Tier 1 Zeels - Zekrom BLW, Eelektrik NVI

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  1. eggrolls

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    Rowan You don't need to attach a fire every turn. It stays on. So you're complaint about needing to search and attach fire energies every turn is pointless. In my list it would pretty easy to get out two in a combination of Rayquaza ex/raikou ex, a skyarrow bridge and three eelektriks at the same time with two eels by turn 2 or 3 and the third by turn 4 or 5.
  2. Rowan

    Rowan Rum Pirate

    unless you don't usually you can't win till turn 6-7.

    It discards all basic fire and lighting. so it does discard all basic fire energy. either blend of prism needs to be on it. Just basic fire will get discarded. That was what I was saying earlier. And Cilian only searches up basic fire energy and I don't wanna have to put in tons of Fire energy to constantly replinish him since he needs fire and there is no effective way to bring back fire from the discard pile.

    However the reason I didn't like him at first was because I was misinformed by someone telling me Prism was also discarded. Now that I see this is not the case I see no reason not to go ahead and use him. I wouldn't fall back on him totally but he would be a great addition to the attacking crew.

    Now on a related but slightly different note, what would be the best numbers to run him? would be be taking out mewtwo? or would we be taking out zekrom? zekrom ex? Terrakion? What would be the things getting cut to make room for this overly powered attacking beast.

    and has anyone done any testing against Fluffychomp?
  3. eggrolls

    eggrolls The future of this society. Or not.

    No it doesn't have to discard basic fire. You choose to discard EITHER all fire on it or all lightning on it. Read the card again. And for when you said there's no effective way to get back fire energies, why can't you just use energy retrieval or super rod? Duh. And also, I wouldn't Put him in zekeel. He should be ran either in his own deck alone, Or with Zekrom/Ex, raikou, or mewtwo as techs.
  4. Rowan

    Rowan Rum Pirate

    your right I misread the card. thank you. But yeah there is no effective way to recur fire energy still. But hopefully you wont need to. If energy retreival and super rod was good enough then Reshiboar would be good.
  5. Nintendan

    Nintendan Scrub

    You're making it sound asif you will ALWAYS lose your Fire Energy to Hammers. Play Basic Fire Energy. You can Super Rod them back into the deck.
    Plus you won't always needs a Ray EX ready to go since this is ZekEels and not RayEels. You have Zekrom, Mewtwo, Raikou and possibly Zek EX to hit with.
  6. Reshiphlosion

    Reshiphlosion The Swarm

    since when did a zeels thread get turned into a rayeels thread? :p (even though they use the same energy acceleration, they're almost completely different decks).

    anyways I'm taking my zeels list to a league tomorrow, I'll be back then with results and hopefully some more knowledge on the BW-on format :)
  7. David

    David Shiny Piplup wiZard

    I made a few changes

    Pokemon: 16

    Zekrom BW: 1
    Terrakion NVI: 1
    Rayquaza EX: 1
    Thundrus FA: 2
    Raikou EX: 1
    Tynamo NVI 38: 4
    Eelektrik NVI: 4
    Emolga DRX: 1
    Rayquaza DRX: 1

    TSS: 31

    Pokemon Catcher: 4
    Ultra Ball: 4
    Professor Juniper BW: 4
    N NVI: 4
    PlusPower BW: 2
    Random Receiver: 2
    Eviolite: 2
    Switch BW: 2
    SAB: 2
    Level Ball: 2
    Super Rod: 1
    Bianca: 1
    Revive: 1


    Lightning Energy: 8
    Fire Energy: 1
    Prism Energy: 4


    -1 Zekrom, Terrakion, Raquaza EX, Plus Power, Fighting Energy

    +1 Thundrus, Emolga, Revive, Rayquaza, Fire Energy
  8. Nintendan

    Nintendan Scrub

    Emolga really isn't needed in this deck. Level/Ultra will get your Evolutions fine, as well as your draw supporters.

    -1 Emolga
    +1 Level Ball

    I'd always try to run 2 Super Rod because if you HAVE to discard a Super Rod with Juniper to stay in the game, you won't be able to recover any Eels later on. Always try to run at least 2.

