“Who Needs Sleep?” – Random Retorts and a Tournament Report!

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    I got mentioned (as the friend who nonchalantly walked up), does that make me famous now?
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    This is the first time in a while that I genuinely didn't know a card existed. Genesect PR 99? Bu-wha?
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    I seriously LOLed, hilarious stuff!
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    just curious guys, but how did you like the idea of a tournament report? I haven't done one this detailed in quite some time, and I found it to be really difficult given the new structure. essentially, I'm writing about 30+ games rather than 10-15 (as has been in the past).

    did you get bored reading through all the games? was there something more you would have liked? many games were basically repeats; would you have liked for me to skip those?
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    I read through all the games, but to be fair, I had to! I enjoyed the recaps, but maybe in the future you could skip the less exciting/noteworthy rounds to cut down on the length.
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    I rather enjoy the longer articles. When I read UG articles I'm not just casually skimming through them, I'm taking my time and reading the entire thing. More like a book, less like a magazine. So if you have 9000 words worth of worthwhile content to type, by all means, please do.
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    Great article, Eric. Always enjoy reading your writings, going back to your Steelix Tank article in another era.

    I share the sentiment of time being too short and ties frustrating. I came up with 5-2-2 at Philly, missing cut by 2 pts, both of my ties ended in game 3, with me taking 4 and 5 prizes respectively to opponent's none, needing just 1 more turn to win. One of those opponents did offer the game to me when I was at 2-2-1, but I mistakenly thought I was out of day 2 already, as 21 pts cutoff had been announced multiple times, so I declined thinking we were merely playing for CP's and packs. :( Still, lots of things could have happened differently even if I had it 3-2-1 instead of 2-2-2, and I believe many other players would have played differently had they known 18 pts would bubble. Lesson learned.

    Eric, I find your suicune list very intriguing, and want to try it. What would you change with the new rules now and a couple new cards? Would you still play catcher since you have sableye there or escape rope? Would you use Elesa? Energy switch? Phione?? Thanks.

    p.s. I don't mind reading the long report either, as long as you share the insights of your thought process and in-game decision making. I'll take this over any other "short" reports full of "I set up, I won."
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    Why do we not live closer together...your testing is how I'd love to do a majority of mine :)