Yanmega Prime TM, Magnezone Prime TM

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  1. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Yanmega Prime / Magnezone Prime - Sample Deck List (updated through Triumphant)

    Pokemon – 25
    4 Spiritomb AR
    4 Yanma
    4 Yanmega Prime TM
    2 Magnemite SF #66
    2 Magneton
    2 Magnezone Prime TM
    2 Uxie LA
    1 Unown Q MD
    1 Giratina PL #9
    1 Entei/Raikou LEGEND Top
    1 Entei/Raikou LEGEND Bottom
    1 Azelf LA

    Trainers – 22
    4 Bebe’s Search
    4 Pokemon Collector
    4 Judge
    3 Copycat
    3 Seeker
    3 Warp Point
    1 Luxury Ball

    Energy – 11
    4 Rainbow
    4 Lightning
    3 Warp

    Basic Strategy and Overview

    Coming soon...

    Skill Level

    Coming soon...

    Tournament History

    City Championships 2010-2011:
  2. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

  3. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Tech Options

    Coming soon...

    Matchup Advice

    Vs LuxChomp

    Vs VileGar

    Vs Gyarados

    Vs DialgaChomp

    Vs Sablelock

    Vs Straight Machamp

    Coming soon...
  4. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    So, I've started testing with this deck quite a bit. I've found 1-1-1 Exploud SV is vital to having a chance against both luxchomp and other random electric decks like amphytrick. I've also found that one or two rescue energy is great, so long as you avoid lost zoning it until needed, to recover your magnezone quickly and then disrupt with yanmegas while setting it back up, or using your opponet's BTS to play it right back down. Even when not attacking with yanmega, Judge+Magnetic Draw is a great disruption force. I've found expert belts to be more of a liability than a helping factor when attached to the Yanmega. However, on the magnezone, it is the difference between 2 energies for ko and 3 energies to the lost zone for ko.

    Anyone else do any heavy testing on this?
  5. SimeonLVX

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    I made a proxy deck and played two matches against VIlegar - I lost twice (got poltergeited as I had full hand of supporters). Now I think that this match-up should be played in way to set-up quickly few Yanmegas and use preferably Judge or Copycat to force equal hand size in first turns. Magnezone should be evolved later.

    I am not sure if Giratina PL 5 should be correctly Giratina PL 9 (Let Loose), or Dialga PL 5 (Reverse Time)? I have Giratina PL9, but it doesn't force opponent to draw the same number of cards. Or does it?

    I also searched pokegym for this deck, basically there are discussions suggesting some techs:
    - Shyamin LVX to add 40 HP to Yanmegas
    - Sunflora HS for faster set-up of Yanmegas
    - Metapod HS for for adding no weakness to Yanmegas
    - add Machamp line
    What do you think about these suggestions?

    This evening I played twice against Gayrados - this seems more favourable. First match I was donked by Sableye, but second match went better. I managed to keep OHKO Gyarados by Magnezone thanks to weakness (2x50 + 30) and keep Magnezone alive with Seeker. Fortunatelly, BTS was in play.
  6. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    The Giratina is PL9, Let Loose. They don't HAVE to draw four, but if they don't, then they're hurting their own recovery option. It puts them between a rock and a hard place.

    Have yet to test Landmin or Sunflora. I went with Exploud over Metapod thanks to all the machamp decks running around in my metagame. That way, magnezone has no weakness, either. Adding a machamp line might work given our rainbow energy count, but i'm not so sure it'd be worth the drop in consistency. As for sunflora, i've found that this deck, given either a spiritomb or yanma start, can swarm yanmegas without any added form of pokemon search. Not to mention, running sunkern gives you a libality 40-hp starter. But that's just me. Anyone else played around with this?
  7. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    (Sorry to reply to my own post)

    Tech options:

    Regi(insert favorite regi here)
    I've played with all three, to be honest, but regice is the most popular. This is great because you can judge, the magnetic draw to six, then regi-whatever to go back down to four, discarding crap that you might have drawn into from judge. I playtested last night against a cursegar deck and shut them down completely thanks to being used to trainer lock due to running my own tombs, and being able to one-shot their spiritombs completely. Also got to play against starmie/shuppet donk, but that was an auto-win, practically, seeing as how i judged their hand away constantly.
  8. Kettler

    Kettler Active Member

    Due to the risks in this metagame, I would advocate running any 70 HP Yanma over the rest. Free retreat (the 50 HP guy) does have its advantages, though...

    Regarding the Magneton: I would suggest to run the Stormfront one (Magnetic Resonance) if you have BTS; otherwise, run the Triumphant Magneton for its fast, efficient damage.

