WTB Old Ultra Rares! Lv.x, EX, etc… Cash!!!

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  1. I'm located in the U.S. and will only be paying in cash at the moment. I have a limited budget, but we can work something out. Prices can be negotiated.

    Only looking for mint to near mint cards. I will ask for pictures. Please let me know what you have in each category. Of course, if the cards more valuable I will pay more.

    Most Victory Medal/Cup/ Trophy cards (English and Japanese) $6 ea.
    Most Pre Diamond and Pearl EX $4 ea.
    (Let me know what you have. This is a bulk price, I will pay more for those on this list, as well as more sought after cards.)
    Only looking for mint to near mint cards. I will ask for pictures.
    Kyogre ex 01 holo version
    Moltres ex 31
    Articuno ex 32
    Zapdos ex 33
    Kyogre ex 37
    Groudon ex 38
    Tyranitar ex pop holo
    Tyranitar ex pop non holo
    Armaldo ex pop holo

    Mewtwo ex
    Scyther ex

    Raichu ex 2x
    Wailord ex

    Team Magma vs. Team Aqua:
    Blaziken ex
    Cradily ex
    Sceptile ex

    Hidden Legends:
    Groudon ex
    Metagross ex

    FireRed LeafGreen:
    All exs. Any amount.

    Team Rocket Returns:
    Rocket's Entei ex
    Rocket's Hitmonchan ex
    Rocket's Mewtwo ex
    Rocket's Moltres ex
    Rocket's Scyther ex
    Rocket's Sneasal ex
    Rocket's Snorlax ex
    Rocket's Suicune ex
    Rocket's Zapdos ex

    All 3 Deoxys ex
    Manectric ex
    Rayquaza ex

    Emerald: (Lower Priority)

    Unseen forces:(Lower Priority)

    Delta species:

    Legend Maker:(Lower Priority)

    Holton Phantoms:

    Crystal Guardians:
    Aggron ex
    Delcatty ex
    Jirachi ex
    Kyogre ex
    Shiftry ex

    Dragon Frontiers:
    Dragonite ex
    Flygon ex
    Gardevoir ex
    Kingdra ex
    Latias ex
    Latios ex

    Power Keepers:

    Darkrai Lv.x
    Dialga Lv.x
    Palkia Lv.x
    Mewtwo Lv.x
    Shaymin Lv.x
    Charizard G Lv.x
    Rayquaza C Lv.x

    Diamond and Pearl:
    Empoleon Lv.X (Green Pokebody not Pokepower)
    Torterra Lv.x

    Mysterious Treasures:
    Time-Space Distortion

    Great Encounters:
    Dialga Lv.x

    Majestic Dawn:
    Glaceon Lv.x
    Porygon-Z Lv.x

    Heatran Lv.x
    Raichu Lv.x
    Regigigas Lv.x

    Dialga G Lv.X (With miscolored Weakness and Resistance)
    Drapion Lv.x
    Giritina Lv.x
    Shaymin 127 Lv.x

    Rising Rivals:
    Flygon Lv.x
    Hippodown Lv.x
    Luxray GL Lv.X (the copyright date is both 2008 and 2009, with the eight and nine overlapping.)
    Snorlax Lv.x

    Supreme Victors:
    Charizard Lv.x
    Garchomp Lv.x
    Rayquazza Lv.x
    Staraptor Lv.x

    Arceus 94 Lv.x
    Arceus 96 Lv.x
    Salamence Lv.x
    Tangrowth Lv.x

    If you have things that aren't on this list that I may be interested in please let me know.
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  2. Professor_N

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    Are you interested in Primes at all? They aren't the oldest cards, but still pretty cool looking. I have a Houndoom Prime from Undaunted if you are interested.
  3. Nope, mostly just the stuff listed above. Sorry.
  4. Bump! Money to be made here!
  5. Prices I'm willing to pay raised! Come check it out!
  6. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See

    armaldo ex
    kyorge ex
    groudon ex
    starapter fb lvx
  7. Alright! Could I see pictures of all of the cards because they are for collection purposes? Thanks.
  8. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See

  9. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See

    Could I get a little for shipping?
  10. I could add in another dollar. That'll cover 2 stamps. So $12? Pm me!
  11. Bump! Just had my birthday so lots of money to be had! :D Lots of cards on this list, and updating with more. Please sell to me!
  12. Another Bump! Looking to buy!
  13. ddbargardi

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    Hey I got these:

    1x 3rd Place Victory Cup (Spring 2013)
    2x 3rd Place Scyther
    2x 4th Place Delibird
    1x 3rd Place Delibird
    2x 2nd Place Delibird
    1x 1st Place Delibird

    LMK what you're interested in and prices!
  14. 1x 3rd Place Delibird
    1x 2nd Place Delibird
    1x 1st Place Delibird

    $20 Total. Can I see pictures? Let me know!
  15. ddbargardi

    ddbargardi Active Member

    You think you could go $25? I will ship with tracking. I will pm pictures.
  16. Frankly the backs don't look that good. It looks like a lot of white. Maybe you could take close ups of individual cards?
  17. ddbargardi

    ddbargardi Active Member

    I will say there are not in the greatest condition. I will send pictures.
  18. ddbargardi

    ddbargardi Active Member

    Sorry it took so long. I finally sent the pictures.
  19. I was trying to get them in mint, and that's a little too much edge wear. Thanks for your time though. I appreciate it.