule, Not sure on spelling) - Vileplume Gengar