Worst Pulls in the History of the World!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Salamancer, May 11, 2012.

  1. Salamancer

    Salamancer Dragon Master

    I got a dark explorers booster box... Got gardivoir shiny kept going kept going. Third to last pack, entei, that stinks. At least ill have two other exs, swanna, bisharp. COME ON$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care


    That's so bad I'm not even going to make a joke about it.
  3. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    Gardevoir is better than Archeops, Entei is better than Kyogre. Could be worse. But yeah that sucks man....
  4. 1 EX in a box? Wow, that does quite suck.
  5. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    So, Rissa and I boht bought one box.

    She has the best worst luck ever.

    Her box had TWO FULLART KYOGRES, 1 non-FA KYOGERS, and 1 Groudon. She got an extra FA, but totally not worth it.

    Meanwhile, my box had FA tornadus, stadard tornadus, and darkrai.

    I win.
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  6. Innocent_Shine

    Innocent_Shine still aka Lynx

    I'm confirming the statistical impossibility Kyogre (because Cabd is a complete jerk and I told him not to post this before I did). I bought the box figuring between two of us I could get at least one Raikou EX, I'm super excited for it. But instead pulled a Groudon EX, kinda disappoint, but Cabd wants it. Pulled FA Kyogre EX, super disappoint, but there's still one more EX. Pulled another FA Kyogre, not sure if crying or just really confused. Cabd said since it must be a mistake, there might be another EX in there. I have no hope, but then I pull a Kyogre EX and pretty much threw it across the room and flailed. So I bought a box and even though I got an extra FA, still ended up losing money overall.

    Moral of the story is that Cabd steals all the luck and the posting dibs.
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  7. coolestman22

    coolestman22 Now Has Techron

    I remember getting Next Destinies, and I got FA Reshiram, Zekrom, and Regigigas. At the time I already had a Mewtwo, so not too disappointed about that, although could have used another.

    What pissed me off is that I pre-ordered the box, thinking Ultra Ball, Random Reciever, and Rare Candy were in the set. (I don't get boxes of every set) They weren't.
  8. atomix

    atomix Member

    I remember getting my next destinites box and for the first time having awesome luck, pulled a FA Mewtwo, FA Reshiram, Shaymin and shiny hydreigon.
  9. baby_mario

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    What's his is yours.
  10. Monferno

    Monferno Rule #1: is that you gotta have fun

    I bought nine packs and got literally one holo (Haxorus.)
    Glad I didn't buy a box after my NXD box sucked so bad (two Kyurem and Shaymin blaaaaaaah)
    Sorry Nathan!! Rant about it at the league, know that feel bro
  11. Gelatin

    Gelatin So soft and jiggly.

    One of the NXD boxes given as a prize at my States tournament had zero, count it, ZERO, EX cards. Not even a Shiny Variant secret rare. At least the poor guy didn't pay for it.
  12. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    Was the box sealed when he got it?

    If it was, it's probably just a freaky print run thing.

    If not, I suspect people have been scaling packs.
  13. Gelatin

    Gelatin So soft and jiggly.

    It was a sealed box. It's made me extra paranoid about buying booster boxes (especially with things like Kyogre and Entei in DEX).
  14. acktacky

    acktacky That Girl

    It's the mindset like that that makes me wonder why they even bother having such low pull rates. I bought two NDE boxes because I was happy with the one NVI box I got... After opening my two NDE boxes, I decided to get only one DEX box, and I don't even think I'll get a box of the new set.
  15. Gelatin

    Gelatin So soft and jiggly.

    See, the next set should have quite a few not EX cards that would be worth a look (the new Hydreigon, Garchomp, Altaria, Rayquaza, Bouffalant, Sigilyph, etc) so I don't think you'll be worrying about wasting money only to get crap EX cards.