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    I don't see how it sucks, it's revitalizing FluffyChomp; 2 Altaria + Muscle Band = 180. I wouldn't say it's the best, but it certainly isn't terrible. It's probably the best Mega-Evolving-capable EX they've shown so far. So what do you think M-GarchompEX is gonna do? :p (I'm speculating of course. If they even make it, but it seems like a pretty obvious setup)
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    Where did we get the idea PTCI made garchomp ex? They simply translated the japanese one made by PCL(?). They did make some exclusive cards, Im sure, but their job is to market cards to the players, and garchomp ex is being marketed that way.
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    No-one said TPCi made the card, just that they chose to give it away in a box.

    As far as I know, we haven't had an English exclusive card since WotC days.
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    Those were the days...
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    The bad days, yes.

    I refuse to have nostalgia for the company that tried to scrap the Masters division and turn Pokemon into a gateway drug for MTG.

    I like Pokemon. I don't care for beardy wizards.
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    CoL had a few cards we got ahead of schedule, EPO as well. Nothing completely unknown in JPN at the end of the day.
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    Wait, what does Garchomp EX do?
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    As I was around for those days... can't be sure but the WotC staff involved with the players seemed like good folks (keep in mind I only ever "bumped into them" online). Corporately they tried to turn Pokémon into "Magic Jr." and the fact that we instantly got the older age division back after the license switched hands to Nintendo/TPCi (well, the then equivalent) lends credence that it was a WotC decision, not TPC dictating it.

    The one WotC designed card we ever saw... was bad. Look up Dark Raichu; it came out during an era where it was going to be hard to make a Dark Raichu that was both "good" but also "balanced" but... they made something flippy. I guess the fact that the attack always did at least 30 points of damage was better than some contemporaries (which were likely to be "tails fails") but the card really seemed to ignore the metagame (even "double heads" just meant 30 was joined by 20 to the opponent's Bench; the Energy cost still meant it wasn't likely to happen).

    Plus I know WotC does claim to intentionally design "bad" cards; their reasoning is dubious and basically boils down to "...some players like to be challenged!" which ignores that it turns a lot more of us "off". Reminds me of gamers that complain about a feature being present that they can easily ignore or even disable, to the point of demanding that no one have a choice in the matter. ¬_¬
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    Don't bother asking, it is terrible.
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    A bit too harsh unless you've got a binary rating system e.g. "terrible or awesome!". Without knowing what the Mega Pokémon-EX counterpart will be, we've got two overpriced attacks by relatively recent standards.

    Fairy Weakness might be awful, average, or awesome; I don't know yet. XD Otherwise 170 HP is "good" for a Pokémon-EX (just 10 below 180, after all). Dual Chop is a bit overpriced but not by much (and the Energy requirements would actually be right if so many other things weren't hitting too hard). Power Blast is honestly about right: 120 for three with a single Energy discard cost. Even (WFC) type split for the cost isn't especially "bad". Imagine a format that still had Blastoise but didn't have all the obvious attackers for it already in use... and this wouldn't be a bad fit. Especially if M Garchomp EX ends up being worth running in the slightest.
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    Wait, did I miss a guarantee that we'll even see a M Garchomp EX?
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    There is no guarantee of that, however it would be -really- silly if one was never made, even by Pokemon's standards. I think it's safe to assume that before the end of the M-[Pokemon] EX gimmick, we will probably see a M-Garchomp EX. (Especially considering the popularity of Garchomp C LvX)
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    Or you can just look back one page to see that it's been unveiled...
  15. 8bitdonut

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    We were discussing the possibility of an Mega-GarchompEX, that's just regular GarchompEX...
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    Mm. Or I could not because that's not the right card :p.

    There's what, 20 some Megas? I find it naive, especially considering the presence of regular Garchomp EX as a promo, to assume it'll see release as a Mega.
  17. Ziggmiceter

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    There's 26 Megas, meaning I highly doubt we'll get them all. I think they probably should release M Garchomp EX since they made the regular EX, though. I doubt they'll release the somewhat random ones like Manectric and Pinsir, though.
  18. Otaku

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    The reason we won't get a M Garchomp EX would be the same reason we didn't get a Pokémon-EX for every "Legendary" Pokémon in the BW generation; questionable decision making. =P

    26 isn't an insignificant amount, but its quite "doable"; this isn't the original EX-era (...yes its confusing, but the sets that contained Pokémon-ex were always prefaced by "EX") where technically every fully Evolved Pokémon (and some that weren't!) qualified for a "Pokémon-ex". If we allow for six Pokémon-EX (including Mega Pokémon-EX) per set and follow a typical release schedule for sets, we just need them to not bombard us with several repeats like they did this generation or release a few extras as original "promos". The big concern is that they panic and suddenly have to make room for a "new" mechanic. Otherwise we are in a better position than with "Legendary" based Pokémon-EX, which weren't introduced into the BW expansions until the fourth set into the generation.

    Now do I think they will do that? Sadly I do not, but I do believe that a Mega Garchomp EX is quite, quite likely.
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    Should != Will.

    Only one Pokemkn got a second print—that was Tornadus.

    There's absolutely zero reason to believe there'll be a M Garchomp EX. If anything, there's lesser reason for such a hope because Garchomp EX isn't a normal set card in either Japan or the US. They certainly won't release a M Garchomp in a set sans a regular Garchomp EX. Are you proposing they're going to create a second?
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    Yea I got them mixed up, my mistake!