Young Bambino's Trades. HAVE: RH Staples Holo Energy, WANT: Meta Stuff! Lv. X

Discussion in 'For Trade' started by YoungBambino, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Aw. :c Thanks for your time, I'll let you know if I see anything else I want on your list!
  2. PP101

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    Are you trading one of the Thundurus EX PLF you have on your Sales thread? If so, I'm interested in a Thundurus EX and a Kyurem PLF. I have a couple Shauna, Escape Rope, Team Plasma Ball, and maybe Muscle Bands and Skylas for trade (will have to check for exact counts later). Can you make an offer?
  3. I decided I'm no longer going to pursue playing competitively, so those trainers are no longer of interest to me. Those cards are available though. Is your thread up to date?
  4. Don't want to let this die! Bump! Looking to CYL
  5. Massive update on wants, added a Genesect Ex. Bump! Please help me out!
  6. Bump! Updated with a Flareon Gold Star! Where the Old School exs at?
  7. Bumpity Bump! Trade with me!
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    Was there anything else you wanted for the 3 Kyurem?