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  1. PaidPyro

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    Hey, KPiplup, look what came in.

    I guess we need to see this league through. Ever since HearthStone came out, I just can't get excited about Pokemon cards. I really think our player base is more geared toward HearthStone.

    PaidPyro, you dolt, why didn't you tell me about these!


    Dude, there are a ton of booster packs we can give away to help promote attendance!


    Yeah, they were lying here under the flyer. You must really be blind as a bat or just not interested in Pokemon. I'm telling you Pokemon is totally awesome. Selling cyber credits to HearthStone will never last. Pokemon TCG is here to stay!

    Ok, Ok. I'll make you a bet.


    Let's open up the league and let our faithful decide which direction our store goes. I'm still of the opinion if you play HearthStone, Pokemon is child's play. So let's see it in action. Let's bring in ohhhhh the 10 best Pokemon players around and ohhhhh let's say 3 HearthStone players, to a pokemon duel. Which ever group is left standing, will decide the direction of our store.

    Ok fine, sounds like a deal. I know our Pokemon group will decimate those HearthStone players! Easy!

    Easy, huh! Fine then just to even the odds a bit, lets do this. We will have Pokemon league play. During each round, all the players will decide who is the worst player is, by majority vote. That player is then excused from play. The remaining players will each be given a Pokemon booster pack as a reward for their outstanding play. However prior to the start of each round the HearthStone players will have a chance to remove 1 Pokemon player from play.

    Hmm.... Considering my players will out number your players 3:1, I'll allow this minor concession. Deal!

    Here's the roster. What do you think!

    Nice. These are ALL top notch players. This will be epic! We'll start things off and then watch from the back, so not to bias the field.

    Sounds great. Let's get started. [DOUBLEPOST=1387399907][/DOUBLEPOST]Mechanics:

    1. This is a fairly open setup, which means that you know exactly what roles and how many of them exist in advance; Every player is vanilla! 10 town and 3 scum.

    2. There are 60 Booster Packs. However, you don't know what's in each booster pack.

    3. At the end of day phase you MUST chose an unclaimed pack, by it's corresponding number.

    Example: I choose pack number 5.

    4. Pack Selection is first come first serve and will last only 24 hours. Watch out for ninja's they are everywhere!

    5. If you will be V/LA for pack selection you may PM your pack selection. However you must select 5 unclaimed packs (ranked 1-5). If one of those pack is still unclaimed after the 24 hours twilight period, you will receive the highest remaining pack in your rank order. If all of your pre-selected packs are chosen, one will be given to you by random.org.

    6. If you fail to chose a pack in the given 24 hours period random.org will select one for you.

    7. Not all packs have positive effects :eek:.[DOUBLEPOST=1387400551][/DOUBLEPOST]Rule Set (shamelessly stolen from cabd and modified):

    1. KP and I don’t tolerate ad hom wars, even moreso given the ages of some players. If your posting is merely insulting a player without providing game content, you can expect a strike from me. Three strikes, you’re out. I’m fairly lenient about this, but posting “**** you” over and over again is simply not acceptable. Severe issues will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

    2. If KP or I say it violates these rules, it does. You can take it up with us post game if you wish.

    3. Play towards your win condition. Gambits are fine, claiming scum on your own is fine, direct game throwing will not be looked upon favorably.

    4. Once a lynch is reached, you may continue discussion until we post the lynch. No votes or unvotes will count after a lynch has been achieved. Once the lynch is posted pack claiming will begin. NO GAME DISCUSSION WILL BE TOLERATED. Once all packs are claimed Night will start and the thread will be locked.

    5. A lynch is achieved as a majority of players voting for somebody. Half is not a majority. "No lynch" is an acceptable vote condition but must be specifically stated as such. If a majority is not reached by the deadline, it will be a no lynch.

    6. Do not quote or pretend to quote any information you get from any mod via PM. This includes posting your role card verbatim. Paraphrasing is fine, as are role claims naturally.

    7. Do not talk about this game anywhere else, or with anyone else. Exceptions are made for dead threads, and mod-created conversations.

