You Don’t Say? – Interesting Decks from Worlds 2013

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    Thanks for the great article! I enjoyed the insight and am also excited about the location of worlds for 2014. Also, I enjoyed meeting you and your friends in the hotel elevator, and I wish you success in the coming year.
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    This is probably one of the best 6P articles I've ever seen with a really good breakdown of what really happens at Worlds. This is the first Worlds I really paid attention to (last year I only really paid attention to the finals and was really bad) and it was really interesting to see some of the lists being released.
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    I'm fairly certain I saw three Trubbish during Top 8 in Takuda Yoneda's (I probably misspelled that) deck. Other than that, I loved the article. Excellent breakdown of Worlds. The epic rogue was icing on the cake.
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    I actually have all of the decklist from the players themselves :D

    It can be hard to tell what cards are on peoples fields exactly though, I know that I have made that mistake plenty of times myself.

    Where you able to attend worlds this year Empoleon1107??

    [DOUBLEPOST=1376696875][/DOUBLEPOST]speedy385 - It was nice to meet you as well, I wish that we would have had more time to talk and that I could have met/played with your kid!

    Thanks Ziggmiceter!
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    zcbivens No I wish I only got 70 CP and couldn't afford a plane ticket/hotel room.:p And I could have sworn I saw 3, but oh well.:confused:
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    Empoleon1107 - Well I hope to see you there someday! The plane ticket/hotel room was very expensive so I certainly understand that, I had no plans of trying to attend next year but since it will be held 5 hours from my house I think it might just be feasible for me. Either way I think you and I should just become National champions so we don't have to worry about the cost haha ;)
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    I know, right? The sad thing is that we both can't be National Champions.:mad: The bad thing for me is that I live in New Mexico, so travel to D.C. would be a huge pain in le tush.:p