Tier 3 Zebstrika NXD, Garbodor DRX

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  1. galldrin

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    Landorus absolutely IS an issue with this deck, but is really a meta-game call. In my area i dont see it a whole lot. around here is very Plasma/Blastoise/Darkrai. My personal testing deck uses a tech Sawk, mostly for the darkrai matchup, but im really considering a Bouffalant DRX (yes i know he loses his Bouffer) just as a general EX face smasher. The problem is getting 3 turns to power him up, or having to fit in DCEs.

    For this deck i like having at least 1 Exp Share Tool. Its nice to help streaming Zebs, and if your opponent isnt plasma, its a good secondary tool to Bangle. I currently run 2 mirror, 2 Bangle, 2 Float, and 1 Exp Share. Testing is a long process tho, and im sure the PTCGO isnt the 'best' place to do it, but its what I got. I like my results tho.

    a fun little story: last night i had a match against what looked like a pretty standard TDK build. I had to drop my silver mirror on blitzle early (or juniper it away) only to have it tool scrapper'd off the next turn. Then i realize my 2nd one is prized. I did all i could, and he KOd 4 zebs, and finally my Sawk, but before he got the Sawk i KO'd his Thundurus which he took the next turn. Due to a timely super rod a turn or 2 before i had a new Zeb about ready to go, and one of my 2 prizes was the Mirror and an energy. OH MAN was that a sweet prize draw. Anyway, best comeback ever.
  2. indercarnive

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    landorus is an issue because it can be so easily incorporated into TDK builds.
  3. SamSoldier

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    Yeah, a single copy of landorus wreck this completely. But I don't know what is the best counter to it. Any suggestions?
  4. Slowbro

    Slowbro is excited for next season

    How many times have you seen Landorus in TDK?
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  5. PP101

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    I was saying that you could use Landorus in this deck. That way you have another attacker, if needed.
  6. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    not a whole lot. but there is logic behind running it now that mirror is out and especially if you run scramble in your plasma build.
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  7. Slowbro

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    Eh, not really. Tool Scrapper is much better, and against the mirror match and Blastoise it's a completely wasted card.
  8. galldrin

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    tool scrapper is a great card, but does not help against this deck once zebstrika is disconnecting. A Disconnecting Zebstrika should almost be considered a win condition against a pure plasma deck, which is why landorus even enters the picture for TDK. mebe a Terrakion bcr would be a better tech?

    in my opinion,TDK is gonna have to tech something, or take a pretty bad matchup. its just like everyone started teching benchtini against Plasmaklang, because i think this deck IS good enough to have to be on the lookout for it.
  9. Slowbro

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    Putting a Landorus in Plasma is a horrible idea, to be blunt (Terrakion is probably worse btw). Just accept the autoloss to Zebstrika, which I guarantee you will not be played enough to warrant playing a 59 card deck against everything else. The way you beat Zebstrika is by outstpeeding it with Kyurem. How are you going to get your one of out under trainer lock? Also, how are you going to use Scramble Switch under trainer lock?
  10. RJCarrot

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    You can still attack, this isnt gothitelle. So you lock items with a 90hp pokemon. I am pretty sure most decks can off that with thier active before its an issue. We are in a period where OHKOing EX's is a thing. What makes the Zebra so indistructable? Or am I missing something?
  11. galldrin

    galldrin Poke-dad

    What your missing is the fact that what I'm talking about is a team plasma deck.considering the option of teching landorus, not other decks who use landorus, just plasma.

    RJCarrot your particular deck is anathema to this one, but every other main tier matchup doesn't have it so easy. That's the beauty of rogue decks. They can punch the bigboys in the mouth, but lower tier decks and other rogues have their way with them.
  12. infernaperocks

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    the thing that you are missing is that you can't attack because they have silver mirror.
  13. RJCarrot

    RJCarrot Poke Breeder Extrodinare.

