Wild Blaze [JPN] // Flashfire [ENG]

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    I can post a few more pics if you want
  2. TheMantyke

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    The secret rares do not have english text across the card. It actually makes it a tad easy to confuse an SR copy from a normal copy with the Charizards. It's very pronounced in Mega Kangaskhan, however.

    Went to an XY prerelease today and had a lot of fun! Didn't pull an EX in my first 6 packs, so I had to run a traditional prerelease style deck. Seedot, Stunky, Furfrou, and Litleo (70 HP, 3 for 60) are some of the coolest cards to have on hand even if you don't have the rest of the evo line. Seedot for search, Stunky for draw, and Furfrou and Litleo to attack. Recommend using those cards if you end up going to a prerelease in the future and find yourself without a coolio ex.

    As for what I did pull, I ended up winning a door prize of 2 packs bringing my total up to 10. Out of them, I did pull one EX (Kangaskhan EX FA), 4 Blacksmith, a Pokemon Center lady, a flame torch, 2 Ultra Ball (bringing my total owned up to 9), a Protect Cube, a Tool-Drop Incinerating Megaphone, and some spiffy Holos / Rares like Milotic, Lopunny, Florges, Meowstic, Helioptile, and Goodra. Pretty satisfied with my pulls and the experience in general!
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    Went to a prerelease today and pulled M Charizard X-EX, FA Charizard-EX, 2 M Kangaskhan-EX(1 Secret Rare), and we also got a bunch of other great cards like Pyroar, Shiftry, and at least 1 of every Trainer. So awesome day, and I recommend attending one. On a side note my decks weren't amazing but I went 2-1 in the first tournament and 3-0 with an atrocious deck during the side event while my fiancee went 3-0 in the main tournament with her tank, FA Charizard-EX(Lol).
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    Congrats on the pulls! Can I have a picture pf the kangaskhan fa please? Very interested
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    [spoiler][​IMG] [/spoiler]
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    What do you guys think about the new Charizards? I think they are bad but I wonder what other competitive players think.
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    Stoke Charizard has potential... If Yveltal EX falls off a cliff somewhere.

    Combustion Blast Charizard is actually not bad given all the support it has. It will probably be competitive.
  8. CyrusTyler

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    Charizard-EX FFR 11 (Stoke/Fire Blast) is an alright deck decision with a Fliptini tech (reprinted in LTR). Maybe it would be good with Emboar? But if that was the case, what's the point of running Fliptini except as the early Stoke help? And to get energy in the discard, you'd have to be using Fiery Torch... There seems to be a whole lot of thinking to be done about the direction of the deck with this card. In all seriousness, I wouldn't put it above the middle-bottom of Tier 2.

    Charizard-EX FFR 12 (Wing Attack/Combustion Blast) is nothing I'm too excited about, it just reminds me of Black Kyurem-EX BCR. If you can survive at least one turn to Mega-Evolve, I guess it would be worth using Combustion Blast. But that's a whole turn wasted on Mega Evolving, and with the speed of today's meta decks, maybe not the best of ideas. Maybe with Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym it would be worth running so you can get OHKOs on 180 HP Pokemon, even though you would miss the attack next turn. This, of course, relying on the fact that this is your only Charizard-EX and the only one which is powered up. If both are untrue, a Float Stone (if he survives one turn) is enough to put another Combustion Blast out on the field.

    Whew, those thoughts are quite scattered.
  9. thflame

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    I don't think either Mega will see play unless the meta shifts drastically or we get some Mega support. The Y mega is reasonable with Protect Cube, but the mega rule kills it. Playing a M Charizard X deck just sounds like suicide with or without the mega rule. Unless you could guarantee OHKOs on EXes, you would likely deck yourself out.

    Stoke Charizard is really only useful if attempting to run a M Charizard X deck. (Stoke can get any basic energy) Otherwise, Blacksmith is more reliable and almost just as good. Also, Successfully "Stoke-ing" into a Yveltal EX sounds painful.

    The Combustion Blast Charizard can hit 170 with a muscle band, which OHKOs most popular EXes (Yveltal, Keldeo, Virizion, Genesect, Deoxys, Thundurus). Keldeo EX with a Float Stone lets you hit every turn. Laser Bank can get 180, as you said. Just band + Laser also hits 180.

    I don't know if a Charizard deck will be Tier 1, but it will be competitive, if not just to troll VirGen. It has too much support to not be competitive at some level.
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    I don't think it can fit into a deck though... What kind of deck does it go into? It has no place in Rayboar. Quad would be bad... I dunno.
  11. thflame

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    It would need to be its own deck. I have posted a potential deck list in the Competitive forum.
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    What do you guys think of Shiftry? in most aspects its basically a better empoleon, unfortunately the attack is a bit worse but its still solid.
  13. Gelato

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    Uh the attack is actually better it's just more expensive. And I think it will probably be playable some way or another.
  14. ThePirateKingAtomsk

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    It's better as an engine and second attacker I think.

    in what....hell if I know.
  15. rustythewonderdog

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    i would like shiftry a lot more if there wasn't such a big fire-type push right now. if shiftry can withstand all the heat from his fire weakness, i think he could do some damage similar to the empoleon run around cities. we'll just have to see what fire decks come out of this release.
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    Don't forget to factor in the difficulty of getting three Energy on it to attack; Empoleon works so well because its one (W) to attack, which means if it survives it can abuse Max Potion (not sure if that matters as much now) and when it doesn't survive, you just have to Rare Candy a Piplup into an Empoleon and attach an Energy to replace it.
  17. rustythewonderdog

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    i agree...i just don't think shiftry will survive the one hit at the moment to even try a max potion (not that discarding three energy helps either)...the more i think about him, the more i like empoleon better
  18. Salamencetrainer34

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    Shiftry really costs 2 energy attachments (1 grass, 1 DCE)
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  19. desufnoc

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    One energy. A dce and energy switch. Jkjk
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    Talking of under rated cards. One card I think many are overlooking is Toxicroak EX.