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  1. koji

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    whats the players meeting? i saw it on the pokemon website.
  2. blargh257

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    You sit down in alphabetical order after the opening ceremony and hand your lists in while listening to the head judge talk about rules.
    For the LCQ it is the same thing, except it's on Friday, so the ceremony hasn't taken place yet.
  3. Ziggmiceter

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    Have you ever been to a States or larger event? They should have Players Meetings at all of those. But what Blargh said.
  4. KPiplup

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    Only events I've ever had a Players Meeting where we sat according to rosters was Nats/Worlds. Anything at States/Reg wasn't formally a "Players Meeting".
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  5. Ziggmiceter

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    Really? We had Players Meetings at California States and NorCal regs.
  6. cabd

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    Yep. It's pretty darn common in anything bigger than cities here in cali.
  7. KPiplup

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    We have informal "yeah don't screw up RR/here's Top Cut #'s" but that's just pre-R1.
  8. Kirbyswag

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    Is anyone else staying at the coast coal harbor hotel?
  9. Luichi

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    Just dropped $1899 on flights.. And another $600ish for a weeks worth of accommodation at a hostel. Can't afford a hotel lol
  10. lucarioAdventure1

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    Where the heck do you live? I've seen hostels online that were £100 (around $120 or so) for 5 nights...
  11. Luichi

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    Flying from New Zealand. Ended up booking a private double room at the international hostel. The ones that I saw that were $40> per person per night looked pretty run down. And the reviews said there were heaps of homeless and prostitutes outside. So I thought it was safer to pick somewhere closer to the venue for a higher price.