Is It Better To Go First or Second?

This is the question that has people have been pondering since the dawn of time (ok, maybe only a couple years). Since the beginning of Base Set up until the release of Ruby/Sapphire, there were no restrictions placed on the player going first. He could do anything that the player going second could do. Fast […]

Apprentice Pokémon Guide Now Up

Just finished working on this jawn yesterday, it is a guide on how to set up Apprentice to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game over the internet. Check out the guide here. Please comment if any of the instructions are confusing so I can make them more understandable. Also peep this, Jeremy and I will […]

Empoleon LV.X with Giratina LV.X

Testing Results
I tested this deck versus Jeremy’s Beedrill last Friday and went 2-2 in 4 lackluster games. Before I delve into any analysis, here is the list: Pokémon-23 4 Piplup PL 3 Prinplup DP 3 Empoleon PL 1 Empoleon LV.X DP 2 Giratina PL #9 2 Giratina LV.X PL 2 Baltoy GE 2 Claydol GE 2 […]

What is your favorite set in the current modified format?

We’ve got another poll for you to respond to this week… [poll id=”3″] You do not necessarily have to pick whichever the “best” set is at the moment, but which release added in your opinion the coolest new Pokémon cards to the mix? Which set did you spend all your allowance on? :) Cast your […]


Deck Analysis
MightyMukTank Deck – Poison’s the Game by Dave Hueglin The List Pokémon-23 3-3 Muk PL57 3-3 Mightyena PL54 1-1 Xatu SW44 2 Skunktank G 2 Zangoose PL66 2 Honchkrow G PL77 1 Toxicroak G Promo 1 Unown F GE56 1 Unown V LA79 Trainers-24 1 Felicity’s Drawing 4 Cynthia’s Feelings 4 Professor Rowan 1 Lucian’s […]

Luxray GL LV.X with Golem 4

Testing Results
When Jeremy and I tested the other day, I wanted to try out one of my numerous deck ideas. It is a fairly obvious combination of Pokémon, but I had yet to hear anything about the deck so I thought I would give it a whirl. This is the list I used for 2 out […]

Heading to the Shore

Yo everyone, just wanted to let you know I am heading to the beach (Ocean City, MD) tomorrow morning and will not be back until sometime Monday, so Jeremy is going to hold ship the next few days. See ya then…

Straight Luxray GL

Testing Results
A few days ago Adam and I played a few games, his Luxray GL/Golem 4 deck versus my more or less straight Luxray GL. By “straight” Luxray I mean the deck is based mainly around him. I decided to test this versus Adam’s deck mainly to see if Golem 4 along with Technical Machine G […]

Gracias Amigos

WOW. I feel like the site has erupted with activity over the past two days. Thanks to everyone for contributing, especially Qua, Rokman, BiskitFoo, and Dave. You guys are phenomenal! I have been really meaning to get back to everyone’s comments, but I had some appointments to go to today and other obligations to take […]

Buzzkill: Beedrill Deck Analysis

Deck Analysis
Beedrill is one of my favorite decks. It deals out big damage for only 1 energy which is sort of reminiscent of Queendom. Here’s a list: Pokémon 4 Weedle GE 4 Kakuna GE 3 Beedrill GE 1 Beedrill RI 2 Baltoy GE 2 Claydol GE 2 Unown G GE 1 Duskull SF2 1 Dusknoir L42 […]

Yet Another Reference List…

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I made yet another Pokémon card reference list yesterday…this time it is a Sets Reference. If you are new to the Pokémon TCG, it is a great way to learn all the Pokémon card sets so that you will know what we are talking about when […]

Flygon Lock

In the past, there was a deck called “Mew Lock” which utilized Mew ex from Legend Maker and Pow! Hand Extension from Team Rocket Returns along with a plethora of tech basic Pokémon. The ultimate goal of the deck was to create a lock by keeping your opponents active Pokémon stuck in the active position […]

Skuntank G Platinum PL 94

Card of the Day
Skuntank G PL seemed like a great card when it first came out. Its “Poison Structure” Pokémon Power, which allows you to automatically poison your opponent’s active Pokémon without using an attack is superb. However, the conditions under which you can accomplish this are becoming less and less favorable. The first clause to the Pokémon […]