Wild Blaze [JPN] // Flashfire [ENG]

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  1. So, I went on Pokebeach to check a scan and saw this:

    Looks like Charizard-EX will be in format again! Thanks to Pokebeach for the news.
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    I am willing to bet that they learn nothing from how unplayable the first 2 Mega Evolutions are, and Charizard ends up just as terrible.
  3. We can hope. If it ends up extremely playable, I don't even want to know how much a Charizard-EX FA will cost. And it would make my FA Genesects and Virizions worth a lot less. :p
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    Well, it seems like they're making worse and worse EXes anyway. We had 1 good one in this set (although NXD had 1 good one in its set [but at the time the rest were also considered good]), so I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say we're going to get less powerful EXes.
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    To be fair, it is a bit early to write stuff that Japan only just got as significantly worse than past offerings; I mean each set has had plenty of Pokémon-EX that saw little to no play, or experienced a sort of 15 minutes of fame before the metagame adjusted to turn them into the former.

    Keep in mind, I do think they are underpowered, as are the M Pokémon-EX, but I think the entire M Pokémon-EX mechanic is a bad idea only implemented because the TCG is expected to reflect the video games, and this is the shiny new "thing" for the video games this generation. Plus the real concern of improving "Evolving" Pokémon so that they aren't just placeholders for an eventual Evolution hasn't been implemented; I haven't checked to see if at least cards won't be able to attack for damage first turn (so we can get first turn attacks back) once we lose things like Dark Patch, but I kind of doubt it. =P
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    Hey, we got a new (and honestly more useful) Voltorb in XY. They're getting there.
    The problem is, having Pokemon that aren't just placeholders for evolution is pretty pointless, as you're more than likely going to want to evolve them anyway as fast as possible. Maybe in a format sans-candy (POSSIBLY XY-ON?) that could be viable, but I don't see it happening until much later.

    As for writing off the set already, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say the only currently usable EX from XY is Yveltal. Xerneas, while I want to believe it could be useful with DCE acceleration, still takes 3 turns to power up, and the others are just... absolutely underpowered. There's no reason you'd run any of them over things like Mewtwo-EX (which they might reprint again for Mega Mewtwo-EX) or Landorus-EX :/
    They're all just super weak, shiny cards that they made bad so that they could lower the power creep, which could be good or bad.

    Good: Less of a focus on Big Basics, it's a bit boring
    Bad: Format stays more or less the same until the best decks get rotated or new decks emerge.
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    I did see the Voltorb... it is "better" but still not good. Essentially the Ability gives you a 50% chance of mildly punishing an opponent for taking an easy Prize. I think part of the problem is that we have so few good examples of what I am talking about.

    Let us look at your argument: having Pokémon that aren't just placeholders for Evolution is pointless to you because you want to Evolve them as fast as possible. Now... why do you want to Evolve them as fast as possible? Isn't it because there is no benefit to them except to Evolve e.g. because they are just placeholders? Plus don't forget you can't skip the Basic Stage of an Evolution; it always has to have a turn in play.

    Years ago we got Feraligatr (DP: Mysterious Treasures 8/123). Yes I linked to it manually because I never seem to label cards right for the auto-link function to work. Croconaw (DP: Mysterious Treasures 44/123) is an example of what I am talking about. The Feraligatr in question was one of the last major decks I played before I had to take a break from the game and didn't get to pay much attention to Pokémon until around the emergency rotation to HS-On. It wasn't the best deck in the format, but it was a "real" deck, I enjoyed it, and I could assemble it so that is what I ran. Energy Cyclone comboed so well with Evolutionary Vitality that I tried to avoid using Rare Candy for more than my very first Feraligatr.

    TL;DR: If Evolving Pokémon are designed to actually be useful... they will be. Imagine Evolving Basic Pokémon that are actually good opening plays, and Stage 1 Pokémon just need something to contribute. We've had examples of "good" Stage 1 Pokémon besides the one I just listed (forgot about Gabite until I was nearly finished with this post). Thanks to the decision to remove first turn attacks, unfortunately it will be harder to make Basic Pokémon useful for opening with. Still, a good Ability for Basics or Stage 1 Pokémon that either helps to build up your resources or disrupts the opponent's can make them too good to skip... and just as important, evens out with the advantages of running a big, Basic Pokémon (when said big Basic isn't designed to be an all-in-one kind of card).
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    I was misunderstanding what you meant. I see what you mean now. I thought you meant making Pokemon which were good attackers in lower stages as well as higher ones.

    My problem with what I thought you meant was that you're more than likely going to want to hit with the strongest attack that you can, so evolving would be the natural choice. Now that I understand what you meant, it's kinda interesting to be honest.
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    A new charizard? Better stock up on some fighting energies guys.

    Just a theory but - Wild Blaze could be one of Charizard's attacks because Blaze indicates its a fire pokemon (like anyone could miss that). Japan have usually named sets after the poster boy's attack. E.g. Megalo Canon, Plasma Gale, Dark Rush. So Charizard is probably the poster Boy for Wild Blaze surprise!
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    Nothing was linked here, so I didn't know.
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    Prediction for Mega Charizard


    Fire Blaze RRR - 130

    The Defending Pokémon is now Burned

    Weakness = W
    Resistance = F
    Retreat = 3
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    And for those of us who refuse to frequent Beach on principle, it was a plenty helpful post.
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    Prediction for Y
    Dragon 240 HP

    Wild Blaze [R][R][F][C] 150

    Does 20 damage to all benched pokemon(do not apply weakness or resistance for benched pokemon)

    Weakness- [Y]
    Resistance- [F]
    Retreat- [C][C][C][C]
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    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    Sorry I thought the OP linked it. My bad. Beach Article.
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    So basically we're still writing off the set? I'm glad to see I'm actually with the trend for once.
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    I mean, if you can find a better second type for it, it could do stuff in RayBoar, especially with lasers
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    Glad Charizard is the mascot. That means they probably won't make it bad.

    I wonder if well get 2 Charizard EX (one in the main set, one in the battle deck). I hope they make the regular playable in addition to the megas. I wonder how long before we get the new Mewtwo EX as well.
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    Explain please; I never really paid much attention to this, so most of the "mascots" I can remember ended up being... anything. Some were good, some were awful, and a lot were somewhere in between. Am I just remembering a lot of exceptions?