    8. THIS GAME REQUIRES ACTIVITY! You must post once every 48 hours and be available to participate during the day, twilight, and night. Failure to do so will earn you a prod. Respond to your prod within 24 hours, or face replacement. Failure to post during a full game day (without VLA status) will be a force replacement. Three prods is also a force replacement. I'm assuming you are reading this and accept this requirement. So when you sign up in the mafia queue, please /in to play and say you've read rule #8.

    9. If you have family that plays mafia with you, great. However, if there’s any overlap in computer usage, please PM your mod before the game starts so that we don’t have any accusations of cheating.

    10. Do not discuss other ongoing games of mafia in this thread. This includes games on sites other than sixprizes. This also includes using [redacted] as that loophole does not fly here.

    11. Day phases will be 5 days long. Twilight will be 24 hours or less. Night will last approximately 48 hours.

    12. Unvoting is no longer required, but appreciated. Your vote will be counted so long as you bold it. Shorthand names are fine so long as it’s clear who the vote is for. If it looks like a vote, it will be treated like one.

    13. If you have a question, please PM, KP or myself.

    14. If a vote count is wrong, you can PM KP, myself, or post in the thread about it to have it fixed.

    15. Please do not tag users not in the game.

    16. Please do not "like" posts.

    17. KP and I reserves the right to add to these rules or modify them. We will notify all players in the game of the change.

    17. Loophole abuse is all fun and games until you are modkilled for it. Don’t try it.

    18. Blue (This color at #0000FF) is the mod color. You are welcome to use any other color of the rainbow, but no variants of blue, please.

    19. Encryption, text hiding, and the like are silly. Don’t do it.

    20. Extensions will be granted at 24 hours per replacement, up to a total duration of 72 hours max per game phase.

    21. Do not use temporary information to convey messages. This includes your signature and your avatar, but is not limited to these things.

    22. At the end of every night phase, any slots without a replacement from the prior day phase are subject to modkill; regardless of role or affiliation.

    23. Any breaking of sixprizes rules is counted as an instant forced replacement or modkill depending upon severity.

    24. Pretending to break any of these rules will be punished the same as actually breaking them.

    25. DISCLAIMER! There may or may not be post modifiers in this game. These modifiers in no way will eliminate or completely hamper your ability to communicate. They will add some complexity and flavor to the game. You've been warned, have fun!

    26. The game is over when we say it is over.

    27. The most important rule of all, saved for last for what I think is a very good reason: HAVE FUN! Enjoy!And good luck![DOUBLEPOST=1387400853][/DOUBLEPOST]Sign ups will now be accepted in the Mafia Queue only.

    From the sign-up list we will invite, proven active players first. Invitations will go out by PM. All remaining non invited players will be put into the replacement queue. Brand new players are welcome but please realize you will be required to replace in, if we fill the roster with invited players.

    To be clear, you MUST still sign up for the game to be considered for the invite.

    This will start after the new year.
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  2. PaidPyro

    PaidPyro Dead townie!

    OK everyone, thank you for joining us here at our Play Pokemon! league event. You all know what is at stake so KP and I expect fair play. To ensure everything is fair, KP and I will monitor everything on the video feeds in the back.

    Good luck and have fun, as you can see we have the very best Pokemon players around.

    Round 1 (day 1) starts now.
    With 13 playing it requires 7 votes to determine the weakest player.
    Round 1 ends Friday 1/3/14 @ 5 PM CST.

    I'm giving a bit of extra time for day one since we are starting early.

    Players in league play:
    SoldierSpirit Desufnoc
    Camoclone Salamencetrainer34

    [spoiler="Final Player List"]
    Cabd-Endgamed (Day 7)
    SoldierSpirit Desufnoc Removed Round 3-Vanilla Hearthstone Player-WINNER!
    Vablakes Lynched Round 2 Vanilla Hearthstone Player-WINNER!
    Kirbyswag Removed Night 4 Vanilla Pokémon Player
    Camoclone Salamencetrainer34-Removed Round 4-Vanilla Pokèmon Player
    HighShroomish Lynched Round 1-Vanilla Pokémon Player

    SMP Lynched Day 7-Vanilla Pokèmon Player
    Mares789 Removed Night 6-Vanilla Pokèmon Player
    Prohawk Removed Night 2-Vanilla Pokèmon Player
    PokemonPlayer101 Removed Night 3-Vanilla Pokèmon Player
    GuyInFreezer Removed Night 1-Vanilla Pokémon Player
    DaGlaceon Removed Night 5-Vanilla Pokémon Player


    I dropped this first pack list in a spoiler just to conserve a bit of space.

