Wild Blaze [JPN] // Flashfire [ENG]

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  1. Don't forget Aura of the Land Aggron.
  2. Gelato

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    Obviously. It's right up there with Rotom PLS in terms of being broken.
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  3. HighShroomish

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    Well,(in all seriousness) it has a decent amount of potential, you just need to use a lot of energy.
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  4. Gelato

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    Yeah I could see that working with proffesors letter, superior energy retrieval, and Exeggcute, guess it's just another thing to test out :D
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  5. hfechhelm

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    What cards are at able in this set?
  6. Salamencetrainer34

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    Scans are on pokebeach.com.

    Surprise megaphone is surprisingly OP
  7. jeffrey3421

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    Tool Drop, RIP :(
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  8. KPiplup

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    Firstly, @Otaku, discarding all tools is in no way similar to discarding all special energy. You can only attach one energy a turn; you get unlimited tool attachments. I don't necessarily disagree that it's bad for the game, but your example is certainly flawed.

    Secondly, I'm not convinced Pyroar will help against much other than Plasma. Genesect had G-booster, Darkrai has laser (admittedly something like 4-4 would beat it, but not much else IMO) etc.
  9. Otaku

    Otaku Well-Known Member

    They are not identical, but they have similarities. I can see how my wording made it seem like I was indicating that they were equally overpowered, but that wasn't my intent.

    Situations can be similar, and especially illicit similar responses, while being quite different. My hypothetical was vague because (as the parenthetical clause suggests) such an effect could be balanced if properly designed. The same is true of discarding all Pokémon Tools your opponent has in play; both would render the target option most undesirable except in circumstances where they could be capitalized upon immediately the turn played.

    I focused on Special Energy not because of the once-per-turn manual attachment, but because it was an advanced mechanic that has been significant for most of the game's history. At some points there have been ways of attaching multiple Special Energy in a single turn, and while that isn't the case right now... like you said, Special Energy aren't Pokémon Tools; there isn't a one-per-Pokémon-in-play restriction on them. If you looked up Ancient Technical Machine [Rock], you'll find it was also "not the same" as discarding Pokémon Tools; it bounced the highest Stage Evolution of each of your opponent's Pokémon back into his or her hand; as a Technical Machine it had to be attached to a compatible Pokémon, which then needed to use the attack provided by the card.

    When cards are too good at "punishing" an entire game mechanic it is a problem.
  10. MetalArmedAngel

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    Well Pyroar could easily attach fire energy back to back for 4 Prizes...
  11. JR_nathan

    JR_nathan Mr.3 Rings Himself

    People will most likely fear running into it Pyroar more than actually running the card itself (at least after everyone passes it off as an unimportant risk and then, once a month or two goes by, someone will end up topping if not winning a big tournament with it).
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  12. Otaku

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    I never said Plasma autowins against anything. Does Tool Drop with 4 Silver Mirror actually autowin against Plasma decks, even ignoring the hyperbole? I confess to lacking experience with this; considering Plasma decks can run up to four Tool Scrapper and/or run non-Team Plasma attackers, plus it is unlikely that everything the opponent has in play has Silver Mirror attached (and if they do it makes Tool Scrapper even better), I can understand it being a difficult match but...

    ...so what? Even if it is an autowin, why does your preferred deck being able to deal with its alleged autoloss trump overall game health?

    As for Pyroar, we already had decks managing to work in Stage 1 lines for countering things; Pyroar without adequate support shouldn't be that hard to work around. Pyroar doesn't hit very hard and if it isn't being backed by re-usable Energy acceleration, you only get so many "boosts". It has to discard an Energy to do a "competitive" amount of damage. The more you try to cover its weak spots, the more complicated the deck and the more potential vulnerabilities (anything backing it isn't protected). Again, I believe it has potential, but I don't think Quad Pyroar can be a thing unless it is accompanied by "Totally unprepared metagame".
  13. stmlacek1

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    2 words dragle + lazer +treevarant
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  14. StormFront

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    10. Druddigon

    Memories of Terrakion come flooding back here. While it's typing may not be very good, it's more splashable due to it's Revenge attack being DCE compatible.

