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Absolutely Batty

High-Risk, High-Reward Plays for Regionals & Interview with the ECC Winner

State of the Union

Consistency, Dragonite, New Set Highlights, Top Decks for NXD-XY, and More

Detail on Donphan

All About the Top 8 1st Seed Philadelphia Regionals Lists
Living in mud with a high iron content has given it a strong steel body. (Galarian Stunfisk)

It’s Been a Minute

An All-Inclusive Tome on the Early NXD-XY Format

Golden Goal

What Not to Play, the Frontrunners, and Cards to Watch Out For
Its tentacles tear off easily, but it isn’t alarmed when that happensβ€”it knows they’ll grow back. It’s about as smart as a three-year-old. (Clobbopus)

Election Day

Voting Phantom Forces into Office and the Top 10 Decks for City Championships

Do Sweat the Small Stuff

Understanding the Minutia of Gameplay
Icy scales fall from its wings like snow as it flies over fields and mountains. The temperature of its wings is less than βˆ’290 degrees Fahrenheit. (Frosmoth)