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    I haven't played Pokemon in >10 years and have decided it might be fun to get back into it. Will be playing this deck at States next weekend and local League stuff after. I think I have a decent grasp of what my deck actually wants to do but I'm very shaky on a lot of things that I effectively counter outside of a few other decks I've read where Garbodor will obviously shine. Since I know nothing about what to expect in States/local meta game I just tried to streamline the deck as much as possible instead of getting fancy with tech. Like I said, literally haven't played a game of Pokemon in over 10 years so this whole list is just theorymon based on what I've read in the competitive thread basically.

    Pokemon: 10
    3 Yveltal XY
    2 Yveltal EX
    1 Darkrai EX
    2-2 Trubbish DRX /Garbodor DRX

    Trainers: 40
    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    3 Bicycle
    2 Random Receiver

    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Hypnotoxic Laser
    4 Dark Patch
    3 Pokemon Catcher
    3 Energy Switch
    3 Muscle Band
    2 Float Stone
    1 Professor's Letter
    1 Dowsing Machine

    2 Virbank City Gym

    Energy: 10
    8 Darkness Energy
    2 Double Colorless Energy

    I'm not totally sold on the concept of the DCEs and suspect I may be better off just going 10x Dark if I'm not going to run Bouffalant (which maybe I should consider?). I'm not sure I need 3x Yveltal XY and am considering another Darkrai EX or perhaps a Sawk (the only tech that I totally understand and love the concept of) in place of the 3rd Yveltal XY or in addition to it and having 11 Pokes. I'm not certain that 2 Float Stone is enough, perhaps a 3rd is needed? I'm not sold on 3x Catcher or Energy Switch. I feel like both could go down to 2x? My main thought at the moment is either -1x each Catcher/Energy Switch for +1 Pokemon/+1 Float Stone or -3x Catcher +1 Poke/+1 Float Stone/+1??? maybe a 12th Poke, 11th energy, 3rd Random Receiver or a Colress. The Professor's Letter could just become an energy but I saw it in a lot of lists in the competitive thread and thought it was cute so I did it too.

    Any help would be appreciated. I think the list as I have it now is probably decent but I don't expect to do very well against any competent players until I actually understand how other decks operate so I can easily anticipate what's going to happen instead of having every play be a brand new surprise for me.
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    Honestly you have a great list. Maybe up the Random Recievers or add Skyla since you dont run Sableye. All varients of this deck and decks like it are very tricky to play IMO. It takes a lot of skill and a huge amount of memory for knowing exactly what you run in your decj and how many of each.
    Great list, no suggestions really.
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    Those are the changes I would make, Sableye is needed here. the 1 switch is for those instances you get laser locked. Energy Switch isn't as needed here since Garb runs slow. E Hammers can be changed into other cards if you dont like it
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    Thanks for the compliment but the list is in large part the hard work of guys in the competitive forum with just a couple tweaks for my personal preferences (which could certainly be off considering the last time I played Pokemon was 2004 one time with someone else's cards and 01-02 before that). I think I would be more likely to add another RR than go with Skyla but I considered both when I initially put the list together. I'm hoping I can get this deck built online quickly in the next couple days to get a little playtesting in so I'm not completely lost next week at States.

    Thank you for your insight. Running it with Sableye was actually how I really wanted to run the deck from the beginning as regardless of the TCG, my favorite competitive archetype will always be control. There's nothing more enjoyable to me than taking away all my opponent's options as a game goes on. However for my first effort at a deck after over 10 years I decided to go against this for a couple main reasons:

    1. I literally don't know what some cards (and entire archetypes for that matter) actually do and the longer a game goes on the more chances my opponent will have to make a good decision and the more chances I'll have to make a mistake.

    2. Since I will be unsure of my decision in a lot of situations I will probably be playing pretty slow and I thought that the addition of constant Junk Hunt decisions will just bring my play speed to a snail's pace whereas the current version is pretty speedy, it just has the 2-2 Garb line and Float Stones basically.

    Somewhere down the line (likely soon, just not for my very first effort) I would definitely like to go the Sableye PLF over Yveltal XY route and I'd definitely be giving up the Energy Switches since dropping Yveltal in favor of Sableye will completely change the pace at which the deck would want to function at. From there I'd be modifying my existing Item breakdown a bit and adding 1-2x of some others that aren't in there like the Enhanced Hammers you suggested, possibly Tool Scrapper, Potion and some others while I figure out what works well for me.

    Managed to almost finish building the deck pretty cheaply online, after all the free booster unlocks and stuff it only took me 20 traded XY packs. As of now I'm -1 Yveltal EX/Professor Juniper/Energy Switch, +1 Mewtwo EX/Darkrai EX/Shauna because I'm out of packs to trade for 1 more Juniper/ESwitch and I didn't realize the Yveltal EX codes I bought on eBay are shipped not emailed.

    The 2nd Darkrai really doesn't seem needed (but obviously when you are way more likely to have 1 up, the 2nd goes down in value, when I run at 1 I might miss having it up a lot), the difference between Mewtwo EX and Yveltal EX is pretty noticeable with Dark Patch but being able to DCE for one attachment is a nice consolation prize.

    Despite way too many 1 Trubbish starting hands I'm pretty pleased with how the deck is running so far and getting into a decent groove for knowing what I want to do and attaching stuff in the proper order again, although I made one silly error where I forgot to retreat for free with active Darkrai and then evolved a Garb with a Float Stone on it.
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