    9. M Kangaskhan-EX

    Many people have been unfairly dismissive of this card. Yes, it still suffers from the Mega Evolution clause which ends your turn when it's evolved, but it's by far the best Mega Evolution card we've had so far since the regular EX card has a useful opening attack in terms of drawing 3 cards. It's typing means it could be played in a fairy or Hydriegon deck. Plus it's HP can be boosted with Aspertia city. Which means Reuniclus could make a potential comeback.

    8. Lysandre

    A guaranteed Catcher in the form of a supporter. It will most likely be run as a one of in some decks. It can be used as a Trevenant counter, or to pull up that pesky bench sitter. Personally, I'd prefer to play Catcher, and take a risk on the coin flip in most situations.

    7. Surprise Megaphone

    This kills Tool Drop decks in it's tracks, and obsoletes Tool-Scrapper. One function I should point out is that Tool-Scrapper did allow you to discard your own tools, which was useful on rare occasions.

    6. Miltank

    A basic that has the potential to do 80 damage with a single [C] energy if there is a Stage 2 in play. Obviously you're going to want a bench sitter. I'm sure there is a lot of stage 2's this card could be used with, but the one that Springs to mind the most is Greninja. It shouldn't be overlooked that this is a non-ex card, and should have a reasonable chance of winning the prize exchanges with EX's

    5. Flame Torch

    This is going to be a 4 of in any fire deck. Being able to draw 2 cards with just an Item card is too good to pass up. You do have to discard a fire energy, but it's a minor drawback at worst, and could be regarded as part of a wider strategy. There is no doubt fire decks are becoming a force again

    4. Pyroar

    This is the card many of us have been crying out for a long time, and understandably has been the most talked about card. Essentially, it's immune to all damage from Basic Pokemon. It's definitely one of those cards that could cause an autoloss, but I suspect most people will have some form of counter measure against it. For example attacks that ignore effects on the defending Pokémon, Gardodor, HTL, or attacking with a Stage 2.

    3. Charizard-EX - flare up

    I had difficulty between deciding between this and Pyroar, but I choose this because it's opening attack can be combined with Fliptini's ability to make it more reliable. The Mega-Evolutionary cards are not worth spending time on. One aspect that shouldn't be overlooked is that you'll want to go second if you're playing this card, and with the coin flip rules you can reliably do this. Being able to consistently hit for 120 on the second turn shouldn't be overlooked.

    2. Pokemon Fan Club

    I guess you could call this a watered down version of Pokemon collector, but it is nice we're getting Supporters that are more search and effect based for a change. I rated this card highly due to it being a utility card in most decks.

    1. Blacksmith

    As I hinted earlier this goes well Flame Torch, Ultra Ball and attacks that discard fire energy. This makes fire decks far more of a threat than they were in the past. Now that they no longer have to rely on Emboar. With draw card like Bicycle, Roller Skates, and Flame Torch. You can now be less reliant on draw support. This card single handedly turns fire deck into legitimate threats.
  15. blargh257

    blargh257 Is now Dedede.

    Rayquaza EX and Black Kyurem EX are both weak to this. You can one shot both with a DCE.
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  16. baby_mario

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    Well, whenever they reprint an old effect with a new name, they get a ton of people whining because they can't use their old cards and accusing Pokemon of a 'money grab' (as happened with Catcher/Gust of Wind). I don't agree with that either, but it's a thing.


    Surprise Megaphone just seems so . . . unnecessary to me. Tool Scrapper does a perfectly good job.
  17. niccoide199cp

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    Words can't describe how excited I am with this new set. There's no particular reason actually, but still.. Bad deck ideas are driving me crazy! Anybody seen Caterpie and Metapod abilities? Miltank/Butterfree, hitting T1 (you obviously choose to go 2nd) for 80+20 with muscle band, and then you add Virbank, Lasers, and that's it. Only 1 colorless required.
    And what about Golem with Protect cube? Golem/Milotic ftw.
    I see some tricks with Furret first attack as well.
    And Prank scope makes me wonder about a mill deck...
    Ok, I'll stop it here
  18. MetalArmedAngel

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    Does Caterpie/Metapod's ability go around Evosoda?
  19. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    You can't use Evosoda on a Pokemon you played that turn, so the issue doesn't arise. Caterpie's Ability doesn't modify the Item.

    That's my interpretation anyway.
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  20. Gelato

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    Crobat/Dragelge/Toxicroak EX. Lets make it happen.