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  1. ndrewzorz

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    You know how every year, P!P releases a few decks that won/were runner up in worlds that year? Well, with the early rotation, the decks used at worlds will be completely usable for the next format. So do you think P!P will still make the decks this year?
  2. baby_mario

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    I don't see why not.

    The cards in the WC decks have different backs and are not legal for tournament play.
  3. pablomeza

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    Yes they will.
  4. they did it before when they did no rotation and the backing is different so you cant use them anyway.
    On a side not im looking for the promo decks from 2006 and 2008, contact me if you are willing to part with any of them.
  5. ndrewzorz

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    I didn't know they had them when there was no rotation. It wasn't that you could use the cards, it was that you could use the list as a skeleton-heck, a whole deck list-for a deck that you could use in the same rotation. You'd only need to change a few cards as some new sets came out and you automatically have a top contending deck without doing anything.
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    You mean like Luxchomp last year, that only changed... threeish cards? Yeah, they're not afraid of doing it again.