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  1. thephxrebirth

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    2 Thundurus (EPO 35)
    2 Zekrom (BLW/NXD)
    1 Zekrom EX (NXD 51)
    2 Mewtwo EX (NXD 54)
    2 Tynamo (NVI 39)
    2 Tynamo (NVI 38)
    3 Eelektrik (NVI 40)
    1 Tyrogue (HGSS 33)
    1 Shaymin (UL 8)

    4 Dual Ball (CL 78)
    2 PONT (HGSS 101)
    3 Sage’s Training (COL 85)
    3 Professor Juniper (BLW 101)
    2 N (NVI 92)
    4 Junk Arm (Triumphant 87)
    2 Level Ball (NXD 89)
    1 Pokemon Communication (BLW 99)
    3 Pokemon Catcher (EPO 95)
    2 PlusPower (BLW 96)
    2 Switch (BLW 104)
    1 Super Scoop Up (BLW 103)
    2 Pokegear 3.0 (HGSS 96)

    4 Double Colorless Energy (NXD 92)
    9 Lightning Energy (BLW 108)

    Change Log
    Edit #1: -1 Zekrom Ex, +1 Super Scoop Up
    Edit #2: -1 PONT, -1 Eelektrik, -1 Pokemon Collector, +1 Shaymin UL, +2 Pokegear 3.0
    Edit #3: -1 Thundurus, +1 Pokemon Collector
    Edit #4: -4 Pokemon Collector, +4 Dual Ball

    Alright, another standard ZekEels decks here. Just getting back into the game so I looked around and took some decklists, combined the card counts that seemed to be most consistent (as far as I can figure that out mentally). Looking to see where any inconsistencies may be prior to purchasing what I need to build this. As far as I can see, I have solid draw power, solid energy flow, and obviously a viable attack strategy. Only lacking issues that may be present is energy count (maybe, but doubtful) and some pokemon counts (2 Zekrom EX for example, strength worth cost and such). So, any and all feedback is necessary for me to even attempt to put this together because I do not want to commit to purchases and find out that I was WAY off in my research of what will work in theory and such. Anyway, enough rambling.... let the feedback commence!
  2. InfinityMinusOne

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    Very good list, actually. If anything as far as I could see, only a few tweaks are necessary, and most of them are more so according to one's opinion, what you know from playtesting, what decks are frequently used in your area, etc. I'd reduce the Zek EX count by 1, as although he does provide necessary firepower against fellow EXs and other high-HP basics when Pluspower isn't available, but running 2 leaves you too often with one as your lone starter (although this won't occur as often with 3 Thundurus). I know that most players go all the way with free-retreat Tynamo (I run 3 free retreat, one 40 HP in case of Tyrogue or Kyurem), but that's mostly opinion and what you think works in the deck after playtesting. Just for suggestions to test out in your deck if you have the spare cards, another switch might do you some good (I also run 2, but I've heard of people that run 3), and SSU gives one of the best feelings when you use it properly and have luck on your side... Otherwise... I don't see anything wrong with this deck. Your energy count is virtually flawless as 9 Lightning is the general consensus on basic energy in the deck, and 4 DCE is necessary as you run 2 Mewtwo, Zekrom EX, and 4 Eels. Now that I look at it more closely, it only deviates from my deck by 4-5 cards :p. Excellent deck IMO, but I don't know what other members of 6P have to say about it.
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  3. thephxrebirth

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    Dropped one Zekrom EX, and added one super scoop up. I had not even really looked at the idea of Super Scoop Up, and after reading it decided it would actually be fairly good for quite a few different situations I played through my mind. Thank you for the good advice!!!
  4. ArticunoTCG

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    I would say keep zekrom Ex at 2
  5. LanturnPrime

    LanturnPrime HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!

    Shaymin UL is a good option, and Pokegear 3.0's Junk Arm able ness is useful.
    -1 PONT (with Pokegear PONT is easier to find)
    -1 Pokemon collector (dead draw late game)
    -1 Eelektrik (4 is too many)

    +1 Shaymin UL
    +2 Pokegear 3.0

    Noooo way. ZekEX is a horrible start, as infinity said, and it isn't as useful as regular Zekrom.
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  6. thephxrebirth

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    Those two techs are great options. I hadn't looked at use of Pokegear before, but had considered the shaymin for energy purposes. I will actually make both of those adjustments as I noticed that I have more eel than necessary and the pokemon collector finds its way to my hand way after i need it.
  7. CaptainX24

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    I don't know who suggested to cut the Collector, but I'd personally want to have 4. And try and get a 4th Catcher; it's unbelievably good. You could probably cut a Thundurus for it.
  8. thephxrebirth

    thephxrebirth New Member

    I actually see myself having the collector as a dead draw late game when play testing this. Also, I feel I am running pretty solid with 3 catchers at the moment, but it may be something worth consideration later on after more play time.
  9. CaptainX24

    CaptainX24 Well-Known Member

    Ah, but do you get that Collector often enough at the very beginning? In the late game it's just food for Junk Arm or Sage's or Juniper.
  10. Reshiphlosion

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    yes I agree 4 is necessary and even in late game you could use collector to grab a game changing shaymin UL or Zekrom EX
  11. thephxrebirth

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    Hmm good points, and I do tend to get it early game pretty often. However, I may not now that I dropped the card count. What to drop to bring it back up to 4? A Thundurus?
  12. CaptainX24

    CaptainX24 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, most people only run 2 Thundurus because it's not too great in the late game.
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  13. David

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    I run 2 thundrus and 1 tordadus, both great starters (preferably thundrus of course) and tornadus is great late game as in case of eels being gone (sniped, catcherd) it keeps energy in play.
    not to mention the eminence help it is against terakion
  14. thephxrebirth

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    I will drop one Thundurus then it seems. Changes to be made now.
  15. Salamancer

    Salamancer Dragon Master

    Dual ball is another option. It may not be as good as a collector start but you can junk arm for it and use other supporters. It really boosts speed and cannot be used by smeargle. On to my next comment, smeargle has helped me in so many games. You can use 2 supporters for faster setup speed and dual ball. Hope you take my ideas into consideration.
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  16. thephxrebirth

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    So drop 2 collector for 2 dual ball perhaps? Gives a bit of balance so I still have access to both?? I do see where you are coming from, and enjoy the idea of faster start-up. Also, I am not too big a fan of smeargle myself.
  17. Either run 4 Dual Ball or 4 Collector.

    And Smeargle is really only usable if you run at least two Bridge.
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  18. CaptainX24

    CaptainX24 Well-Known Member

    Basically this. I personally prefer Collector because I hate flippiness, but Dual Ball is definitely a competitive-level option.
  19. thephxrebirth

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    The flipiness is a bit of a downfall, but there are pros and cons associated with each. I think I like the idea of dual ball better after consideration due to the fact that it lets me use another supporter still. Changes are being made now in my changelog.
  20. thephxrebirth

    thephxrebirth New Member

    I believe I am now at the PERFECT build in my eyes. Very consistent, very fast, and very effective at winning every single time!