    Packs nomenclature: pack number (pack art) .... if claimed by who.
    Pack X (Empoleon) .... Claimed by Kpiplup

    Pack 1 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 2 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 3 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 4 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 5 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 6 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 7 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 8 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 9 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 10 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 11 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 12 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 13 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 14 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 15 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 16 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 17 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 18 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 19 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 20 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 21 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 22 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 23 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 24 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 25 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 26 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 27 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 28 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 29 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 30 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 31 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 32 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 33 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 34 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 35 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 36 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 37 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 38 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 39 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 40 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 41 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 42 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 43 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 44 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 45 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 46 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 47 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 48 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 49 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 50 (Bergmite) .....
    Pack 51 (Hippopotas) ....
    Pack 52 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 53 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 54 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 55 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 56 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 57 (Blastoise) ....
    Pack 58 (Goldeen) ....
    Pack 59 (Bergmite) ....
    Pack 60 (Hippopotas) ....[/spoiler][DOUBLEPOST=1388213039][/DOUBLEPOST]Vote count 1.0.0 (as of post 3)

    Note voting 13 (cabd, SoldierSpirit, vablakes, kirbyswag, camoclone, HighShroomish, Vaxkiller, SMP, Mares789, Prohawk, PokemonPlayer101, GuyInFreezer, DaGlaceon)

    With 13 playing it requires 7 votes to determine the weakest player.
    Round 1 ends Friday 1/3/14 @ 5 PM CST.

    V/LA: Camoclone until Monday 12/30.
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  3. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Well there's our roster.

    Vote: camoclone

    You have until page five to towntell; giffy.
  4. ProHawk

    ProHawk Active Member

    vote: camoclone

    Giffy doesnt town tell.
  5. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Sure he does, he just needs to pick the innocent child pack.
  6. ProHawk

    ProHawk Active Member

    So the mod has to town tell for him. Got it.
  7. Kirbyswag

    Kirbyswag Pie


    I bet he has a hearth made of stone.
  8. ProHawk

    ProHawk Active Member

    I see what you did there.
  9. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    I kinda want to massclaim today. Objections? Speak now or we're popcorning.
  10. ProHawk

    ProHawk Active Member

    I'm all in for the massclaim but only if Cabd goes first.
  11. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    I'm okay with that I have results.
  12. SMP

    SMP Is bad at Werewolf

    I thought we were all supposed to read the rules before signing up ;)
  13. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    You're assuming I haven't?

    Vote: SMP
  14. ProHawk

    ProHawk Active Member

    I skimmed them all except #8, #9, and #10.
  15. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Also given i frigging wrote the rules with the exception of like... two or three of them, i have no reason to read them again. They're adapted from my personal mafiascum mod set.
  16. GuyInFreezer

    GuyInFreezer Bulletproof 2-shot Cult Recruiter

    It's just not the same without nacho doing it ya know[DOUBLEPOST=1388237853][/DOUBLEPOST]SMP

    This guy killed a BP SK last time with his bare hands. Must be dangerous.[DOUBLEPOST=1388237936][/DOUBLEPOST]VOTE: SMP

    Remind me how much i miss the vote tag.
  17. SMP

    SMP Is bad at Werewolf

    cabd, someone's getting a little too defensive against a joking post. I mean, I even threw in the winking face. :)

    But seriously, why would you want to massclaim when everyone is already vanilla according to the mechanics section?
  18. camoclone

    camoclone Tomorrow we strike...

  19. GuyInFreezer

    GuyInFreezer Bulletproof 2-shot Cult Recruiter

    Dibs on #7 Blastoise
  20. Gosh dang it

    Anyway, it looks like I can't RVS camo as I usually do because everyone and a half beat me to it. :(

    Any particular reason a massclaim would be better this Day 1 than any other game, cabd?