Worlds 6P Grouse Grind Hike

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    Sounding like Thursday afternoon then? And thank you Parenting101 , I only need one scrapper. It will be awesome to meet folks; sounds like I should bring my grinder deck with me too?
  2. Parenting101

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    Sounds great everyone. We are just heading to our local league for a practice "best of 3" tournament, in preparation for the LCQ. When we are back, I will look into transportation from the Convention Centre and any safety concerns.

    Crawdaunt, I'm sure we can find time on Thursday for some LCQ testing as well. :)
  3. Adam

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  4. FlareStarfire

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    When is the practice tournament? Did you mean Thursday or right now? I don't make Vancouver until 6 pm today.
  5. Parenting101

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    Sorry FlareStarfire, I should have said that the practice tournament started this morning. I decided to try a ThundurusEX/LugiaEX/Snorlax deck hoping to do well, but didn't succeed. :(

    Adam, I'm ok with that tentative time. That's cool that they run a shuttle directly from Canada Place. Things we don't even know about our own city! Lol!
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  6. Crawdaunt

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    Starmetroid, would you be down? Also, I think 1:30 would work just fine if there's a free shuttle.
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  7. FlareStarfire

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    Both my friend and I are currently planning to meet up at Canada Place by 1:30 to go hiking with you all. Let me know if the meet up time or place changes!
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  8. TTSky

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    I was at Grouse today, and it says there are Pikachu that live on there!

    Also, if you miss the last shuttle back it's $2.75 to get back to Canada Place from there by bus and water-bus.
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  9. Parenting101

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    Ok, I talked to someone at Grouse Mountain today to clear up some questions I had.

    Although she couldn't actually state who is able to or unable to do the hike for liability reasons, Greenpariah is correct in the fact that participants need to be ready for this hike. The elevation can affect participants' breathing, especially asthmatic participants.

    It is a lot of continuous steep steps, putting a lot of stress on knees, ankles, and butts. If you have bad knees or haven't been doing a lot of walking up steps, you may want to opt out. It is also hard on the heart and lungs because it is a cardiovascular workout. There have been a few heart attacks causing death on this trail over the years. Don't want to scare anybody, but you need to know.

    It is a workout no matter how slow you go. You will need at least 1L of water (not too much though, because you have to carry it and there are no toilets on the way up) as well as snacks (especially if you're Diabetic).

    At the top, there are refreshments/food available (even BEER, don't forget that the legal drinking age in British Columbia is 19!). You used to be able to hike back down the mountain, but they have eliminated that due to being too dangerous (too busy). The Skyride costs $10 total to ride back down the mountain. The cost for anyone wanting to come to the mountain and take the Skyride up and down the mountain instead of hiking is $39.95 plus taxes.

    Apparently the shuttle buses are quite large, so we don't have to worry about line ups on either side. If we all get on the 1:30 shuttle, we should be at the mountain by 2:00, then I would say a maximum 2 hour hike up the mountain, putting us at roughly 4:00 which gives us plenty of time to make it back down in time for the last shuttle bus back to the Convention Centre.

    Adam is coming out to our fitness studio tonight for a workout, so I will talk with him then and finalize everything for tomorrow.

    Looking forward to meeting all of you. :)

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  10. FlareStarfire

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    Yikes, 10 dollars to get back down unavoidable? Glad you said something about that now. >< Does that have to be paid in cash?
  11. Parenting101

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    Sorry about that FlareStarfire, I meant to edit my post earlier about taking the Gondola down once I confirmed the price, but I forgot. It used to be only $5 and optional. Then it doubled and was mandatory. I'm assuming it became mandatory once they figured out how much money they could make off of it. :(

    It can be paid with cash, credit card or debit card.

    I should have also mentioned that proper attire should be worn as well. It is between 25 and 30 degrees on the mountain. Good outdoor shoes are needed, although some crazies have done it in Flip Flops!
  12. FlareStarfire

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    I'll have my gym clothes on. All blue. I'm wondering how I'm going to feel in the morning though; I did a 1.5 hour workout today to prepare for the event but then ended up taking an unplanned 7 mile hike across Crescent Beach over rough terrain. Grouse's 2 miles seems small by comparison!
  13. Parenting101

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    FlareStarfire, that's awesome that you went down to Crescent Beach. Did you climb up or down the "Thousand Steps" stairway from Crescent Beach to the roadway?

    Adam and I just finished an hour TRX class in preparation as well. :)

    Looks like we are all going to meet at the shuttle bus between 1:00 and 1:30 and head up to the mountain on the 1:30 shuttle bus. Crawdaunt, Starmetroid are you guys coming?

    Really looking forward to the hike. See you guys soon.
  14. FlareStarfire

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    i'm not sure. We went down a gorgeous wooden bridge / path through the heart of the forest. What a serene setting! We were going to use the raft we brought to drift around the point and over to the beach, but found out my friend had his wallet fall out of his pocket on the bus. So, we ended up hiking along the railroad tracks all the way past "The White Rock" to dinner at a place called Moby Dicks which was tremoundously tasty.

    So I suppose I feel like I did 1000 stairs today, and I really hope it won't impact my performance tomorrow too harshly. Granted, I'm acclimated to 3000ft at my residence so really this should not be anything difficult but I would've liked the energy reserve all the same. I did gym training at 5400 feet for a while in Nevada, so that's why I wanted to try this hike out.
  15. Parenting101

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    That wooden path sounds about right. They call it "1001 steps" for some reason. It actually has just over 300 steps but is a nice scenic route through the forest, like you said. Moby Dicks is a great restaurant, there are lots of good eateries in White Rock.

    As for your training, it sounds like you will be carrying Adam and I up the Grouse Grind when we fall behind. :D

    See you soon.
  16. Crawdaunt

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    Starmetroid and I should be going. The only thing that might hold us back is the hotel check-in time. Where is the shuttle bus meet-up point exactly?
  17. Parenting101

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    I'm happy to hear that you guys are coming. The exact location of the shuttle bus pick up is a question I forgot to ask. I will phone again this morning.

    Now I am racing into work to help them out for a short time on my day off, then racing out to see all of you guys! :)
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    Parenting101 If you're coming from Surrey we might even end up on the same bus! I'll be taking the 351 bus to the Canada line starting at 11:30. Hopefully the shuttle will be easy to find.
  19. Adam

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    Sounds good Adam. FlareStarfire, we are going to be taking the Skytrain to the Convention Centre. Should be getting there shortly after 12:00.[DOUBLEPOST=1376030074][/DOUBLEPOST]Thanks Adam, FlareStarfire, Crawdaunt, and Starmetroid for coming out to the Grouse Grind with me and my son. Even though we literally work our butts off, it was a great experience! We even managed to get in a bit of play testing at the top of the mountain! :)

    See you all at the "hopefully" less sweaty Pokemon Grind tomorrow.
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