Wild Blaze [JPN] // Flashfire [ENG]

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    I went to a prerelease last week and didn't get an ex to do the ol' 39 energy 1 EX trick with. These were some big players that were in my deck and others:

    Seedot-Common: Can use Call For Family for one Colorless energy. Really helpful for getting set up. It can also evolve into nuzleaf if you pull if which can razor leaf for 20 off of that same colorless.
    Stunky-Common: Collect to draw one card. Hey, it's draw. Who doesn't love draw?
    Litleo-Common: The 70 HP Litleo can do 60 damage for RRC. That is probably the best attack on any basic common in this set.
    Miltank-Uncommon: Miltank has a near identical attack, but is harder to pull and gets the benefit of a CCC attack cost.
    Furfrou-Uncommon: 90 HP tank. Tight jaw is really good and a Sharp Fang for 50 is very poweful in this format.
    Qwilfish-Rare: You're much less likely to pull this considering it's a rare, but it has an awesome ability, good HP, and a splashable attack that does 20 and poison for two colorless.
    Druddigon-Holo Rare: You're even more unlikely to pull this, but this is a bulky basic with a great first attack and a monstrous second attack if you get it set up.
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    I love that the Snorlax can own somewhere (trying to figure out if there are any tricks worth trying in Standard). I also thought I'd chime in on something: EX + 39 Energy. Most people know that is a bit simplified; it is any durable (or rather "takes four Prizes before being KOed") Basic Pokémon, and in reality you can afford up to six non-Energy cards (unless Energy removal or hand/draw disruption is an issue). Normally, there is a Pokémon-EX you just shouldn't bother with... but this time I think they all check out.
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    Walmart is selling Flashfire, in Pasco County, Florida atleast, if you can't make it to a prerelease and want some of the awesome new cards. That being said get to a prerelease! They are worked on really hard for all of us to have a great time, so remember to thank the TO and any additional staff this weekend!
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    Target in Yorktown, NY is selling it too. Ahead of schedule! Lol
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    Luvdisc, Amoonguss, Prank scope, Victini, Toxicroak, Virbank, Laser seems really fun and trolly.
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    Hello, sorry for this question, but I would like to ask you if I am right that N will be probably rotated for new season? Thank you for your answer!
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    Almost certainly it will not be rotated, as it's Black and White Promo #100.
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