Young Bambino's Trades. HAVE: RH Staples Holo Energy, WANT: Meta Stuff! Lv. X

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  1. Rules:
    • I live in the USA and only ship within the USA.
    • I ship in bubble mailers with cards inside of top loaders. I expect the same (or let me know).
    • I expect cards to be in mint/near mint condition unless otherwise specified. I will do the same.
    • I only want English cards, no fake or World Championship.
    • Seeing as I have no refs yet, I'll be sending first. I've traded with people on youtube before, however.
    • I use multiple sources to check for card value, so please don't lowball me.
    • I'll check your link, but prefer if you list some of my wants in your post.
    • Thanks for reading and I hope we can trade!
    Italics:Means trade in process involving those cards.

    Wants: (In order of importance)

    To CYL

    Old School EXs / Holos/ Sealed Product from EX series sets. All cards must be mint. Let me know what you have.

    Most Trophy and Winner cards both English and Japanese.

    Only looking for mint to near mint cards. I will ask for pictures.
    Kyogre ex 01 holo version
    Moltres ex 31
    Articuno ex 32
    Zapdos ex 33
    Kyogre ex 37
    Groudon ex 38
    Tyranitar ex pop holo
    Tyranitar ex pop non holo
    Armaldo ex pop holo

    Mewtwo ex
    Scyther ex

    Raichu ex 2x
    Wailord ex

    Team Magma vs. Team Aqua:
    Blaziken ex
    Cradily ex
    Sceptile ex

    Hidden Legends:
    Groudon ex
    Metagross ex

    FireRed LeafGreen:
    All exs. Any amount.

    Team Rocket Returns:
    Rocket's Entei ex
    Rocket's Hitmonchan ex
    Rocket's Mewtwo ex
    Rocket's Moltres ex
    Rocket's Scyther ex
    Rocket's Sneasal ex
    Rocket's Snorlax ex
    Rocket's Suicune ex
    Rocket's Zapdos ex

    All 3 Deoxys ex
    Manectric ex
    Rayquaza ex

    Emerald: (Lower Priority)

    Unseen forces:(Lower Priority)

    Delta species:

    Legend Maker:(Lower Priority)

    Holton Phantoms:

    Crystal Guardians:
    Aggron ex
    Delcatty ex
    Jirachi ex
    Kyogre ex
    Shiftry ex

    Dragon Frontiers:
    Dragonite ex
    Flygon ex
    Gardevoir ex
    Kingdra ex
    Latias ex
    Latios ex

    Power Keepers:

    Darkrai Lv.x
    Dialga Lv.x
    Palkia Lv.x
    Mewtwo Lv.x
    Shaymin Lv.x
    Charizard G Lv.x
    Rayquaza C Lv.x

    Diamond and Pearl:
    Empoleon Lv.X (Green Pokebody not Pokepower)
    Torterra Lv.x

    Mysterious Treasures:
    Time-Space Distortion

    Great Encounters:
    Dialga Lv.x

    Majestic Dawn:
    Glaceon Lv.x
    Porygon-Z Lv.x

    Heatran Lv.x
    Raichu Lv.x
    Regigigas Lv.x

    Dialga G Lv.X (With Miscolored weakness and Resistance)
    Drapion Lv.x
    Giritina Lv.x
    Shaymin 127 Lv.x

    Rising Rivals:
    Flygon Lv.x
    Hippodown Lv.x
    Luxray GL Lv.X (the copyright date is both 2008 and 2009, with the eight and nine overlapping.)
    Snorlax Lv.x

    Supreme Victors:
    Charizard Lv.x
    Garchomp Lv.x
    Rayquazza Lv.x
    Staraptor Lv.x

    Arceus 94 Lv.x
    Arceus 96 Lv.x
    Salamence Lv.x
    Tangrowth Lv.x

    If you have things that aren't on this list that I may be interested in please let me know.


    Ultra Rare/Valuable Cards: (I can provide pictures of all of these cads)
    Flareon Gold Star NM (Only going towards another gold star or a trade in my favor with old school exs)
    Jirachi EX Japanese Play Promo NM
    Dragonite GB Excellent/Near Mint

    Old School EXs/ Lv.X:
    Sneasal ex Ruby and Sapphire Near Mint-Mint
    Magmar ex RS Bad (Peeling in Top Left + Edgewear)
    Mewtwo ex RS Played (So many creases.. so sad)
    Ampharos ex Dragon Mint (except a scratch to the left of the attack.)
    Rayquaza ex Dragon Mint

    Full Arts:
    x1 Toxicroak EX FA
    x1 Magnezone EX FA

    EXs and Ace-Specs:
    x1 G Scope
    x1 Genesect Ex
    x3 Deoxys Ex Plasma Freeze
    x1 Deoxys Ex Promo
    x1 Thundurus Ex Plasma Freeze
    x1 Thundurus Ex Promo
    x1 Lugia Ex LTR

    Meta-ish Stuff:
    x4 Kyurem PLF (1 rh)
    x1 Raichu Holo XY
    x2 Snorlax (1 rh)
    x2 Bouffalant (1 rh)
    x1 Garchomp DRX
    x1 Blastoise BCR
    x1 Terrakion LTR
    x1 Klinklang (rh) PLS
    x2 Sigilyph (rh) PLB
    x2 Suicune (rh) PLB
    x1 Haxorus (rh) PLB
    x1 Hydreigon DRX (Dark Trance)
    x2 Bouffalant DRX (1rh)

