WuBMaYNE's Report Battle Roads Bedford, TX 6/16/13

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    So I feel compelled to write a report because I'm just getting back into the game and this is the last BR of the season. I like to be an active communicator for the game, you know, to try and get rid of the awkwardness that naturally comes along with being a Pokemon player. I know a lot of players personally that come on SixPrizes but only to look, never to talk. So I'm taking a step forward in my involvement of SixPrizes to try and become a valued member, rather than just a passerby looking for a good deck, lol.

    First off, no I didn't win. Although I feel like I was the best player in the building with the best deck, and trust me this is one of the first times I've felt this confident since I've came back to Pokemon TCG.

    I decided to run Darkrai, because honestly I've invested so much time, money, and practice, it's the only thing I know.

    The list.

    Pokemon - 10
    Darkrai EX x 4
    Sableye x 3
    Absol x 2
    Keldeo EX x 1

    Supporters - 12
    Juniper x 4
    N x 4
    Bianca x 3
    Colress x 1

    Trainers - 26
    Catcher x 4
    Dark Patch x 4
    Ultra Ball x 4
    Laser x 4
    Enhanced Hammer x 3
    Virbank x 2
    Eviolite x 2
    Random Receiver x 1
    Max Potion x 1
    Computer Search x 1

    Energy - 12
    Dark Energy x 12

    So here's how it went down.

    Round 1 VS. ?? Darkrai/Sableye/Ninetales
    So he wins the flip, and I mulligan 3 times. My opening hand is Absol, Eviolite, Laser, Laser, Catcher, Bianca. He starts, puts a Sableye active and a Vulpix bench, puts Virbank in play, and plays a Laser and proceeds to junk hunt it back. I draw, Dark Energy.....my only thought here is I have to burn my hand to use my Bianca otherwise I'm getting T2 donked basically. I play Laser, Catcher, Laser, Eviolite, and attach my energy. So I Bianca for a full hand and it goes something like, Energy, Energy, Enhanced, Laser, Patch, Patch. Pass....next turn, evolve to Ninetales, attack, T2 donk. Awesome.


    Round 2 VS. ?? TDK
    This match went down to the wire, we both had 1 prize left, and it went 30 minutes. It was so much I can't really remember everything that happened other than the end. I had an active Darkrai and a benched Sableye, he had 2 Deoxys and a Keldeo left in play. I kept putting damage on them but we were both down to no cards in our hand and we were just drawing our own fate. He had a Float on the Keldeo and a Float on one of the Deoxys, so he was able to stall for quite awhile. He kept managing to put a Prism and Blend on Keldeo EX, every turn. So I finally got 90 damage on all 3 of his Pokemon. It's his turn, he draws a Juniper, I noticed he had played all of his Catchers so I was thinking I was in the clear. He attacks Darkrai for 110 with Keldeo and I was relieved. Come to realize he had like 3 or 4 cards left, 1 was Dowsing Machine. He could have Dowsing, Catcher, Sableye, KO, man I got lucky!


    Round 3 VS Aaron G.(I think) Mewtwo/Eelektrik
    No lie I was scared. I play Aaron at league sometimes and he's always whooped up on me with this deck. He started off strong going first opening with a Mewtwo, bench Tynamo, DCE for 40 to my lone Sableye. I had an Enhanced ready my turn and started Catchering, Lasering, Junk Hunting and all that good stuff. He basically went Supporter dead after his lone Juniper start and by the time I had my fully powered Darkrai he had nothing to respond with. I picked off Zeckrom, Mewtwo, and was working on another Mewtwo when he decided to scoop. I was really pleased with the pacing of my deck this game.


    Round 4 VS ?? Darkrai Mirror
    I was disappointed in a mirror match honestly, especially since this was the game that would probably make us or break us. I get off to a horrendous start, mulligan and losing the coin flip. He gets everything in play he needs, including Sableye, Darkrai, and Keldeo first turn. He also Virbanks, Lasers my active Sableye. I had a benched Darkrai already so I play my first Ultra Ball and......Keldeo is prized. This to me was the end of everything, I couldn't have been more upset at this point. He already Junk Hunted to get a Laser back, there was no way I was getting out of this. Not to mention I COULDN'T WAKE UP! So yea, I lost to lasers, lasers, and more lasers.


    Round 5 VS ?? Thundurus EX/Articuno EX/Garbodor
    I definitely didn't know what to think going in to this match-up, never seen it before. But once again I lost the coin flip, oh and by the way I went second every game today. Anyways, he opens with Articuno, double Colress Machine and that's about it I think. I have Sableye and Enhanced ready to go. I start hammering away and Junk Hunting all the while building up a benched Darkrai. By the time I have Darkrai ready to go I hold steady with Sableye until basically he has nothing left to power up his Articuno's. He got a Thundurus out but I use Laser and Enhanced on it and was able to finish it off with a Darkrai in a few turns. After that he scooped.


    So overall I was happy about how the day finished out but I was definitely disappointed with not placing. But this is my first season back, and this is only my second BR ever. I've only been playing for about 3 months now, the last time I was in the game was 2006! So I feel like I'm making quick progress and I'm ready to get serious with my play. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the report, I know it's always interesting at least for me to read match-ups, list, etc... And maybe if you want I can keep you guys updated on other tourneys I play. If you're in the DFW area come meet me, we play at Lone Star Comics in Plano every Tuesday at 4:30! Name's Chris.
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