Staraptor FB LV.X Supreme Victors SV 147

Card of the Day
Staraptor seems like it can be a decent option to replace Claydol GE in decks, at least for newer players that are not able to get the expensive staple and given the increase LV.X’s ratio in the Platinum: Supreme Victors set. I think this card definitely has a future in SP decks though. Being able […]

Thoughts on Gengar

Deck Analysis
I have been trying some different variants of Gengar my last few testing sessions and haven’t had much success with it. I was able to beat Flygon/Machamp a few games just by out-speeding it, but have struggled mightily against Luxray GL/Blaziken FB. Here are a couple lists I have been tinkering with: Pokémon-23 4 Gastly […]

Some Updates and a Poll

What’s up everyone? As you read this, I am in the process of moving out of my parents house into an apartment for this coming school year. I have a lot of junk to migrate from home to my apartment, so I apologize if I am not able to get any posts up the next […]

Supreme Victors Prerelease Report by Kenny Wisdom (@kwisdumb)

Tournament Report
My local comic/gaming shop, Olympic Cards & Comics, held it’s Supreme Victors prerelease on Sunday, August 23rd. I play with my fiance Batmylashes, so our usual system is for her to play, me to judge, and then both of us to play in the draft. This time was no different. After the main tournament was […]

Palkia Lock

Deck Analysis
Palkia Lock was the deck that came close, but just didn’t quite cut it during the season. The deck has alot of variations and this article hopes to enlighten everyone on how this particular deck works. The deck’s highest achievement this year at the 2009 Pokémon TCG World Championships was by Diego Cassiraga from Argentina, […]

Honchkrow Supreme Victors SV #29

Card of the Day
Cards that allow you to disrupt your opponent are always very attractive strategies for competitive players. Honchkrow SV has a very unique Poké-Power, where it can return an opponent’s Basic Pokémon into play with its “Darkness Restore” Poké-Power. This combos greatly with it’s only attack: “Riot”, as it does 30 damage + 10 more damage […]

Flygon + Machamp = Top Deck?

Deck Analysis
Flygon/Machamp decks did very well in the Masters division at the Pokémon TCG World championships. They were able to capitalize on the fact that many people were running SP decks consisting of mostly basic Pokémon and if given the time to set up, was difficult for the opponent to take down. Flygon and Machamp both […]

Pokémon Card Tips: Preparing for a Tournament

I did my first video tonight on how to eliminate stress, fatigue, and disorientation before going into a Pokémon tournament. I hope this video will help you be more organized and help you become a better player.

Pokémon 2009 TCG World Championship Report by Pablo Meza

Tournament Report
Hello everyone! My name is Pablo Meza, and I am a TCG Pokémon player from Mexico, this is my tournament report for the 2009 Pokémon TCG World Championships. This was my less active Pokémon season. I only played in 5 tournaments total before Worlds (2 BR’s, 1 CC, 1 SC and the National Championships). I […]

Mewtwo LV.X Legends Awakened LA 144

Card of the Day
Ever since Regigigas LV.X became popular during Cities last year, people have toyed around with the idea of using Mewtwo LV.X in their decks. It seems like such a simple way to possibly gain an auto-win against an otherwise difficult matchup. “Psybarrier” flat out stops all basic Pokémon cards (well, nearly all of them) and […]

Sweet Dreams

Deck Analysis
Pokémon-19 3 Skorupi DP 2 Drapion SF 1 Drapion LV.X PL 3 Mewtwo LA 1 Mewtwo LV.X LA 2 Darkrai G RR 2 Froslass GL RR 1 Crobat G PL 2 Uxie LA 1 Uxie LV.X LA 1 Azelf LA Trainers-24 3 Roseanne’s Research 3 Bebe’s Search 1 Luxury Ball 1 Premier Ball 1 Level […]