Where to find Pokmon merch in Tokyo?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ninjapikachu, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. ninjapikachu

    ninjapikachu Not all that ninja-like tbh

    I know, this must look like the most stupid question ever :p
    I'm in Tokyo right now, and
    I'm looking for some Unova-era plushies and merch, and a nice selection of card sleeves.
    I've been to the Pokemon Center and a store called Kiddy Land in Harajuku, but all I've been able to find is very new stuff wi only one sort of card sleeves.
    I've actually found plushies virtually everywhere, but all from Kalos.
    Does anyone know of any shops that will have TCG stuff and plushies with older/different stock anywhere, I'm going to Akihibara tomorrow but I might miss something? :)
    Arigatou Gozaimasu!
  2. Salamencetrainer34

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    You can probably find the info there. They are a great site that does sell pokemon merch. If the real store is like online, it probably has older things. And how many boxes did you buy so far?

    And have fun in japan!
  3. ninjapikachu

    ninjapikachu Not all that ninja-like tbh

    Thanks :)
    It's only open Monday-Friday, but I'm sure that'll point me at the right part of town anyway.
    Oh, I will.
    I like this place way too much :p