    (and yes, it is indeed Giratina PL 9 sorry :p)
  9. Papa_Mash

    Papa_Mash Underground Member

    I ended up making top 8 at the Oak Ridge North CC (around Houston, TX), January 8, 2010 using a Yanmega Prime/Magnezone Prime deck.

    I had been working on the deck since I lost a game at the Houston CC against a Yanmega Prime/Shiftry deck. It used Judge/Copycat and kept the Yanmega Prime same-number-of-cards-in-each-hand philosophy going with Shiftry’s Conform attack. I liked the way Yanmega Prime came out so quickly and noted the heavy use of Judge, which is also abusable by Magnezone Prime. I have been trying to perfect a Magnezone deck since Cities started. So the next week I decided to try Yanmega Prime and Magnezone Prime together cutting back a little on the Copycats but maintaining 4 Judges. (My original Magnezone deck included the three Magnezones plus the Magnezone LvX, ERL and Manectric...so I just started substituting, cutting, adding.) I got the deck to a point where I felt good against almost all of the top decks but was not happy with the way it folded to LuxChomp and had a rough game against DialgaChomp. But there was definitely synergy between Yanmega Prime and Magnezone Prime….Judge and Magnetic Draw work great in this deck. You still get to abuse Judge with Magnetic Draw..though it is on the following turn. In addition, Magnetic Draw often lets you manipulate your hand a little so you do not always need to use one of your Judges or Copycats. Then on the Thursday before the Oak Ridge North CC I read Jim Roll’s CC report, which gave me some confidence. I figured if he could win with his deck at a Georgia Marathon CC, I might be able to fare decently with mine at a Houston CC. Plus, the number of LuxChomp and DialgaChomp decks being played in our area appeared to be lessening with players experimenting with more rogue-type decks. This turned out to be true because IIRC T4 at the Oak Ridge North CC consisted of 2 Gyarados, Umbreon/Espeon and Donphan Prime/Machamp Prime, with Umbreon/Espeon taking the medal. I know that there were a few DialgaChomps and Luxchomps in the field, but not many.

    My games at Oak Ridge North CC were:

    1-- Donphan Prime/Machamp SF (no Prime). Fairly close game that I won on +3 with a 3 prize Thunder Fall.
    2-- Feraligatr Prime/Magnezone Prime. Won on a Warp point Seeker donk.
    3-- Roserade TR/Leafeon TM/Darkrai MD. We would trade prizes but he always stayed ahead of me.
    4-- Regigigas/Gyarados. This was a fairly close game until I dropped ERL. He said he would concede if I showed him I had an energy to use on the ERL for the next turn. I showed him a Rainbow energy.
    5-- DialgaChomp. This was very close game with Magnezone Prime being able to take out his Dialga G LvX on two occasions. I recall my opponent had a misplay at the end that I think eventually would not have affected the outcome but at the time it seemed like it could.
    6-- Donphan Prime/Machamp Prime (no SF). I was unable to get my Yanmega Prime swarm going fast enough, as compared to his Donphan Primes. Also, due to Magnezone Prime’s weakness, my opponent easily revenge KOd my Magnezone Primes every time I brought him up to attack. In addition, I was never able to utilize ERL because I always seemed to need to use Uxie or Smeargle so I was always at a point where Thunder Fall would do as much or more harm to me than it would to my opponent and Detonation Spin would not do enough against the active.

    I ended up 6th after Swiss and paired against the Donphan Prime/Machamp Prime I lost to my last game of Swiss. He won the first game with me conceding at 4-2, I won second game with him conceding at 5-1, and he won third game by donking my Smeargle with a belted Machop TM and flipping heads on Steady Punch *shoulder shrug*. (The last game he chose to go second, I opened with lone Smeargle, Portraited and all he had was an Interviewer’s Question... but I saw 3 fighting energies and a couple of trainers, including an Expert Belt, so I knew that it was up to the flip.....heads.)

    As far as testing, the deck, of course, has major issues with two of the most played decks right now: LuxChomp (Yanmega Prime’s weakness) and DialgaChomp (Time Crystal Poké-Body turns off Yanmega Prime’s Insight Poké-Body). With LuxChomp you just have to hope to get the swarm out fast, maintain the swarm, Judge for disruption and strategically Spiritomb lock. With DialgaChomp you need to KO Dialga before it is leveled up or prior to its being retreated. If it is retreated, you have to have something to bring it active or to be able to snipe it. You will need to be wise on how you use your energy and Warps against these decks because you will be using Lost Burn a lot. It is best to bring the Magnezone Prime up when you don’t think they will have a Promocroak ready and be ready to Warp it out quickly (yes, you could leave a Rescue Energy on it but I like to leave at least one Lightning/Rainbow Energy on it so it can be used next turn and I hate to lose the energy unless there is no other choice). The deck does well against both Gengar and Gyarados. I have not tested it against a Lost Stadium deck. It tests out great in sudden death.