    I was talking in general not just for Team Plasma. With Mirror being a thing, TDK should tech an off Plasma Attacker even as a one of (Suicune comes to mind) that can hit through something like this. It is obvious that TDK is going to have to run a Scapper or 2 for Mirror. This is just an item that was made to bring them down to earth a little. What I am saying is, that this deck should have a miserable time with every other matchup out there.

    Blastoise Beats this
    VirGen Beats this (some run base Genesect. I run that as well as a set of ND Kyurem EX for the fire matchup)
    Other Garbodor Variants beat this (usually because they run Landorus/Cobalion EX at the very least)
    TDK has a bad matchup with this.

    But as Infernaperocks stated, its not worth making thier deck worse vs the majority of the real meta matchups to tech vs a rogue decks that will most likely hit the losers bracket by round 2/3 if not sooner.

    Dont get me wrong it's a funzies deck and will steal some wins, but I dont see it winning any Major Tournaments.
  14. galldrin

    galldrin Poke-dad

    I understand you are here on the forums hardselling your superfriends deck to every thread you see, but I think you are seriously underestimating this deck. Your matchup analysis is too assumptive in the others favor that you fail to see what kind of disruptive power of having both item lock and ability lock in place. You ought to put this deck together and give it a try. I am testing this deck out and seeing a lot more success than you obviously think.
  15. RJCarrot

    RJCarrot Poke Breeder Extrodinare.

    I will still keep an eye out for this, but like I said I have only played vs it with a couple decks that I own the cards for. And yes I am spreading the word about my Superfriends deck because that is the deck I have the most play time with and I think it is a solid deck for the meta.

    That aside.

    What do you do vs a Keldeo with 3 energy?
    What do you do vs VirGen accelerating a non plasma attacker that hits for 90?
    What do you do vs a Garbodor variant (not mine) that runs Landorus EX?

    I understand you are taking a shot to disprove me because I am pimping my deck (and I do not deny that I am) I raised points regarding the top decks in the format. Of which you only mention the matchup against TDK, which I admited was favorable.

    But when it comes down to a Tournament and you dont see TDK every round, you fall in the Bracket.

    What infernaperocks was stating is that they don't need to tech for a deck that they do not expect to make it to top cut. If they get matched vs 4 rounds of this deck yeah they lose, but what is the chance of that happening?

    I am not saying the deck doesn't have room to grow, but I am honestly asking, what do you do when someone has an active pokemon that just KO's you and doesnt care about abilities/items?
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  16. Slowbro

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    Are you talking to me?
  17. ThatCJKid

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    This deck in theory sounds good but I guess I'm a little stumped on a few things. I know what it's supposed to do but with such low damage output is so low is it effective? If you miss a disconnect that could put you behind severely. I guess I'm mainly worried about Zeb's low HP and low damage output. This deck actually hurts Darkrai pretty badly too. Even though it can one shot your Zebs. I'll have to give it a shot. Not completely sold yet.
  18. galldrin

    galldrin Poke-dad

    Lol no, that was just bad formatting on my part. the whole comment was aimed at Mr. Carrot.
  19. jeffrey3421

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    Name a non-plasma attacker that VirGen would play that hits for 90. The two most popular non-EX attackers in the deck are Bouffalant and Tropius, both of which hit for 60 against a Zebstrika with 2 Energy.
  20. RJCarrot

    RJCarrot Poke Breeder Extrodinare.

    Base Genesect.

    And it really doesn't matter if they kill you in the first swing. You aren't really doing much damage, they can just kill you the next turn.

    The reason Goth was successful was that it stopped you from attacking.

    So you hit me for 40... maybe 30 with a bangle. You are still going to be OHKO or at the least 2HKO. Then what?

    I just don't see what is so threatening about a 90 hp Pokemon that still lets you attack when you are only hitting for 40-70ish.[DOUBLEPOST=1377121661][/DOUBLEPOST]And honestly, Virizion EX itself 2HKO's you with no real threat of being KO'ed at 40-70 apiece.