XY rules & 150 (EDIT: New December Promos!)

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    (EDIT: Pokemon Catcher is now printed with coin flip errata and so this takes effect in 150 immediately.)
    (EDIT 2: See newer posts for the December promo: Energy Removal!)

    I've heard a few people ask if the recent ruling announced in Japan will apply to Unlimited 150. Seeing as I seem to be the one looking after the format online, here goes... it WILL NOT apply to 150, so:
    * Pokemon Catcher will be played as-is. Catcher is played according to the newest printing.
    * Professor Juniper and Sycamore can both be in one deck.
    * First turn rules remain as pre-B&W, i.e. If you go first you can attack but you cannot play Trainers, Supporters or Stadiums.

    When Pokemon are done killing their own game, we'll still be here playing our version...
    Also, check out these S-weeeeet promo cards, with foil print! If you play in the UK you can get these by making the Top 3 in 150 tournaments in Manchester. (Such as on 7th December).
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    So are those actual copies of Gust of Wind with foil stamped on them or reproductions?
  3. HEZ

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    Actual Gust of Winds.
    Next up is Bill, then Energy Removal.
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    Just a note, since Pokemon Catcher has now been reprinted with the coin flip errata we have no choice but to accept it. Well, that's probably freed up 1 space out of your 100!

    Also, the promo for the tournament on Saturday the 7th (@Fanboy3, Manchester, UK) will be foil stamped Energy Removal, not Bill.
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    Promo for December Unlimited 150 tournaments: Energy Removal!