    My list does not parallel the list provided in the first post. I run a 3-3 Yanmega Prime line with a 3-2-3 Magnezone Prime line. In response to Kettler’s post, I use the Shiny Yanmas (Why? Because I have them!), the “Magnet” Magnemite and Metal Magneton. I have seen some lists that run the GyroZone but I only use the Magnezone Primes. I run heavy warps and also use more energies, including 5 Lightning, 2 Warp, 2 Rescues and 4 Rainbows, primarily because I like to use Lost Burn. I run a tech Relicanth to snipe and maybe knock out a Luxray due to weakness and Frosglass GL to gust. I use Spiritomb starters but often times do not use them if the Yanmega Primes set up fast enough. No Giratina. If I were to run the deck at States, which seems highly unlikely due to the fact that currently you would expect heavy doses of LuxChomp and DialgaChomp, I might up the Yanmega Prime line to 4-4 to ensure that I get them out quicker. Also, I might add a Magnezone LvX (or replace an existing Magnezone Prime) to allow me to Electric Trans energy so that I could drop and use ERL in one turn (plus the benefit of Cyber Shock/Paralysis if forced), but I would have to test that more. I might drop the Relicanth, but if I put in the Magnezone LvX, I might leave it since it would help it power up more quickly (I hate having to wait for a Rainbow...Energy Exchanger?). I do not run Expert Belt simply because I would never belt the Yanmega Prime, unless final prize or something, and really hate to belt the Magnezone Prime due to the 2x weakness. However, an Expert Belt on Magnezone Prime does test well and, as mentioned above, it can save you from Lost Zoning as many energies.
  10. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    So from just playing a bti at league and building the deck irl, (which means i am limited on card choices) here is my current list:

    POKEMON: 24
    Stage 2: 3
    2 : Magnezone (Prime), TM-96
    1 : Exploud, SV-28
    Stage 1: 5
    1 : Magneton, TM-43
    3 : Yanmega (Prime), TM-98
    1 : Loudred, SV-64
    Basic: 16
    1 : Giratina, PL-9
    1 : Registeel, LA-39
    3 : Yanma, TM-84
    2 : Magnemite, TM-68
    1 : Smeargle, UD-8
    2 : Uxie, LA-43
    1 : Unown Q, MD-49
    4 : Spiritomb, AR-32
    1 : Whismur, SV-132

    TRAINERS: 23
    Trainers: 5
    1 : VS Seeker, SV-140
    2 : Warp Point, MD-88
    1 : Junk Arm, TM-87
    1 : Luxury Ball, SF-86
    Pokemon Tools: 1
    1 : Expert Belt, AR-87
    Supporters: 17
    3 : Copycat, GS-90
    4 : Bebe's Search, RR-89
    4 : Judge, UL-78
    2 : Seeker, TM-88
    4 : Pokemon Collector, GS-97

    ENERGY: 13
    Special Energy: 8
    4 : Rainbow Energy, GS-104
    1 : Rescue Energy, TM-90
    3 : Warp Energy, SF-95
    Basic Energy: 5
    5 : Lightning Energy, GS-118

    I've nicknamed this deck "Yangire" For those of you who don't know the term, a Yangire is: "On the outside, they seem cute and innocent, almost to a fault. And sometimes, they really are. On the inside, however, they're very different shades of violent, unstable and downright insane. Sometimes, they have to be provoked into this. Often, they don't; this is just the way they are... "
    Fits this deck to a T. If they don't know what to expect, they write you off as playing something cute and silly. But this deck hurts once set up.
  11. Papa_Mash

    Papa_Mash Underground Member

    I personally do not see the benefit of your Regi___ option. I mean do everything you can on your turn, Judge, then attack. On the next turn, draw, use the cards you can, then Magnetic Draw up to six, use the cards you can or that will get you to the same number of cards as opponent, then Judge/Copycat if necessary. I am not big on the single Junk Arm/VS Seeker but if that's your preference I guess go for it. You know you are running a 2-1-2 Magnezone Prime line with no Rare Candies, right? Also, I really don't understand the omission of BTS (John's list didn't have it either). Not including it seems to take away from the speed of the deck and the options available when using Seeker. Just some thoughts.
  12. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Oh dear, I feel so embarassed. I somehow merged my two variant lists into one mismagled mess that somehow came out to 60 cards. I'll post the proper deck list now.

