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  1. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    i was bored so i decided to post a thread on your favorite pokemon card ever this is unlimited meaning from any set in the history of pokemon and give reason why it was your favorite.

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    my favorite pokemon card is from ex legend maker flygon ex to me it was the most powerfull card in the world it did a massive 100 and it started to power its self up with its power how much i miss that card
  2. Ubersarsh

    Ubersarsh Member

    Entei promo from the movie. It was like a free Super-Scoop Up as a pokepower. as a basic you can't beat that!
  3. Sergel

    Sergel New Member

    Haha, when I play friends I run a few of those just to stall .

    Mew Prime is definitely my favorite. Pretty sweet artwork and a billion possibilities.
  4. Genguy

    Genguy Active Member

    Gengar DP. Twas amazing, It's the reason I 3-3'd when I had no Idea what a metagame was.
  5. The_O_Zone

    The_O_Zone New Member

    Magnezone Lv X. I'm a fan of the pokemon, the power's really handy, and Cyber Shock mixes well with some of the other Magnezone's attacks.
  6. ndrewzorz

    ndrewzorz Member

    Garchomp SV or Garchomp lv. x (not the sp one). I went 5-4 in nats last year (without knowing about metagame and I didn't use claydol) using that combined with machamp sf. Looking back I'm extremely surprised I did so well :D!
  7. Project696

    Project696 Member

    I have so many cards that I absolutely love. Like I love Base Set Charizard, Fossil/Promo Mew, Ancient Mew, SW Mew, Mew Prime, essentially any Mew card.

    Can't forget that Tropical Islands Mew or whatever that promo set was called.
  8. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    Ninetales hgss without a doubt. My favourite artwork and fav pokemon.
  9. ndrewzorz

    ndrewzorz Member

    the set was called the southern islands collection :D and ya those cards had some awesome artwork
  10. Vysekun

    Vysekun The Ninetales and the Grapes

  11. Genguy

    Genguy Active Member

    Gotta be my 2nd favourite.
  12. VulpixYolk

    VulpixYolk New Member

    Personally I love Night Teleporter, I love to play it, if you flip heads get Uxie, 7 card draw. Other then that, I'd love to go with Skitty Platinum. Oh also Promocroak!
  13. Genguy

    Genguy Active Member

    I like Night teleporter to, but Power spray prevents it from seeing a ton of play.
  14. rhinored2

    rhinored2 Member

    my favorite card is flygon from rising rivals