What Won Spring Battle Roads? - 2013

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  1. cloud354

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    Plasma Klingklang + cobalion.
    Gallade + gardevoir with psychic mirage ability
    We didn't do juniors and seniors and all that.
  2. cryogonaltcg

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    I have the post fixed now
  3. PP101

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    So... it was... unofficial? No CP on the line? If so, it doesn't count as a Battle Road. :/

    Alright, thanks. :)
  4. cloud354

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    What's a CP? No it was definitely sanctioned and all that./
  5. galladeava

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    Championship Points - the points you need to qualify for Worlds.
  6. cloud354

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    Oh yeah, we had that. We just didn't get enough people to spilt into age categories.
  7. Doo2you

    Doo2you Dunsparce is 5 (1.5m) feet long. Yea.

    Camron Park
    1st Will H. Gothilock (me)
    2nd William "Eric" W. Fluffychomp
    3rd Timmy H. Cobalion/Klinklang
    4th Justin F. Clefable/Vanilux (chillMAX)/some fire type/Mewtwo

    1st Max S. Keldeo/Blastoise
    2nd Jack F. Garbodor/Landorus/Tornadus
    3rd Gabe S. Terrakion/Mewtwo/Raquaza Ex
    4th Josiah A. Random Legendary pokemon

    1st Joseph Bellanti TDK w/plasma Landorus
    2nd Anthony Ramos Weavile/eggs
    3rd Donny Neill Garbodor/Tornadus/Landorus/Mewtwo
    4th Chris Davis Keldeo/Blastoise

    There were only four Seniors and Juniors. Lol.
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  8. Midlothian, Virginia 6/1/2013
    1st Henry R-C with Deoxys-EX/Thundurus-EX/Kyurem PLF
    2nd Cassidy C. with Deoxys-EX/Thundurus-EX Kyurem PLF
    3rd Alex S. with Landorus-EX/Mewtwo-EX/Garbodor
    4th Stephan B. (me!) with Stunfisk DRX/Terrakion NVI/Garbodor
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  9. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    Fullerton, CA 6/1/13
    1. Micah S. ( TheDewottClan) w/ Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Kyurem PLF/Lugia EX/Snorlax PLS
    2. Dane C. (me!) w/ Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Kyurem PLF/Lugia EX/Keldeo EX
    3. ??? w/ Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX/Tornadus EX/Garbodor DRX/Tropical Beach (no sleeves, everyone was crying inside)
    4. Phillip G. w/ Darkrai EX/Landorus EX

    Will update with Juniors and Masters when I find out)
  10. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    Oooookaaaaaay.... Well, even when that happens, they put up final standings for each age division. I'm afraid I can't count yours. :/

    Can you please be more specific with the decks? I don't know if it's Keldeo/Black Kyurem/Blastoise or Keldeo/Blastoise, if it's Landorus EX or Plasma Landy. XD
  11. Doo2you

    Doo2you Dunsparce is 5 (1.5m) feet long. Yea.

    The only one with plasma Landorus was the 1st place in masters, the rest are EX's. The Blastoise/Keldeo in Juniors played no BKEX, and the one in Masters did. Also, the Garbodor in Juniors played PF Tornadus along with like ~2-3 plasma energy and colress machine, along with the DEX Tornadus.

    Edit: My Deck had Mew EX in it too btw
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  12. MetalArmedAngel

    MetalArmedAngel My lovely Luka ♥♥

    Not really a battle road, but the attendance was around average.
    Juniors, Seniors, Masters were all in one since we had too little people
    1st: Blastoise Keldeo EX, BKEX
    2nd: TDK
    3rd: Big Basics with plasma badge and Deoxys
    4rd TDK
  13. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    Same case as cyndaquil:
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  14. Charranitar

    Charranitar Well-Known Member

    Edwardsville, IL - 6/2

    1. Andrew Wamboldt - Gothitelle/Accelgor/Mew EX/Keldeo EX/Dusknoir
    2. Colin Moll - Klinklang PLS/Klinklang BLW/Cobalion EX/Cobalion/Durant DRX
    3. Zak Krekeler - Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Black Kyurem EX
    4. Michael Hopkins - Quad Snorlax
  15. jeffrey3421

    jeffrey3421 Swarm Wannabe

    Lakewood, WA 6/1-
    1. Ian W with Gothitelle Accelgor
    2. Jeffrey C. with Darkrai Absol
    3. Cole G. with Quad Snorlax
    4. Calvin C. with Klinklang

    Mukilteo, WA 6/2-
    1. Jeffrey C. with Klinklang
    2. Jack W. with Garbodor
    3. Cole G. with Quad Snorlax
    4. Ian W. with Gothitelle Accelgor

    this was all in seniors
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  16. blargh257

    blargh257 Is now Dedede.

    Concord, California 6/2
    1. Elijah C. with Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Kyurem PLF
    2. Paulo A. (Ziggmiceter) with Rayquaza EX/Keldeo EX/Eelektrik
    3. Justin P. with... help me out here Zigg
    4. Claire C. with Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Kyurem PLF/Keldeo EX
  17. Ziggmiceter

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    Oh yeah, and San Luis Obispo, CA 6/2
    1. Theo S. (coolestman22) with Thundurus/Deoxys/Kyurem
    There weren't enough people there so Seniors were mixed with Masters, so it probably doesn't count in this thread.
  18. blargh257

    blargh257 Is now Dedede.

    Thank you, Zigg.
  19. matt7

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    Midlothian VA - BR 6/1 - MASTERS
    1st - Blastoise/Keldeo/Black Kyurem
    2nd - Darkrai/Absol/Keldeo
    3r - quad Snorlax
    4th - Darkrai/Absol/Keldeo

    Fredrick MD - BR 6/2- MASTERS
    1st - Darkrai/Absol/Keldeo
    sorry I only know the winner who went. I didn't go to this one but did go to 6/1
  20. NeonBraviary

    NeonBraviary Eat, Sleep, Poop, Pokemon

    Fredrick MD
    1rst Ben Potter

    and Midlothian VA was
    1rst- Michael Pramawat
    2nd- ?
    3rd- Lj W.
    4th- Ben Potter