Pokémon Card Tips: The SP vs SP Matchup

I’ve got a special guest for this week, so listen up! The visual and audio quality of the video are not what I would like them to be (cicadas were chirping and the sun decided to set on us), but content is just awesome. You know the drill, let’s get some good discussion going on […]

Luxray GL LV.X + Infernape 4 LV.X: Why they Work Together

Deck Analysis
This article may be a tad bit overdue considering everyone and their grandma knows about this deck, but I still feel it’s worth discussing. This combination of Pokémon cards proved strong enough to win the U.S. National Championship, and although it had a somewhat poor showing at Worlds, I still feel that Luxray GL/Infernape 4 […]

I Sleep, You Sleep

Can Snorlax be Viable?
Snorlax is an interesting Pokémon. There are currently three available cards in the modified format; two from RR and one from DP. In addition, there is a Snorlax LV.X. This article will only discuss the RR versions. I’ll differentiate the two Basic cards by their illustrations – one has Snorlax eating apples in an orchard […]

Float On: Drifblim FB

Card Commentary
I’ve been a big fan of specialization in the Pokémon TCG, and I love when a certain Pokémon finds its own little niche in the card game. For example, look at Cherrim. This little flowery thing has become a grass/fire tech in any deck, with either +10 to attacks or -10 to taken damage. The […]

Pokémon Card of the Day

Sableye Stormfront SF #48
Sableye SF can be a very good card to help in the setting up process for certain decks. In slower decks where you are not using a strong one energy attack, or two energy on an SP with Energy Gain, Sableye’s “Overeager” Poké-Body can be used to let you definitely go first, drop the first […]

Pokémon TCG World Championships Recap

The Pokémon Trading Card Game tournament season ended on Saturday with the World Championships. I hope everyone that attended had an awesome time and congratulations to all the winners. I am not sure who/what won in the Junior or Senior divisions, but Masters was taken by Stephen S. with an interesting take on Beedrill over […]

Supreme Victors Combo

Primeape and Chatot G
Today I have a combo for you that makes use of two cards from the newest set, Supreme Victors. These two cards are: Primeape and Chatot G. I personally used this combo at the pre-release last weekend, and it worked wonders for me. This helped me win the game easily, however, I personally think this […]


aka Dark Muddy Waters
by Dave Hueglin The List (for info about Claydol – see notes at the end of the article) Pokémon-24 2 Seedot RR 2 Seedot DP 3 Nuzleaf RR 3 Shiftry RR 3 Diglett SW 3 Dugtrio PL 3 Remoraid MT 3 Octillery PL 2 Honchkrow G PL Trainers-18 3 Bebe’s Search 2 Roseanne’s Research 1 […]

Pokémon Card Tips: The Invisible Pokémon

This week’s video is about the “Invisible Pokémon” cards. Everyone should watch it, especially newer players. Just to let you know, the camera shuts off on me again. Somebody send me a bigger memory card haha. As always, give me your input! What other “Invisible Pokémon” are out there that I didn’t mention?

Blaziken FB: The Most Amazing SP Pokémon Ever

Deck Analysis
The title may be a little sarcastic, but I honestly feel that Blaziken will be the deck to beat for Autumn Battle Roads. He hits hard, quick, is swarmable, can utilize the SP engine, has 3 powerful attacks, disruption, solid HP, retreat…yes I am high on him. :) Pokémon-19 3 Blaziken FB SV 1 Blaziken […]

Speed Luxray GL LV.X

Testing Results
Finally got to try out my Luxray GL LV.X with Honchkrow G idea the past few days against Jeremy and Quaziko. Here is my current list, though it is not the list I used in the games I will provide detail about. Pokémon-17 3 Luxray GL RR 1 Luxray GL LV.X RR 1 Honchkrow G […]

Winning Conditions

Hindering Draw Power
So you’re at a tournament and your first game is about to begin. You flip your cards at the start of the game, and you notice your opponent starts with, let’s say, a Luxray GL, Infernape 4, and a Baltoy. Crap. You’re now facing one the best decks that’s going to circle Worlds this year. […]

The Hit and Run

Hit and run attacks are one my favorites in the Pokémon TCG. They do damage then either have you switch that Pokémon with one of your Benched Pokémon, or have you remove that Pokémon from play in some way, effectively keeping that Pokémon out of danger. After all it’s a lot harder to hit a […]

What deck is going to win Worlds?

I thought this would be an appropriate topic for this week as Worlds is fast approaching… [poll id=”5″] Cast your vote and join the discussion! Let us know why you picked what you picked. :)

What is your favorite type of Pokémon card?

Adam’s Response
I would have to say my favorite type of Pokémon card is psychic. There have been a ton of really cool psychic Pokémon cards released over the years. Back in the day, I thought Mr. Mime from Jungle was awesome, as well as the movie promo Mewtwo, which in my opinion was a dominating card […]