    -1 Revive
    +1 Super Rod

    You could drop something different as well, such as a Thundurus or an Eelektrik.

    But the single Zekrom REALLY worries me. Zekrom is a lot stronger than most people think. When you compare his Energy cost to other cards, 120 is brilliant and with Eviolite on, he can become a 2HKO that 2HKO's EXs. Definitely get at last one more in.

    Anyway, here's my list. I've tried to up it's consistency a little because that wins games alone.

    Pokémon (15)
    2 Zekrom
    4 Tynamo (2 Spark, 2 Thunder Wave)
    3 Eelektrik
    1 Zekrom EX
    2 Mewtwo EX
    1 Raikou EX
    2 Thundurus/Rayquaza (or 1/1 split)

    T/S/S (33)
    4 N
    4 Professor Juniper
    2 Random Reciever
    3 Cheren/Bianca (not sure yet, but leaning towards Cheren)
    3 Level Ball
    4 Ultra Ball
    2 Switch
    4 Pokémon Catcher
    2 Skyarrow Bridge
    3 Eviolite
    2 Super Rod

    Energy (12)
    9 Lightning Energy
    3 DCE
  9. Rowan

    Rowan Rum Pirate

    I have to say.......this may be my favorite list yet. However the energy needs to be changed slightly to fit Rayquaza ex. nothing major but just a few things. I had not thought of the 1/1 split for Thunderos and rayquaza ex. I'm pretty sure I"ve found my answer for that now. I am gonna try running this exact list for a while and see where it gets me in playtesting and I'll get back to you on it.
  10. Nintendan

    Nintendan Scrub

    I did try out Rayquaza EX with Prism and Fires and I just didn't like him. He ate up too much space and really does affect consistency. That's just me though. He will mostly be hitting for 120 most of the time (Bench, Attach Fire, 2 Dynamotor) which you can achieve much easier with a Zekrom. Plus Zekrom isn't 2 free prizes for a Chomp and is actually a 2HKO for 1 prize.
    And if I did manage to get up 3 Eels and hit with 180 with Quaza, there is still a chance that an EX might have Eviolite on it, and you'll be 2HKOing.
    And when Chomp/Hydreigon are being played heavily, I don't want to leave him on the bench and then Dynamotor and attach when needed because he will be targeted for those easy prizes.
    I basically find him inconsistent and too situational.
  11. David

    David Shiny Piplup wiZard

    I run 2 thundrus and zekrom because the power of a turn 1 charge is incredible and I don't really need 4 lightning attackers.

    I run a 1/1 revive/super rod because both are amazing in certain circumstances. ( I need a way to get eels back and a way to get Pokemon back without having to search them out.)
    I run 4 elektrike so recovering them isn't as huge of a deal as it would be if I only ran 3.

    I run emolga (simmer to thundrus) because the power of a turn 1 call for family is AMAZING in the BW on format.
  12. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    Wow! Your list is almost identical to mine!

    Pokémon = 15

    2- Zekrom
    1- Zekrom EX
    4- Tynamo (1 Spark, 3 Thunder Wave)
    3- Eelektrik
    1- Raikou EX
    2- Thundurus
    2- Mewtwo EX

    T/S/S = 32
    4- N
    4- Professor Juniper
    4- Cheren
    2- Random Reciever
    3- Level Ball
    4- Ultra Ball
    2- Switch
    3- Pokémon Catcher
    2- Skyarrow Bridge
    2- Eviolite
    2- Super Rod

    Energy = 13
    9- Lightning Energy
    4- DCE[/quote]

    Just very minor differences. I'd really like to add a 4th catcher, but I don't have a spare one at the moment and I don't know what I'd cut for it either. I have found Thundurus very effective with the rotation simply for his search out and discarding of energy. Its become hard at times to discard energy without junk arm and Juniper has become very situational now with that loss as well. I have thought about squeezing in Little Rayquaza but I'm waiting to see how big Dragon Decks will become in my Meta as well (I'm guessing they will be very Popular in a month or so).
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