    RH I/S/S:
    x4 Skyla BCR
    x4 Professor Juniper (x4 BW,)
    x3 N DEX
    x2 Cilan NXD
    x2 Cheren DEX
    x1 Rare Candy PLB
    x3 Pokemon Catcher PLB
    x3 Silver Bangle PLB
    x2 Silver Mirror PLB
    x3 Tool Scrapper DRX
    x1 Virbank City Gym PLS
    x1 Bicycle PLS
    x1 Float Stone PLF
    x2 Dark Claw DEX

    Holo Energy:
    x3 Grass Holon Phantoms

    Codes: (Will Email)
    x1 Yvetal EX
    x1 Charizard EX
    x2 Thundurus EX
    x2 Darkrai EX
    x1 Keldeo EX
    x5 Legendary Treasures
    x16 Plasma Blast
    x10 Plasma Freeze
    x9 Plasma Storm
    x3 Boundaries Crossed

    +Tons from DP-HGSS. Just Ask! Will update more later!
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  2. soccerdave17

    soccerdave17 Nothing like a dancing water piñata

    Interested in your FA skyla and FA juniper! =] CML, i have some of your wants including palkia ex, snorlax, deoxy ex, lugia ex etc. =]
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2014
  3. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    i need the FA Skyla and Fa Colress.

    I have a FA Palkia EX, Deoxys EX, 2 Lugia EX, and 1 Snorlax PLS. Offer? And I can ship in a toploader but not a bubble Mailer.
  4. I could do:
    Juniper FA

    1 Deoxys EX
    2 Lugia EX (non tin)
    Something else small on my wants?

    soccerdave17 replied first so I'm giving him priority, but if things fall through I'll let you know! Thanks .
  5. soccerdave17

    soccerdave17 Nothing like a dancing water piñata

    I would do that for a FA skyla since its a set deoxy not promo and i could add in a plasma snorlax
  6. Honestly it seems Deoxys is only worth $10 now because of the promo. The Lugias are worth $5 a piece and Snorlax is a couple bucks. Juniper is $20-$25. To me that seems fair but let me know if you still disagree.
  7. soccerdave17

    soccerdave17 Nothing like a dancing water piñata

    juniper is 21$ max, and i like FA skyla then FA juniper ;p But yeah deoxy is about 10 and lugia is about 5.5 each!
  8. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

  9. So do I lol. And by those prices it's even. I'll throw in something small on my side if you want. Make an offer.

    I potentially will, but most of the stuff you listed I'm getting from SoccerDave17. And the Palkia are low wants so I don't really need a full art.
  10. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Could you do...

    x3 Drifloon PLB
    x2 Drifblim DRX
    x2 Drifblim PLB
    x1 Colress


    x1 Tornadus EX PLF
    x1 Dragonite PLF
    x1 RH Team plasma ball

    Let me know...also interested in the FA Colress if you dont reach a deal with the above.
  11. I feel that it would be even for just the Tornadus EX. That's based off of T&T. Feel free to disagree!
  12. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    I can throw in an N or snorlax for the dragonite and rh plasma ball, let me know.
  13. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra Squirtle Squad!

    do you happen to have DP promo #16?
  14. Hi there! I see you have some DP-HGSS stuff. I'm looking for a ton, (a bit to much to list here, but it's on my list) feel free to CML and LMK if we can work something out!
  15. Ok. I'll do it if you throw in the Snorlax. Final Trade:
    x3 Drifloon PLB
    x2 Drifblim DRX
    x2 Drifblim PLB
    x1 Colress PLS
    x1 Snorlax PLS

    x1 Tornadus EX PLF
    x1 Dragonite PLF
    x1 RH Team Plasma Ball

    PM to confirm?

    Hi, I looked at your trade thread earlier. I think I have all the cards for Vilegar. Maybe not the Vileplume line. However, you don't have very much that I want. Perhaps when the new set comes out we can work something out!

    I do not. :/ Sorry! However, I hound some Pikachus you may want!
    Pikachu Team Aqua Magma
    Surfing Pikachu from Rising Rivals
    Pikachu Reprint from Rising Rivals
    Pikachu from POP6
    Pikachu Fire red and leaf green
    e-Reader Pikachu from Expidition
    Pikachu from Power Keepers

    Let me know if interested!
  16. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra Squirtle Squad!

    if that is the team aqua/magma #43 then yes I need that for my collection. I have the rest that u have mentioned. wanna work out a deal of some sort?
  17. Yes it is. I also have the Squirtle you just posted. Both mint. How highly do you value them?
  18. soccerdave17

    soccerdave17 Nothing like a dancing water piñata

    You can trade the FA juniper to serp, more interested in the skyla! Thank anyways =]
  19. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra Squirtle Squad!

    combined I value $1.75 for the 2 cards. I value the Pikachu at $1.25 and the squirtle at $0.50. let me know what you value them at and see if we can reach a deal.
  20. Well okay. Hopefully we can trade sometime in the future.

    Let's say $2 for the sake of it. Is that really all that you want? It's not really worth trading just $2 worth of cards.

    I'm now interested in your Lugias again. I can trade:
    Colress FA

    x2 Lugia EX LTR
    Snorlax PLS

    Deal or counter?