Tier 3 Zebstrika NXD, Garbodor DRX

Discussion in 'Competitive Deck Discussion' started by SamSoldier, Aug 15, 2013.

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  2. TylerLindsey

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    I agree. That is why I said it was a crazy idea, haha.

    EDIT: And wow, that is the first time I have ever seen that Plasma Landorus! My mistake.
  3. baby_mario

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    Who wasn't aware of it? I played that card in Plasma for a while last format.

    I wouldn't be surprised if some US players missed it though, as it was incredibly difficult to find in the US and was selling for $30 at one point.
  4. RJCarrot

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    3 Problems.

    1. That card is bad.
    2. That card is a plasma card which would get stuffed by the mirror as well.
    3. That card is bad.
  5. baby_mario

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    I was not commenting on how good the card was/is.

    I've certainly seen people post decks here with a lot worse cards in them.
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  6. Drench

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    Are the posts I was referring to, and yes, it's a god awful card that will never see play.
  7. galldrin

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    I had a decklist for Dragonite/Garbodor posted earlier that i have now deleted and moved to a new thread so as to not hijack this thread with an altogether different deck.[DOUBLEPOST=1378492868,1377561860][/DOUBLEPOST]I need some deck testing help! I have what i think to be a pretty solid list. 2 actually, one straight Zebrador and one that is teched a bit for certain matchups. I'm already going to play a few with RJCarrot, but i would really like to find some people who have solid lists of other meta-decks i can test against on the PTCGO. Any takers?
  8. RJCarrot

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    Again, I have the cards for Blastoise and VirGen (just need a good list for this, going to try and pick up the list of the guy at my shop as his is pretty solid). And then Superfriends, which I am also looking to get more testing on.[DOUBLEPOST=1378493413][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh and I have DKK Plasma as well.
  9. SamSoldier

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    I would be happy to help you testing, I have a few rogues online, and some meta decks like Blastoise (No beach), DarBodor and other things =D
    Add me: SouSamuel
  10. ddbargardi

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    What do you do turn 1? Just pass?
  11. infernaperocks

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    possibly beach or you could call for family.
  12. galldrin

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    Well I don't have beach, so usually I try to "Smash Kick" for great justice

    My testing is actually causing me to shy away from skyla, which means using beach becomes less useful. Virbank is a much more needed stadium as laser damage is paramount.[DOUBLEPOST=1378770614][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Adding a CFF pokemon might be useful, but it means giving up a T2 Disconnect, which imo is vital to taking control of the game. Zebstrika's low HP pool is the decks weakest link. You want to stall your opponent as quickly as possible before turn attaches give you an opponent stronger than can be dealt with.
  13. ddbargardi

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    Ok thanks for helping me understand better
  14. Adam

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    Has anyone actually had success with this? I tried it out but found I couldn't even beat Plasma unless I went straight Zebstrika. I would think it's bad against Darkrai whether or not you play Garbodor, and same against Blastoise (1 Keldeo should be able to win without too much trouble).
  15. RJCarrot

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    This deck is bad vs anything not plasma. And even then its only good if they get a mirror up before it starts pounding them.
  16. Drench

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    Yeaaaaa, the idea obviously sounds fun until you realize you can't take any kind of hits well. Additionally, with the current format, all your opponent needs is T1 to prepare for the underwhelming item-lock and plan accordingly. There's a reason this deck idea has been around for a while and still hasn't cause any concerns at all.

    I'll continue to store these zebras, but I don't expect to sleeve them up anytime soon.

    Fun deck, I mean.. "fun deck", yes. But that's about it.
  17. galldrin

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    I am actively testing this deck and it is NOT as bad as you all think it is. I would go so far as to say, when built correctly, that it can comfortably sit in a tier 2 position. I am looking to get more testing done as it goes slow using the PTCGO. I would actually like to write an article about this deck once i have gotten more testing done and really solidified my list.

    RJCarrot i have tried to friend you and look for you on the PTCGO but you are not on when I am, it seems.
  18. RJCarrot

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    Haven't been on much lately work and family stuff has kept me away.
  19. onlyinAMERICA

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    No offense but the deck really isn't anything more special than tier 3. It just doesn't hold it's own well against anything at all other than Plasma and even then if they can scrapper your Mirrors before you start Disconnecting then it is a losing battle. This deck is not as good as you would like it to be. The best variation is the straight Zebstrika variants that focus on getting the t2 disconnect as fast as possible and even then there are too many flaws for it to push past tier 3. I tested this deck rather extensively and it is fun, yes, but rather lack luster.
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  20. Drench

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    Tried the deck out again today. Best of 3 per round.

    Beat Darkrai, but lost the first match because once I missed a Disconnect.. It was just over.

    VirGen, just didn't get the lock strong enough, we played 3 games after I lost the first two. It just overpowers it. Plus he ran lasers...what a dick.

    Blastoise was my last match. I felt comfortable going in.. I got the lock each game. Strong. No blastoise or deluge, no rushing, no anything. But like we've all said before..he just had to manually attach 3 to Keldeos and it was over. Really depressing. Especially because they really can't do anything but attach energy.. And they still are able to make it happen.

    Really wanted to give it a shot and make this work. But it really really runs out of steam mid to late and the damage and lock just isn't enough.

    Oh well. It's for sure fun.. Oh...until you lose and have no chance of a recovery. So no, not that fun.