    1 Azelf LA
    1 Giratina PL
    1 Magnemite SF
    1 Magnemite TM (Will eventually be 2 Magnemite SF)
    1 Registeel LA (To be replaced with Regice when I get one)
    4 Spiritomb AR
    2 Uxie LA
    1 Whismur SV
    4 Yanma TM (Because I have yet to purchase the LA ones)
    STAGE 1
    1 Loudred SV
    2 Magneton TM
    3 Yanmega (Prime) TM
    STAGE 2
    1 Exploud SV
    2 Magnezone (Prime) TM

    1 Junk Arm TM
    1 Luxury Ball SF (Both this, the Belt, and the VS seeker are purely perosnal prefrence. Use those three slots for ERL and an extra electric if you'd like.)
    1 VS Seeker SV
    2 Warp Point MD
    1 Expert Belt AR
    4 Bebe's Search RR
    3 Copycat HS
    4 Judge UL
    4 Pokemon Collector HS
    2 Seeker TM

    4 Lightning
    4 Rainbow
    1 Rescue
    3 Warp
  13. ian

    ian Member

    I think the shiny holo yanma is the best choice for this deck.
  14. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Pitching in some data to fill in the top posts.

    Basic Strategy and Overview:

    Hopefully start with a Spiritomb, and quickly set up a Yanmega prime. Disrupt using judge and other cards to keep your hand size the same as your opponet’s in the early game, taking cheap prizes as you go. While doing so, use your energy attachments on magnezone prime. Once your opponent manages to get set up, if they do, KO all their big hitters with magnezone prime’s “lost burn” attack. Abuse the Judge + ”Magnetic draw” combo to continue to disrupt your opponent’s hand and setup throughout the game.

    Tech Options

    Mespirit LA
    1-0-1 or 1-1-1 Exploud SV (Depends on if you want to run candy)
    Regice LA
    Expert Belt AR
    VS Seeker SV
    Giratina LV X
    Higher energy count
    Frostlass GL RR
    1-1 Aerodactyl MD (Avoid lostgar’s seekers, and use “primal claw” power to damage power-sitters for cleaning up with “Linear attack” if needed.)
    1-1 Blaziken FB (You run rainbow already, gives you a shot against DGX)
    Poke-healer + SF

    Matchup Advice

    Have yet to test them all, but have done some.

    Vs Luxchomp
    Not yet tested

    Vs Vilegar
    You can easily dwindle your hand down to only four cards using judge. You can discard using Regice (if teched in) You don’t reply on trainers, just supporters. You can get cheap knockouts using Yanmega against fleeing Spiritomb. You out speed them severely. There’s no valid “level down” target.

    Vs Gyarados
    It’s a game of speed demons. If you can judge them consistently early game, you’ll have an edge. Also, having type effectiveness means you can “lost burn” for a KO for only two energy.

    Vs DialgaChomp
    Not yet tested

    Vs Sablelock
    Not yet tested

    Vs Straight Machamp
    You can outspeed them if they’re using a 2-2 split of Machamp SF/prime. You resist them with Yanmega. You use trainer lock early game, ruining speed Machamp. Late game, you can ko their tanky Machamp primes using lost burn, just watch out with that 2x weakness, consider teching in that Exploud if your meta is champ heavy.
  15. ian

    ian Member

    I'm really enjoying this deck. I love that ERL covers your DGX weakness and gives you a good game against steelix.
    anyway I had a few questions for anyone that has been testing this deck
    Do you guys feel spiriomb is needed?
    Do you think multi energy is better then rainbow in this deck?
    Do you think that this deck would benefit from a lunatone solrock combo or Mespirit?

    thanks for the help guys
  16. Genguy

    Genguy Active Member

    Answers in bold.
  17. ian

    ian Member

    Wow I'm showing my age with that multi energy question HAHAHAHAHA!

    Yeah I was playing around with tomb and although I feel like it slows me down it's BY FAR a better starter then yanma and magnemite.

    My issue with mesprit is the lock. I can run at most 1 mesprit and 4 seeker. Yanmega puts out low damage so I considered luna/sol to prevent your opponent from healing breathing away my 2hko.
  18. Genguy

    Genguy Active Member

    Mesprit prevents Healing Breath...
  19. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    And if you really want to be lulzy, since we already run lots of lightning energy, toss is a 1-1-1 ampharos PL or something. But really, a single Mespirit and a seeker loop does the job plenty.

    Also, I'm starting to wonder if the maxed rainbow energy count is really needed, or if some more basic energy could be added. The deck as it is faces a huge threat in Scizor prime, which, while not huge, is floating around out there still.
  20. ian

    ian Member

    Wow I never knew that before.
    1-1-1 amp seems like a waste of three spots, funny idea though.

    I considered sol/luna so I could throw energy on them while they are on the bench for a garchomp protected lost burn. It's something to test in apprentice.

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    If you run ERL you'll pretty much OHKO every steel pokemon. I suppose you could just run some fire.